CE Chapter 59

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 ­  Droid Puppet

The Body Altering liquid was made from ultra-rare ingredients, just making a few litres worth would take at least a hundred years to make, due to the rarity of the ingredients and chemicals. The knowledge of brewing this liquid was a hidden secret only known to the upper echelons of the Dasecris Family Clan and certain other individuals across the continent.

The bonding process of the ingredients and chemicals were exceedingly complex, replicating the liquid was close to impossible.

As the prince of the Dasecris Empire, he was reserved a large amount, so that when he reached the peak of the Body Transformation stage he could immediately breakthrough to the Body Transformation stage.

This opportunity belongs to me, he thought.

“Do you know where it is?” asked Amaysu his tone inquisitive, he knew asking was pointless but there was no difference between asking and not.

She did not say anything, yet Amaysu understood what she wanted. “If there ever comes a time in the future, you can ask me for a favour.”

She nodded then carried on: “You’re a bit naive expecting us to tell you where it is.” Olivia sighed helplessly: “Even so, we don’t know where it is, it is not so easy to find and even if you find it, there’s a horde of golem’s protecting it.”

In response, Amaysu frowned in thought.

“The only ones that know of the location are Edward and his group from the Titans hall. The last time the tomb opened only their disciples were lucky enough to stumble upon this rare pond. Outside this tomb, there is only one person that can replicate this liquid.”

“Replicate?! Who?!” he suddenly shouted, his eyes were wide open; to say that he was shocked was an understatement. There’s actually someone in this backwards times that knows how to replicate the Body Altering Liquid. From what father told me it is an exceptionally difficult liquid to create. What kind of genius is this?

“He is Forge Grandmaster Richard, but to ask this eccentric elder to give you some is impossible,” she said with some regret.

Forge Grandmaster… Richard, this was the second time he had heard of his name, the first being at the auction, he wondered who this amazing man was.

“If that is so, we’ll be taking our leave. Since you’ve already met the minimum threshold to pass, we will meet again for the second trial.”

Olivia turned to leave and a mischievous smirk appeared: “Oh one more thing to the girl next to you: I didn’t recognise you at first but now I do. I can understand you, if I was in your situation I’d also run away, sadly you have no control over your future. But you’re parents are searching for you, you better go home because if they find out whom you’re with…” Olivia didn’t end her sentence and revealed her signature smile.

From the moment that Olivia said her name, Luna was jittery and feared that there was a possibility that she would be recognised. Hearing Olivia’s words caused her expression to sink and a feeling of dread appeared in her heart.

Amaysu did not understand, but Olivia already left with her group.

“What was she talking about?”

Luna shivered, seeing her expression he could see her face was slightly pale and tired: “If you don’t want to talk about it I won’t ask anymore.”

She nodded in response.


There was an awkward silence in the stale air, which was soon broken by Luna: “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to find the Body Altering Pond,” he replied.

“How are we going to do that? We don’t have any leads.”

“I don’t know, but there’s still a chance that we’ll find it, it’s not like we have anything to lose.”

Luna sighed; Amaysu was extremely stubborn so she no longer pursued the matter.


An hour later, in an area close to where Amaysu and Luna were at, three youths were waiting near a wall, the leader of this group was none other than Edward.

One of the youth was extremely frustrated by the length of time that they had to wait for the wall to move: “We’ve been here for nearly an hour and this wall has not budged, Senior Edward is this really the pathway that leads to the Body Altering Pond?” The youth asked Edward, he was older than Edward but his status was nothing compared to Edwards so he respectfully called him ‘senior’.

Edward was staring at the wall, then at a hologram that was on his palm that displayed a vivid map of the course that the previous generation walked.

“I’m not sure, but we have no choice but to follow the map,” Edward sighed unwillingly.

Unexpectedly he sensed something and he was the only person to notice this from his group of three.

I don’t know who you are but you think you can follow me without me realising? I’ll let you follow me and then kill you; Edward smirked with contempt as killing intent appeared within his eyes.

Edward’s personality was vicious, he was going to let them follow him and let them enjoy it before he tore them apart. He knew that everyone’s goal in the first trial was to find the Body Altering Pond; if he was being followed it meant their goal was to follow him to the pond.

For his personal enjoyment, he would lead them to the pond and kill them the moment they set their sights on the pond. Watching their despair would make it all worth it for him, this was his personality.


Ten minutes prior, strolling along the long empty pathways the two were aimlessly making their way through the maze.

“Shadow, there’s something wrong,” she said with vigilance.

Amaysu nodded, “You noticed as well. Not a single golem has appeared for nearly forty minutes, there should be at least a red golem appearing before us.”

They carried on walking forward without direction just following their intuition. Out of the blue, Amaysu stopped; he grabbed Luna and pulled her down, covering her mouth with his palm.

His breathing was very slow and steady, Luna was leaning on his chest and she could hear his rapid heartbeat.

“Thud!” she was confused when suddenly loud thudding footsteps shook the ground.

Sweat trickled down Amaysu’s forehead like the beginning of a drizzle and he subconsciously gulped swallowing the excess saliva piling up in his mouth. He felt an overwhelming presence that caused his instincts to dread. It was walking only a few metres away from him, he tried to make his aura and body as small as possible, he couldn’t let his presence be detected by this overwhelming presence.

Luna was oblivious to the aura but Amaysu could clearly feel this uncovered presence. Slowly the aura receded and the sounds of its footsteps moved further and further away.

Even after he was a 100% sure that the presence was no longer there, he still sat without budging an inch.

“Huuuuh…” Amaysu released an exceedingly heavy breath, immediately afterwards he started breathing rapidly, he was sweating profusely which soaked his clothes.

Being released from his grip, Luna still rested on Amaysu feeling his rapid heartbeat, she let him calm down before she asked any questions.

After about a minute when Amaysu calmed down, Luna inquired: “Shadow, why did you do that? And from what did those footsteps come from?” Her tone was curious and oblivious.

Amaysu for a moment felt that being oblivious was a blessing. “I’m not sure, but I think that was a Black Golem… But its strength is abnormally powerful, too abnormal; this overshadows all 2nd rank Body Transformation experts.”

Even though he thought this, his guess was off the mark and was completely wrong. This golem was even more shocking and extraordinary than the Black Golem; its power was many, many, many times stronger than the Black Golem.  

This golem was a special golem within the maze; it was silver in appearance and was only about 1.8 metres tall in height. Its body was made from an unknown metal and its face, if it actually had a face was covered by a mask with two eyes. This golem could no longer be regarded as so, this was its robotic counterpart a Droid Puppet.

To describe the strength of a Droid Puppet you would have to scale it with a Black Golem and a Grey Golem.

A Black Golem was at the 2nd rank of the Body Transformation stage, this strength was equal to five or six 1st rank Body Transformation expert. The Droid Puppet would be able to take 3 to four times that amount at the least; its strength was abnormally terrifying.

There was something that was bothering Amaysu about this situation: Did that golem really not notice us? How is that possible? These thoughts were from the experience of the past few attacks, all these golems seemed to detect them the moment that the duo reached a certain range of them. However, this golem had not.

Yet, the truth was the Droid Puppet had noticed Amaysu even before Amaysu noticed it, he was as clear as daylight to this Droid Puppet. Nevertheless, it ignored Amaysu, the reason being it was programmed to wander through the maze and not to fight; its status could be described in a few words: It was the overlord of the first trial.

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