CE Chapter 55

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 ­ The First Trial Begins

The inside of the mansion was as white as the walls outside the mansion. There were beautiful white tiles that were all put together perfectly, how the tiles were able to keep its sheen for so long? Amaysu did not know.

There was nothing that caught one’s eye inside the mansion; it was just one humongous hall that expanded for nearly a square kilometre. There was only one thing that was striking about the mansion; it was the giant pedestals with the images of individuals standing in the centre of the great pearl-like hall.

Looking at the scene Amaysu fell into a stupor just like the many youths behind him.

The centre of the group of pedestals was the hologram of a man that stood tall and proud. His aura was fierce, like that of an undying flame, both his hands rested on the tip of the sword which was stabbed into the ground. On his right and left were two couples, their features were perfectly displayed through the hologram.

The man on the right was dressed in a beautiful robe, causing him to have the dominance of an emperor; he was an extremely handsome his hair was the same sandy brown as Amaysu’s. His appearance was 70% similar to Amaysu; however, his eye colour was brown. Even if one of the youths noticed that Amaysu and the appearance of the man were similar, they could not make this connection just based on this. This was because they were Thousands of years apart.

On the pedestal were a few words: ‘Emperor Ranel Dasecris, 19th Emperor of the golden age.’

Amaysu felt as if this entire mansion was a resting place created by his Uncle for his dead family members. Just from this Amaysu could sense the lonely pain that Arthur had gone through all these years, where he was being hunted down without any support from anyone.

Next to his father, stood his mother with a gentle smile that made Amaysu’s heart to quiver.

The man in the centre was his grandfather; his stature and appearance were that of a Grand General, who led his warriors into battle. Under his figure on the pedestal, it said: ‘Emperor Raisel Dasecris, 18th Emperor of the golden age’.

Stood on his right were his Uncle Arthur and his wife Lina.

In front of the five pedestals was three more pedestals, the pedestal in the centre of the three was right in front of his grandfathers showing that this pedestal had more prominence and importance than the other pedestals.

The three pedestals were empty; however, they had not only their names on them but a significant more added on.

“Emperor Amaysu Dasecris, the 1st Emperor of the New Dasecris Empire and the avenger of the Dasecris clan,” Luna whispered next to Amaysu.

Amaysu felt a chill run through him, the hair on the back of his neck stood and there were goose bumps all over his arm.

The many youths felt the overbearing arrogance hidden in these few words. Many of these youths heard the story of the prince of the Dasecris clan having escaped and was biding his time for vengeance. However, most of them believed it as nothing more than an old legend.

As expected Edward had a scornful expression.

“The first trial will begin,” Arthur’s voice suddenly rang through the mansion. In this image he looked many years older, his black long hair had streaks of white and his face was hollow. He was standing at an angle and was facing the pedestals standing in the centre; in his eyes, those images were the personifications of his memories.

All of a sudden a rumbling sound echoed through the entire mansion as part of the mansion wall split apart to reveal an enormous silver door that shone brightly.

The door slid open to reveal a long set of stairs that disappeared into blackness, but luckily lights on the ceiling of the mansion came on revealing the distance of the stairs, however, even then nobody could see how deep the stairs were going under the mansion.

“Enter to begin the first trial,” Arthur said before his body faded away.

Without hesitation, Amaysu walked through the door. The youths from the Sects had astonished expressions however they already knew that this would happen they had the experiences given to them by the previous generation of disciples that entered the estate.


“Unbelievable…” A youth standing in the back mumbled subconsciously, but he said the exact words that everyone was thinking.

Right in front of them all was a vast underground maze with 5 different entrance passageways. The pathway was wide enough for 50 people to walk side by side and its walls were at least 30 metres tall, while the ceiling was another twenty metres on top of that.

Arthur Dasecris’s image appeared once again right next to the centre passageway.

“Please pick out a bracelet from here!” Arthur instructed and on his command, a pedestal came out of the ground revealing nearly 100 silver bracelets that had a dull glow.

All the youths went and picked out a single bracelet.

Amaysu put on the bracelet and was astounded, the feeling he got from the bracelet was the same feeling as his Inherited Legacy. Is this bracelet made from the Inherited Legacy? Impossible! Any object created by the legacy will disintegrate the moment the user dies unless Uncle Arthur found a way.

Amaysu was shocked; from his experiences he had never seen someone from his clan create something that retains its form even after his death. Even though he had never seen it, it didn’t mean that it was impossible to do; it might have actually been done before.

“The first trial is this maze; all of you have exactly 96 hours to slay as many Combat Golems as possible. These golems will impede your way and will try to kill you if you are near death break the bracelet and the golems will no longer target you. Do not think about taking someone else’s bracelet, the moment you take it off it will disintegrate.” Said Arthur seriously, putting down the thoughts of some vicious youths.

“There are three types of golems: The Red Golem, this golem will have the strength between the 7th rank and 10th Rank of the Fighter stage. The Grey Golems are the second type, their strength is at the 1st rank of the Body Transformation and then lastly; the Black Golems, they are as strong as a 2nd rank Body Transformation expert.”

“We’re made to fight golems, so this trial is to test our strength and perseverance,” Amaysu mumbled. Golems were basically puppets, depending on the materials, energy core and Combat skills stored in its memories they can reach certain strength. They are unyielding opponents with no sense of pain which made destroying them a tedious task.

Golems came in many different forms and were actually a weaker form of their robotic counterparts. There were some that came as weapons, some in the shape of Savage beasts and some in the form of people, however, they are all controlled by their owners or programmed to complete a task.

“Every time you destroy a golem a number will appear on your bracelet, 10 grey golems is the bare minimum to pass this trial. 5 red golems are worth a single grey golem and a single Black golem is worth 5 grey golems. As soon as the trial ends, arrows will appear on the walls to lead you out of the maze.”

Many of the youths were stunned, destroying a grey golem at the Body Transformation for them was difficult but not impossible, and furthermore, they had to destroy 10. They were monstrous geniuses that could beat those at a higher stage.

“Be warned some golem types will stay together, illusions will also appear to misguide you, and this trial will test your reliance on your instincts and your luck.”

“Let the trial begin!”

Immediately all the youths separated and ran through different pathways, some took the same route and separated at a split.

Amaysu and Luna did the same and entered the entrance to the maze at the far right, the same way that the dignified youth from the Blue Moon Sect picked. During the split, the duo took a different direction from the youths of the Blue Moon Sect.

“Luna in this test you’ll need to also kill at least 10 golems, I’ll help you if it gets too dangerous.”

Luna was astonished; Amaysu still wanted her to train here.

“Did you think that I’d forget about your training, here you’re going to have to display all your strengths, even I will do the same.”

Turning right and left, they were aimlessly running through the maze not having a real aim. Abruptly the sounds of gears grinding were emitted from a nearby place Amaysu could hear this with his keen hearing.

“Luna this way.”

Turning right twice Amaysu once again slowed down to check which direction the grinding sound came from, however, the sound was no longer there.

“Dodge!” he shouted.

Luna was shocked, however, she was used to this routine and jumped backwards, and Amaysu did the same and retreated.

“Bang!” A figure that was the size of a small willow tree came crashing down; its weight caused the ground to tremble.

The golem had glowing red blue lights for eyes, its body was completely red, with lines that separated its many joints with its body parts. This golem looked like an oversized human except for the helmet that hid its face if it even had a face.

Amaysu calmly stared at the red golem: “Luna we’ve found your first opponent.”

Luna looked at Amaysu and then back at Amaysu: “Shadow that Golem is at least two ranks ahead of me, how am I meant to even face it?” She said with an ‘are you serious?’ face.

“Luna in a real battle there will never be a moment where you’re guaranteed to meet an opponent with the same strength as you. There’ll be many moments where you’re the weaker opponent; you have to find a way to survive by thinking very quickly, picking out the enemies weaknesses and trusting your own decisions.” Amaysu’s tone was serious and his argument was realistic.

“There won’t always be someone standing behind you to protect you.”

“There will always be differences in strength. Even if you have a 99% chance of beating your opponent, you have to always be weary for the 1% chance that they have a trump card that could overturn the entire fight.”

“Use your Inherited Legacy and attack it from range, when you’re comfortable move in and attack with your sword.”

“I don’t have any arrows or sticks to use as ammunition,” Luna replied.

“Sure, I’ll make you an arrow.”

Luna was confused by Amaysu’s solution, how was he going to make arrows for her without any materials.

Raising his palm in front of her a silver crest appeared on his palm and it released an insignificant glow.

Silver specks floated around the two like stars; the sight was breath-taking, magnificent. The silver specks coalesced and formed an arrow that was little more than a foot long.

Luna looked from the arrow to Amaysu, her mouth opened and closed not able to find words to describe the spectacle that had just taken place.

“This is the real form of my Inherited Legacy,” said Amaysu, his face had an expression which asked her not to ask anymore.

Amaysu revealed his Inherited Legacy, he was no longer shackled by fear and he was not going to hide his inherited legacy anymore.

She could see the complex emotions on Amaysu’s face and decided not to pursue it any further.

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