CE Chapter 61

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 ­ Illusion (1)

The path in front of them was very quiet which made Amaysu exceedingly uncomfortable. The air was cold, cold enough for the respired air to form a second lasting mist but was easily ignored by their body.

Every step taken forward was taken with vigilance, when there was a turn they made sure that it was safe before moving ahead. These actions were overly exaggerated; nevertheless, if he didn’t do this which in turn put them in danger, he would regret not having been overly cautious.

Walking onwards Amaysu’s ears twitched and his nose wrinkled: What’s this smell and sound? It was subtle, but it was certainly there in the air. The subtle melody was calm and fluid like that of a flute while the smell was sweet and satisfying.

“Can you also smell that?” He asked Luna.

She nodded and replied: “Yeah, there’s also a subtle melody in the air, what do you think is happening?”

“I don’t know but it’s very uncomfortable,” he was confused, these subtle presences in the air made him feel uncomfortable; it made his skin crawl.

Even though he felt something was wrong they carried on walking forward. The path was extremely dull and silent, nothing out of the ordinary happened which made Amaysu feel even more on guard, as they say: There is a calm before the storm.

This storm came only half a minute later. The whistling melody grew in noise until it was painful while the sweet smell was numbing.  

“What’s happening?” Amaysu’s face went pale; his thoughts were in disarray, muddled by the strong effects on his senses.

All of a sudden, both sound and smell disappeared in an instant without leaving a single trace. At the exact same moment, waves of nausea rushed through his head, his vision blurred for a few seconds before it returned.

Reflexively he turned around to check on Luna, but he was left dumbfounded as there was no one beside him except for the empty air.

“Luna?” he called.

He was full of vigilance but contrary to this his instincts were utterly calm, meaning there was no danger nearby.

“Oi, Luna come out, stop hiding… Luna?”

There was no reply, in an instant he felt anxious, worried: Where did she disappear to? He asked himself.

He turned around and walked backwards, tracing his previous steps, when he came to a place where there was meant to be a turn in the path, there was no turn.

He felt even more uneasy, without another second of delay he ran through the empty dark pathway in search of Luna.

He went further and further backwards, quickly noticing that something was wrong, “I’ve been moving in a straight line for nearly a minute, there should have been at least a few turns by now.”

Coming to an abrupt stop he looked around at the lusterless walls that were once reflective with a small shine.

All of a sudden an unexplainable sight took place before his eyes: The walls melted around him, not just the wall everything around him dissolved into darkness.

Everything around him was black until another wave of nausea attacked him; it was like a hammer striking his head causing his brain to shake endlessly.

This hammering pain lasted for a few seconds before it slowly receded and his blurred vision smoothed out allowing him to see clearly. However, the scene that unfolded before him pulled him into a daze while his heart thumped uncontrollably.

The hall was bright, lit by a magnificent chandelier on the ceiling. The entire hall was glowing, it almost seemed ethereal. The ceiling was held by large pearl gold pillars, these pillars were thick and sturdy like a tree’s trunk, and were rooted to the ground.

Paintings were hung on the walls containing breathtaking scenes; the brush strokes were those of a true artist. No matter how long a person spends contemplating on the image they would never get bored, they would just feel even more amazed. The worth of these painting could only be stated as priceless.

In the centre of the hall was a lonely dining table.

He would never forget this place, a place he knew from the back of his palm, which held thousands of memories.

“Where am I?” He mumbled knowing all too well where he was. He could the beat of his heart in his ears, his pupils were as tiny as the head of a needle and his breathing was heavy, coming out in short gasps.

Amaysu lost the strength in his knees and dropped to the floor, he couldn’t control his emotions and he weakly mumbled: “This isn’t real; it’s fake, get out of my head!!” Amaysu grasped onto his head, shutting his eyes tightly as he roared.

He felt no real pain; it was a psychological attack which brought back extremely painful memories.

“Amay, what are you doing here?” Out of the blue, a soft, calm and concerned voice spoke out. Hearing this person’s voice, the torment in his heart disappeared in one fell swoop.

Amaysu looked up only to be met by a worried face. The woman had big, golden copper eyes that were just like his and were able to see through his troubled heart, her hair cascaded around her and she was concerned.

“Mother?!” Amaysu’s heart jumped to his throat and his mind went blank.


“Shoot!” A man with a stern expression dressed in a long white coat roared; on his chest was an emblem with a magnificent bow crossed perpendicular by an arrow.

“Twang! Twang! Twang!…”

The sounds of countless bow strings vibrating were heard throughout the field, several arrows soared through the air like rockets, ripping the wind apart. In the next instant, these arrows slammed into their respective targets.

The man dressed in the long white coat frowned: “What was that? Hit the centre! Try Again!”

Eighteen youths, a mixture of boys and girls were standing over 100 meters away from their target, they all carried the same serious expression as they picked out an arrow from their quiver once again.

Within the group of youths, there was a young girl; her clothes were much more extravagant than the other youths, this girl was Luna.

She strung the arrow on her bow and released the arrow. The arrow hurled through the air, splitting the air in its path, however, the arrow missed the target and flew further away.

The instructor caught sight of this, he was about to scold her, but he retracted the thought while putting on a forced smile.

“Miss… That was great… Try again at your own pace.” The man said with a forced smile which seemed unnatural on his stern face, Luna seeing this sighed helplessly.

At the same time, the man turned to the other youths and shouted: “All of you! Another round!”

The other youths twitched, they all looked at Luna with unfriendly gazes that were able to devour her in an instant.

If this was before, she would have absorbed all these piercing stares and would feel ashamed; she would even hear some of their cruel and hateful remarks when they did not know she was around.

“Just because of her status she is treated better than us, we’ve put over a hundred folds more effort than her.”

“All she does is relaxes and resources are handed to her on a plate, while we’re forced to drown in our sweat before we’re given a fraction of what she gets.”

“She’s only at the 4th rank, even with all the resources; she is nothing more than dead weight.”

“Even when she possesses a seed of the great Inherited Legacy, she still can’t even bring out its vast potential.”

These were the bitter thoughts of all the youths, they felt the injustice but couldn’t speak out, and so they spoke behind her back and would wear a fabricated smile when they met her. However, she was sensitive and could tell the difference in the way she was being treated.

They were all still distant relatives, part of the same Family clan, but Luna was the niece of the current head of the clan. This meant even if she had mediocre talent she would receive utmost care, this caused jealousy to arouse in the other disciples causing her to be isolated from everyone.

Even her closest family members disregarded her and thought of her as nothing more than dead weight.

At this moment, however, she had little care for these unfriendly and threatening gazes, she was deep in her own thoughts: I’ve been here for a few hours, but now I’m certain, this is an illusion.

Her guess wasn’t baseless, due to her background she had some contact with illusions before. Only illusions could force a person to experience dreams, memories, nightmares, etc.

Luna looked at the scenes of youths shooting arrows again and again and sighed.

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