CE Chapter 60

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 ­ Hidden Path

“If that really is a Black Golem, do you have any confidence in facing it?” Luna inquired slowly, if what he said was true they would have no choice but to retreat the next time they meet one.

Amaysu also acknowledged that he wouldn’t be able to face a Black Golem head on, but the question bothering him was: Why was this Black Golem so strong? Its aura was a bit stronger than even the Elder from the Damian Family Clan.

He gulped before replying: “I am confident that we can survive against a Black Golem, but that one… Impossible!”

She was taken aback by Amaysu’s confession, not realising that in her heart Amaysu had already reached an unparalleled existence that could sweep away all that stands in his way and this contradicted her impression of him.

“No matter what, we have to move away from the direction of that golem,” the silent trace of fear in his voice was difficult to hide. “We’ll go in the opposite direction.”

“….” He stepped forward in the deafening silence.

“Are you still aiming for the ‘pond’?” She abruptly asked hoping that he would give up on such a time wasting task and rather aim for the inheritance of the estate.

Amaysu nodded stubbornly: “It’ll bring me closer to my goal,” his tone slowly chilled.

“Nevertheless, we have already reached the minimum threshold to pass; there is no problem in trying to find it now.”

While saying this he raised his bracelet to show that it had nearly formed the number eleven. On the other hand, Luna had managed to reach ten; this meant that they had passed, as long as they didn’t meet an unfortunate circumstance they would pass the trial.

Without any further dispute, the two followed a direction that they both agreed on. Wandering through the many twists and turns they walked deeper and deeper into the maze.

The Maze felt endless, Amaysu was amazed by the sheer size of the maze, even when they were walking for hours they only met the same endless walls again and again and again.

If I really want to exit the maze, without the help of the arrows at the end of the trial, I’d be lost for who know how long, days, weeks maybe even months.

The walls of the maze were dozens of metres tall and the underground mazes ceiling was even higher. In Amaysu’s prediction, this underground maze was even bigger than the area of the estate above, covering several miles worth of land.

The Underground Maze is vast, but what’s even more amazing than this is the process that the maze was created. How did Uncle Arthur make this Underground Maze, one man can’t possibly do this? This one fact made him tremble with awe, making him feel prideful of his own lineage.

Traversing onwards, Amaysu quickly came to a stop; his senses were countless times greater than Luna’s because of the years that he spent surviving in the Savage Kings Forest with the help of his instincts.

The area in front of them was extremely quiet, turning around he signalled Luna to stay quiet. He refrained from making any noise and sneaked forward, in front of them there was only a single left turn, yet he could see the ends of the fading light behind the turn.

The voice behind the wall was unaware of the duo that was sneaking towards them when they reached a distance where they could hear everything clearly, the two stopped.

There was complete silence for a few minutes before someone spoke again: “We’ve been here for nearly an hour and this wall has not budged, Senior Edward is this really the pathway that leads to the Body Altering Pond?”

Amaysu’s eyes widened when he heard the words ‘Body Altering Pond’, he turned towards Luna and saw that she had the same surprised expression as him.

She mimed a few words to him: “what kind of dumb luck is this?”

Furthermore, it seemed that this group also knew the route towards the pond.

The girl, Olivia said that only the disciples of the Titan’s hall know the route… This means…

“I’m not sure, but we have no choice but to follow the map,” the speaker replied with a forced and unwilling tone.

Hearing this voice Amaysu frowned because he had printed the owners face into his mind: Azarlin!! This moment of carelessness caused his aura to slip, realising his error, he instantly hid his intentions before it leaked further.


“Tukal, why are you still down about that?” The other youngster spoke to the youth named Tukal, this youth was the same youth that Amaysu had completely suppressed.

“Shut up, if I wasn’t caught off guard he would be the one under my feet!” Tukal growled with annoyance, he was pissed off; his pride had been stepped on in front of the strongest youths under the Body Transformation stage. Furthermore, he was at the 9th rank and was ranked third in the Titan’s hall for those under the Body Transformation stage giving him the opportunity to come to the tomb estate.

“I never even got to use any of my trump cards… Next time I see him I’ll tear him apart.”

At this moment the other youth was thinking and then spoke out his thoughts: “Why in the first place did you drop down to your knees? Someone at your level was crushed for no apparent reasons.”

Tukal frowned; these words caused him to remember the embarrassing scenes: “I’m as confused as you are, for an instant, it felt as if a mountain like pressure pressed down on me forcing me down… You already know what happened after that.”

“Tukal, what did you just say?” Edward suddenly questioned.


“I’m talking about how you were brought down to your knees.”

He felt awkward having to repeat it, despite this he was resentful at Amaysu for disgracing him: “It felt as if a mountain was pressing down on me…”

“How confident are you in resisting that pressure if you were prepared?” Edward Interrupted with a question as an avaricious glint crept into his heart.

“I’m not sure, but I am 50 to 60% confident that I can resist the pressure,” he replied awkwardly.

“Haha, how lucky we are! He might have a treasure that creates a region that increases the gravity if we obtain it; the usage is extensive and broad.”

Wasting a few minutes to kill him will now be worth it, Edward thought, not for a moment did he think that the increase in gravity was caused by an Inherited Legacy. Because there was only a single Family Clan that possessed an Inherited Legacy that affected gravity and none of their descendants was in the Tomb Spatial Estate.

“Creak!” out of the blue, a shrieking, grating sound rumbled near them.

The trio quickly turned to see the wall creaking and grating, moving aside to block the long pathway to reveal another path, the wall and floor on this pathway were more reflective and different compared to the other pathways.

Furthermore, the temperature had suddenly decreased bringing in a refreshing change in atmosphere.

“Let’s go!”

The two did not need any further explanation, following Edward’s orders they followed him into the pathway.

They charged into the pathway and disappeared at the only turn. After half a minute two figures walked towards the pathway, these two were not noticed by Tukal and the other youth, but Edward noticed, even though he did not know of their identities. These two figures were Amaysu and Luna.

Luna looked at the path and then at Amaysu: “What kind of luck do you have to get such a fortuitous coincidence?”

Amaysu shrugged and ignored her: “I didn’t expect that the route to the Body Altering Pond was in a Hidden path.” Amaysu felt that if he wasn’t so fortunate he would have never found the route to the Body Altering Pond.

“Luna, from here on out be prepared, the dangers here are all hidden, keep your guard up no matter what.” He said seriously with a grave tone, even if they find the pond they had to be alive to obtain its advantages.

Luna nodded and the two walked onwards disappearing at the only turn. After only a few minutes the wall made a grating sound as it moved back into place hiding the pathway, making it seem as if it never existed, leaving behind an ordinary, empty path to nowhere significant.

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