CE Chapter 57

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 ­ High-Class Grey Golem

All the youths from the Nine Overlord sects were in the midst of their very own battle within the maze. For geniuses at their level facing any red golem was simple and easy for them because they were all between the 9th rank and peak 10th rank of the Fighter stage, only a grey golem gave them a challenge.

In one corner of the maze, the youths from the Blue Moon sect were walking around slowly.

It had only been five hours since the trial began but shockingly the number on his bracelet was already on 4.

On the bracelets of his companions, the number three was visible but not completely formed. Their speed was shockingly quick.

Lark touched the wall to make sure that it was real: “Wasn’t there a pathway over here just a moment ago?” asked Lark to a youth next to him.

The youth also had a confused expression, “Yes, I think there was a pathway here but a wall is here now… Could it be an illusion?”

As if something clicked in Lark’s mind he recalled something: “The previous generation said that the maze had many illusions but these maze walls occasionally move around randomly.”

“It seems that we’ve been unlucky enough to actually fall into one of these traps,” Lark sighed; he couldn’t do anything so they just moved on.


“What the actual fuck!” A loud enraged voice echoed, Lark frowned he had a despondent feeling because he knew the owner of this voice.

Around the corner three youths walked out of the corner, all three of them were wearing martial arts uniforms with a sword on their waist.

Cedric looked around and spotted Lark and frowned: “Why do you always end up near me, is this some joke?”

“… let’s leave,” Lark ignored Cedric and walked a different path with his group.

Cedric watched Lark ignoring him: “Lark, you’re running away again?”

“What’s the point in the two of us fighting, in 97 fights I’ve won 50 of them, if we fight again it’ll only increase the gap,” Lark calmly replied to Cedric’s intimidation.

“Damn you! You’re still bringing the scores up? Okay then, the last fight was two months ago and my strength has increased, I’ll just wipe the floor with you now so that you’ll forget the score completely.”

For the first time, Lark stopped and stared coldly at Cedric’s smirk: “If you’re so confident let’s fight now.”

“Haha! That’s what I like to hear!”

The youths from the Blood Sword Sect and Blue Moon Sect who came with Cedric and Lark walked to the side and sat down. They were used to the two fighting all the time and there was no point in getting in their way anymore.

Since the tow Sects were allies the youths from the two sects would mingle and socialise so the youth’s weren’t as hostile to each other as Cedric and Lark.

“With these two fighting, we’ll fall behind the other factions.”

“We can’t interfere when they’re fighting or they’ll just beat us up. We have to wait for their fight to end before we carry on trekking our way towards the Body Altering Pond.”

When this youth said the ‘Body Altering Pond’ they all had yearning expressions. Out of all the opportunities within the maze part of the trial, the Body Altering Pond had the greatest benefit. If an early 9th rank Fighter bathed in this pool, their body would be remodelled and they will shoot into the Body Transformation stage.

Right now they could only sigh and watch the two youths fight it out until a winner was decided.


After five hours, Luna’s bracelet was already at two.

Following the first few fights her efficiency and skill kept increasing, in one fight she had taken the opportunity to unsheathe her sword to fight.

These golems only used their fists to fight so Luna had an advantage because she was able to use her bow and sword.

On the other hand, the bracelet on Amaysu’s hand had barely formed the number one. Some golems were too powerful for Luna so he was forced to fight them in her place and were quickly disposed of.

At this moment Amaysu was standing in front of a grey golem, however, unlike the many other golems, this was a high-class golem meaning that it was a grey golem that carried a weapon.

Compared to the golem Edward faced it was much stronger.

“huuuh…” Amaysu closed his eyes and breathed out. “Luna I hope you’re watching?” Amaysu said without looking back.

Luna was worried when they were being chased she learnt from Amaysu that his pursuer was at the Body Transformation stage and this golem was also at the same level.

Pointing the scythe at the golem he concentrated, activating his Inherited Legacy. His body produced a silver glow, countless silver molecules floated in the air like celestial bodies.

With a thought, five daggers appeared around him.

In his right hand was the scythe; around him were five protective daggers while his body was coated by endless silver specks.

Using his movement technique the Lunar Moon Dance, Amaysu soared. Each step causing his body to float in the air for a period of time, his body could only be described as a light feather while he pressed on towards the golem.

The golem released a heavy muffled roar underneath its helmet.

“Whoosh,” it slashed down at his feathery figure.

Seeing this, Amaysu motioned his left hand causing all five daggers to roar to life and rip through the air to meet the sword.

“Bang!” the sword was brought to a full stop by the five daggers.

Immediately afterwards Amaysu leapt towards the golem like a panther, he used the base of the scythe’s handle to push at the golem’s chest disturbing its centre of gravity.

Abruptly it let go of its grip on the huge broadsword and struck with its left hand.

Amaysu raised his scythe to block the punch, he was shot far back and his feet skidded on the floor before he came to a complete stop.

The golem looked at him as it picked up its broadsword, the blue glow inside the helmet intensified as it once again released a muffled roar.

Quickly summoning two more daggers, Amaysu’s face paled the amount of mental strength used to control everything caused his mind to feel an aching pain.

Charging towards the golem, the golem also charged towards Amaysu. On his call, the daggers once again charged forward however unlike before they all focussed on a single point of the golem’s sword.

“Bang!” the daggers struck the sword causing the broadsword to have a crack appear on it.

Realising this, the other two daggers around him pushed forward supporting the other five daggers. With this immense force, the golem’s broadsword was not able to contend. Cracking sounds screamed from the sword and it shattered into two large pieces.

With nothing stopping the soaring daggers, they pushed forth and pierced the golem’s chest, abdomen and neck.

The golem paused and crashed to the floor with a bang.

Breathing heavily, Amaysu wiped the sweat off his forehead; he felt a stabbing pain in his head and his vision blurred for only an instant before coming back.

On the bracelet on his hand, the number two was completely formed.

“Shadow, are you alright?” Luna asked with concern while taking large strides towards him.

She was awed by the power displayed by Amaysu, but this power would also have a great burden on him, so her concern for him overtook her curiosity and awe.

Turning towards her Amaysu nodded. Even though his face was slightly pale and he was breathing quickly, he did his best to hold himself up with the support of his scythe.

Luna said: “Rest for a bit, you really exhausted yourself,” she said as she rustled through her bag, she picked out a vial and passed it to him, “Take this, it’s a stimulant it’ll restore your stamina.”

Taking the vial Amaysu drank the green liquid within, instantly the tiresome feeling disappeared and he felt energised once again.

This drug is amazing; its effects are instant and visible.

“Let’s stop here for a while, eat something and then we can continue,” Luna squatted down to take some rations from the bag.

He felt warmed by Luna’s actions, without realising his eyes locked onto her, he felt an odd feeling rise in his heart. Her long black hair was silkily lying on her back; he had the urge to caress it.

She wasn’t the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but she was the only person that made him feel odd.

“Shadow, can you…” Luna looked up to notice that Amaysu’s eyes were locked on her, slightly dazed.

Seeing her face, he noticed some features that he had never actually realised: Her eyelashes were long, her lips were a strawberry red and her skin made her look so fragile even though she was so strong. Her dark blue eyes were as deep as the ocean and were enticing to his senses.

“Luna you’re really beautiful…” As soon as he said this Luna was stunned, in the next instant, her face burned to a cherry red colour.

Slowly it dawned on him, he realised what he had just said and what that feeling was, immediately his face burned and he rapidly turned his head. Not now, I can’t preoccupy myself with such feelings, it’ll only distract me; Amaysu tried suppressing these foreign feelings.

Without realising he started feeling comfortable when Luna was around him. It was only natural after spending so long with her, feelings bloomed within him and Amaysu was a late bloomer.

Those his age would usually be able to fearlessly say those words to women they liked, however, Amaysu felt a bit embarrassed by these words.

Amaysu slowly spoke to break the awkwardness: “Why don’t we eat the rations.”

“Hm,” Luna quickly nodded.

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