CE Chapter 6

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 ­ Emperor Art

Amaysu walked through the large walls and entered the town. It was a sight to behold for himself; he had lived inside a castle for most of his life. The city that he would usually gaze at from his bed chamber was all standing at the spot he stood, they were buildings that would pierce the sky and were always a light even in the dark.

This town was nothing compared to that time. These houses Amaysu saw were nothing special, they were all made from wood and bricks, they were all badly constructed and there were gaps for windows and they seemed to be opened a closed by a wooden cover. Their structure was nothing special, however the layout of the streets were below decent from Amaysu’s very own perspective.

The outskirts of the city were mostly huts, with starved men, women, children and elderly, they were the poorest and at the lowest level of the towns social hierarchy. Amaysu had a tinge of pity for them, back during the reign of his empire such scenes were quite rare, but they still existed.

Amaysu walked in between Raza and Hummels, through the wide streets and then they finally entered the bustling streets of the market.  There were countless stalls standing on each side of the street, there were countless sellers who would shout out their prices, young men would sit in the side of the streets and place their item in front of them waiting for a buyer. The market was in utter pandemonium.

What’s going on? What is with these poor standards? Amaysu thought as he noticed the state of the town and market. Amaysu had visited cities and towns that were even smaller than this; however their living standards were much better when compared with a place like this. He would also occasionally see domesticated dogs running across the streets in the market.

When Raza appeared in the streets, suddenly, all the people that noticed him moved aside, this in turn caused other people to notice. Soon everyone had moved aside to create a pathway straight through the market street which directly led out of the market and to a building that was five stories tall and looked impressive, however in Amaysu’s eyes it was nothing much.

“Look it’s young master Raza,” a girl squealed.  Raza’s status in the town was exceptionally high and was second to only the patriarch of the Averice clan, so many young ladies would fawn over him and give themselves up to him.

“Our young master is at the 3rd rank of the Fighter stage, he truly is a genius.”

“Yeah, he could probably rival the geniuses from the enormous schools and sects from the big cities.”

Raza hearing all this stood straight, his chest puffed out and a proud, arrogant expression on his face. All of a sudden Amaysu snorted coldly, he had seen countless geniuses during the reign of his empire and someone like Raza would be considered the lowest of the bunch. This pulled Raza back to reality as he shivered at the reality of things, the boy behind him was what you would describe a true genius.

“Who is that boy?” A man uttered as he strained his eyes to see the boys features, however Amaysu was quite a distance away.

“He’s carrying two kids with him.”

When Amaysu drew closer to the crowd of people, they were finally able to see his features. He had smooth sandy brown hair, which looked a lot like, a dark golden colour under the radiant sky. He also had fair, but full eyebrows that didn’t stand out, thin lips and a high nose.

When Amaysu looked around at the crowd of people, they immediately stood straight, subconsciously it felt right for them to act like this. This was caused by the cool and cold aura of nobility he carried; they also noticed his two different eye colours: The deep brown and the golden copper.

“…” Everyone in the streets stared at Amaysu; their mouths gaped as they stared in an infatuated manner. His appearance was handsome and was somewhat feminine, yet he carried a domineering presence.

“What a handsome young fellow.” A man mumbled.

“…” There was a large amount of young ladies that had come to see young master Raza and somehow try to gain his attention, but when they noticed Amaysu they stared at him with a bewitched and passionate gaze. Most of them felt their cheeks go blazing red, when Amaysu’s gaze simply passed them, however they were disappointed when they noticed his lack of interest.

Comparing Raza with Amaysu was an insult to the boy, it was like comparing a toad with a majestic White Lion, it couldn’t be done.

“Why is he carrying two kids?” A confused girl who looked like she was 16 or 17 years old asked in the middle of the crowd, she still had a captivated expression.

Amaysu’s appearance caused a stir in the crowd, however he merely ignored it and they slowly walked through the crowd and left the market under the gaze of countless people.

Amaysu suddenly stopped in the middle of the street, “Hummels prepare me and my siblings a lodging, now. Also bring food for me and my siblings.” Amaysu said indifferently, he had enough of strolling around the village as he realised that Raza was taking his time.

Hummels looked at Raza with a lost expression, he was called upon before his young master, this was considered an insult and Hummels feared the backlash from Raza. This is why he looked at Raza for instructions.

“Mi Lord, let me take you, to your new dwelling, while Hummels can go and prepare your meals.” Raza spoke with a calm expression, he was not the least bit offended.

Amaysu merely nodded, the quicker he found a dwelling the better.

After that Raza led Amaysu towards a street that was quite empty when compared to the other bustling streets in the town. The dwellings were simple and were mostly made of wood, these homes weren’t very big but the architecture of the homes could not be compared to the homes that Amaysu had previously seen.

“Mi Lord, these are the dwellings of the higher ups of our clan and for our guests,” Raza explained respectfully. “Mi Lord you can pick any of these homes,” as Raza said this he pointed at a certain row of dwellings, each one of them had a front garden, walls on all four sides for privacy and a front gate.

Amaysu nodded and walked in front of each home, inspecting them from the outside and then decided. He picked the home with the biggest front garden, it contained a small pond as well. The dwelling was slightly smaller compared to the other homes and the three metres tall white walls prevented anyone from intruding.

This house will be the best for me to train privately, Amaysu thought. The reason he picked a home with a big garden was so that he could train peacefully without being disturbed.

Raza seeing Amaysu had picked a home, he quickly interrupted his thoughts, “Mi Lord, here’s a Transmission Card, you can use this to call me if you need anything.”

Amaysu being jolted out of his thoughts was slightly annoyed, however he still looked down at the card and nodded, however Amaysu looked at Raza oddly as if he was overlooking something.

Raza suddenly realised that Amaysu was holding his younger brother and sister so could not hold onto the card.

“Mi Lord, I will send you the Transmission Card when we bring you, your meal. I’ll see you later.” Raza could only helplessly chuckle awkwardly as he turned and walked away.


The house in front of Amaysu, had three steps which led to the wooden platform, which was where the door was and it was under the protection of a roof that was held by thin wooden beams. There was a window on both sides of the door, which was opened and closed by a wooden cover.

“Creeeaaak…” A silver hand appeared in the air and opened the wooden door for Amaysu since his hands were tied, since he was carrying Arisa and Raymond. When he took his first step into their new home, he was immediately struck by a flowery yet calming scent. This flowery scent came from a vase that had a yellow flower; it was on top of the only table in the entire room. There was only one room and it contained a King sized bed, a single wardrobe and a table, on the side there was a door that Amaysu figured led to the toilet.

Amaysu placed Arisa and Raymond on the bed that had a white soft cover and a white blanket on top, with pillows at the head of the bed.

“Huh…”  Amaysu dropped onto the floor, sweat dropped down on his face as he took heavy breaths of air, he was extremely fatigued and his muscles were all in pain. He felt a splitting headache crushing his mental strength.

He slowly moved his gaze to the ceiling and closed his eyes, a muttering noise came out of his mouth: “Getting tired after facing Thirteen 1st rank Fighters, how embarrassing… If master was here he’d laugh at me and I’d never let me hear the end of it.” A helpless, longing smile appeared on his face. “Ten thousand years have passed and I’ve grown so stiff, just using the Inherited Legacy for a small amount of time causes me such a painful headache.”

The inherited Legacy carried a heavy burden on the metal state of the user, that’s why this specific Legacy required the user to strengthen his concentration and perception.

“I wonder what the outside world looks like… Times have sure changed, the continent has also forgotten about us.” Amaysu mumbled to himself, dreaming of the past.

Amaysu’s expression suddenly turned cold, the aura that he released seemed to have caused the temperature of the room to drop significantly. It was a hatred that was bone deep, every single cell was calling upon revenge. “Kronos, Karia, if you’re still alive I will personally send you to the other world, when that day comes you’ll wish you were dead!” Amaysu muttered through gritted teeth, creaking sounds could clearly be heard and his tone would cause a person to shiver at the amount of bloodlust and killing intent that was leaking out of the boy.

“A day will come, when the name Dasecris will be known once again as the most powerful empire and all those that have caused our downfall will perish.” Amaysu swore at that moment, an oath that he would forever remember.

The loss that Amaysu felt completely changed the course of his life: From the prince of an Empire to an orphan child. He had a strong desire to revive the Dasecris family. This would also become a driving force for him to become stronger.


The sun had set and the moon was hanging in the midst of the stars, shining down at Amaysu’s new home. Raymond and Arisa had woken up hungry and were fed by Amaysu and then immediately returned to their slumber.

Amaysu he sat on the wooden platform outside, with his legs stretched forward he gazed at the brightness of the moon.

He slowly pulled out a book that was tucked away under his white clothes. It had a plain black hard cover, which exemplified the simple feeling of the book, nothing impressive could be felt by the plain book, however it’s title was written in gold.

“Emperor Arts…” Amaysu murmured as he read the front cover. The book wasn’t extraordinary in any way, if he had received from anyone except his father, he would have returned it.

The book was rather thin, having only around a hundred pages or so.

Amaysu opened the front cover, to the first page, he instantly felt a sensation of oppressive force coming from the words:

When an Emperor is born, he will be remembered for an eternity. A True Emperor stands at the pinnacle of power. I await for the rise of a True Emperor.’

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