CE Chapter 56

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 ­ The Azarling Inherited Legacy

Taking the arrow she placed it on the bowstring and calmly gazed at the still golem that did not make a single movement.

Its metallic red body had a dull sheen, its body was bulky and huge, one punch by this enormous golem would severely injure anyone under the 8th rank of the Fighter stage.

Amaysu looked at Luna and decided to help her a bit: “Let me give you a tip, since you’re weaker don’t try to face it head on, one punch from it will put you in bed for half a month. Against this golem use a hit and run tactic, find its weaknesses or anything unusual about it and strike it.”

Luna gratefully accepted the knowledge, it would be a great help for her.

Pulling the bowstring she aimed at the golem’s chest, the left side to be precise, since it looked like a human she subconsciously aimed for where the heart was placed.

“Twang!” Releasing the arrow, the bowstring created its own sound.

The arrow soared through the air, in an instant; it was right in front of the golem. Her aim was splendid if this was a human this single arrow would have pierced their chest and killed them in an instant.

The arrow made a dent in the metallic body, but it was not something she expected. She thought that the arrow would have at least stabbed into its body; this caused her morale to drop slightly.

The golem’s physical body was at the level of the Scorpion spider; however, these arrows were much weaker in strength. Luna did not use her Inherited Legacy to increase the strength of the arrow; this was because she would feel extremely weak after using her legacy.

As the arrow dropped to the floor, it soared through the air rapidly, returning to Luna’s side. She couldn’t help but feel astonished by Amaysu’s Inherited Legacy.

All of a sudden, grinding sounds roared from within the golem and a muffled, metallic roar was emitted from the golem. The blue lights where the golem’s eyes were meant to be intensified, then it charged towards Luan, each step shaking the ground.

Even with its enormous frame, it was much quicker than she expected. The golem locked both of its hands and smashed down at where Luna was standing.

Without delay she quickly retreated, the locked hands smashed down on the ground causing the ground to tremble once again.

“Luna take this,” Amaysu shouted as he threw a quiver with two dozen arrows inside.

Catching it she retreated barely dodging a slap that came towards her.

Before her feet even landed on the floor, she placed an arrow on her bow and released it and then took another releasing it once again.

These rapid shots rocketed through the air like a torrent.

The golem dodged the first arrow, but Luna had already expected such a possibility, the rest of the arrows crashed onto its body creating constant ‘clang’ like sounds.

Luna smirked, within the third wave of arrows a single arrow was flying a different path compared to the rest.

The golem watched the arrows soaring towards it, casually dodging the first arrow it suddenly bent backwards dodging the second arrow and quickly pushed backwards creating a gap between itself and the third arrow. But from its blind spot an arrow shot through the air and pierced through the eye gap in its helmet stabbing into its right eye.

The golem stalled causing the rest of the arrows to slam into its body.

Taking this chance she sent another torrent of arrows, these arrows were aimed at the golems joints to paralyse it.

The golem quickly retreated; it pulled the arrow out of its lightless right eye.

In the beginning, the golem was not even able to dodge a single arrow, the second time it could only dodge a single arrow and during the third wave it nearly dodged three arrows. Each time Luna would rapidly shoot out ten arrows which were constantly supplied by Amaysu who would command the arrows to return to the quiver.

Its eyes brightened and the first arrow was easily dodged, second, third and fourth arrow missed the golem and only the fifth arrow was able to skim against the golem’s metallic chest.

Impossible! The golem is actually learning as its fighting, is that even possible?! Luna’s thoughts were a 100% right, the golem was slowly learning from its short experiences.

Its mind was not like a human’s, it could analyse to a situation and quickly adapt, however, this ability was only possible for its robotic counterparts. For a golem to be able to do such things was unprecedented, this ability was also one of the biggest differences between golem’s and robots.

Could these golems be Pseudo-robots? It’s definitely a possibility. While in thought, the golem struck at her.

Abruptly she stopped shooting arrows and leapt into the air, dodging the kick that came from the golem. Using the maze wall as a foothold she pushed past the golem, floating through the air, she took this opportunity to properly analyse the entire body of the golem.

In the few instants that she was in the air she noticed nothing, unexpectedly a faint sparkle appeared on the nape of the golem’s neck.

Could that be its power source? Luna quickly drew her bow, this time; she used her Meteor bow to assist her:  Whirlwind Arrow. Whizzing through the air, the arrow pierced the nape of the golem’s neck shattering it into a hundred tiny fragments.

Even after this the arrow did not lose momentum and shot through the golem tearing a fist size hole through its bulky neck.

The grinding gears inside the golem’s body slowed down momentarily and then completely stopped.

The entire process from her dodging the golem and leaping past it to destroying its power source was only a few seconds. Constantly fighting under Amaysu’s tutelage her split second decisions were very high, this was extremely beneficial in the fight.

“Did I do it?” She suddenly looked down at her bracelet and noticed that it now displayed a fragment of the number one; it seemed that she needed to destroy four more golem’s for it to fully materialise.

“I did it!” Luna laughed with happiness, even though she was lucky that she noticed the golem’s power source, she still defeated the golem by herself.

Amaysu walked towards her, the quiver on her back was restocked with all the arrows that she shot which all flew back.

“You did really well; let’s find some more golems.”

“This time, you should be the one fighting,” Luna replied.

“Only if it’s at the Body Transformation stage or a 10th rank Fighter stage golem,” Amaysu replied as he ran off, Luna watched him run away then hastily followed.


Somewhere deep in the maze, three youths stood in front of a grey golem that was about two metres tall, however, it wasn’t to be underestimated due to its size it was manifolds stronger than the red golem.

Edward stood in the lead with his two followers standing two steps behind me.

“I’ll take care of this,” calmly said Edward. Raising his arm in the air, on the surface of his left hand was a purple crystal that had a simple glow.

“The Azarlin Inherited Legacy!” The youth on the right exclaimed.

From the surface of his body, purple specks floated in the air, they were like purple fireflies in the sky.

Edward’s palm moved fluidly, the specks floating around him forming two swords, one grasped on each palm. The rest of the specks coalesced to form three purple balls that floated in the air behind him.

“Move!” Edward roared.

The two youths from the Titan’s hall retreated leaving only him and the golem standing 30 feet apart.

Standing alone, Edward body gave off a sinister purplish hue.

If Amaysu was standing here it would only take him a fragment of a second to realise that Edwards Inherited Legacy was identical to his Dasecris Inherited Legacy: The Nanotekro Inherited Legacy. If he saw this, there was no guarantee that Amaysu wouldn’t go berserk due to rage.

The Inherited Legacy was his family’s possession; a false copy like this would only desecrate the name of his Inherited Legacy.

At this moment Edward stared coldly at the golem which was rushing at him. The golem smashed down with a chop, the weight in its palm was tremendous.

Edward sneered; crossing his two swords he steadied himself ready for the impact.

“Bang!” The chop caused the two swords to shake and his body to tremble slightly, but a cold smile appeared on his lips.

The purple orbs flew, up around the golem.

“Release!” Ordered Edward.

The orbs instantly transformed into three 5 metres long sharp lances that struck down stabbing straight through the golem from three different angles.

Edward walked away from the scene as the number one appeared on the bracelet on his palm.

The golem was frozen in its position only being held up by the lances. One lance had stabbed it though its right shoulder at an angle so it protruded out from its left thigh. The other stabbed it through its left shoulder and protruded out from its right thigh and pierced the maze ground.

The third and final lance had struck down straight through its head shattering the power source that was hidden on the top of its head under its helmet.

“Senior Edward you truly are amazing,” the youth that was suppressed by Amaysu flattered Edward.

Edward nonchalantly ignored him: “For the Titan’s hall reputation we need to destroy the most golems.”

The two nodded.

Edward walked forward, at this moment he was thinking of Amaysu: I don’t know where you are but I’ll let you live a bit longer. You insulted me, so this tomb will be the perfect place to bury you.

Edwards way of thinking was extreme, a small offence against him deserved only death, this is the mentality that latched onto him due to his high standing.

From the previous generation’s experience, he already knew that the killing rules only applied outside the trial, within the trial only strength matters. Arthur Dasecris’s words were vague, he had only stated that he would throw them out if they fought outside of the trial, but in the trial he said nothing.

The knowledge from the previous generation said that killing participants were possible within a trial, so now he could take care of Amaysu.

Edward chuckled coldly with expectation.

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