CE Chapter 54

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 ­ Entering the Mansion

Amaysu opened his eyes: “What did you say?”

The youth looked down upon Amaysu with contempt: “Did you not hear what I said? Are you fucking deaf as well?! You are not qualified to stand near Master Edward!”

Amaysu stood up and walked towards the youth: “Say that to my face!”

The youngster happily complied; jumping off the platform he walked towards Amaysu and stood in front of him. He was a few years older than Amaysu and was half a head taller than him.

He was a handsome youth but compared to Amaysu they weren’t on the same level.

“I said…” The youth was in the middle of a sentence when a crushing mountainous force dropped onto his body. It was like his weight had been increased over 5 times, his body could handle it, but this weight also affected his weak inner organs.

“Kneel,” said Amaysu with a calm tone.

The pressure kept increasing, and at exactly the same instant Amaysu spoke the youth collapsed onto his knees and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He couldn’t even raise his head to face Amaysu, the previous arrogance had disappeared and dread filled his being.

Amaysu raised his legs and stepped on the youths back crushing him: “What did you say? I dare you to say that again.” The tone of his voice was emotionless which made it even more terrifying.

The youth from the Titan’s hall had a heart full of terror, he was at a rank higher than Amaysu yet he was being suppressed so easily. He tried struggling against the pressure but that only made the pain worse.

Silver specks floated around Amaysu and the youth and an even more tremendous pressure crushed down on the youth.

Amaysu didn’t care about them noticing the silver specks floating around his body which was similar to the beautiful stars in the black velvet sky. The likelihood of them recognising his Inherited Legacy was close to zero.

Amaysu stood straight and looked down at the youth who was bleeding from his mouth and nose, “You will never be on my level, this is where you’ll forever stand before me!”

All the youths on the platform saw how Amaysu crushed the other young man without even touching him and they could not find a word to describe this.

They were all proud geniuses that could fight against warriors at higher ranks, however, they were all well known across the southern part of the continent. Amaysu was different nobody had ever heard of him before and the way he handled things was dominating hey should have at least heard of him before.

The specks floating around him was a peculiar sight, however, none of them were able to identify what it was.

All of a sudden the pressure vanished and Amaysu walked away without turning his back. He sat down once again next to the stunned Luna.

The youth felt as if the skies had once again found their pillars, but this was only momentary bliss before excruciating pain attacked his nervous system, his organs were heavily injured. The other youth from the Titan’s hall quickly came and carried him away.

Around Amaysu, the silver specks were still floating around him protectively. A speck floated extremely close to Luna, looking at the small silver speck she had no clue of what it was or its effect.

She didn’t ask Amaysu because of the unwelcoming aura around him.

Out of the many youths standing on the platform, two jumped off the platform and walked towards Amaysu.

One of them was the blue haired youth, Cedric, while the other was the dignified Lark.

Walking forward they were staring down at each other: “Lark why are you following me?”

Lark glanced at him: “You’re the one who keeps appearing in the places I appear.”

The two were like fire and water, completely incompatible yet, this rivalry also made them much stronger forcing each other to use their innate talents to their utmost degrees.

Cedric stood in front of Amaysu; Amaysu’s display was dominating and straightforward, it went perfectly with his personality: “Haha, I’d like to know the name of this fellow warrior!”

Cedric was a straightforward and boisterous person with a short fuse; Amaysu looked up at him and was able to gain a bit of understanding from the vague impressions he had displayed. “Shadow.”

Hearing this Cedric entered his thoughts, he had already come to the conclusion that this was possibly not his real name, but he was not going to delve deeper into the matter.

Lark was the total opposite of Cedric, he was a reclusive and reserved person, but he respected strength, he never showed it but he respected Cedric: “Shadow your strength is similar to ours; I hope that we could spar sometime?”

Silently watching Lark Amaysu nodded, he had no qualms with these two so he wasn’t going to create unnecessary enemies.

On the Platform the rest of the youths had complex expressions; they weren’t as straightforward as the duo that went up to greet Amaysu.

At this moment Edward had a dark expression on his face. He had been offended so blatantly for the first time in his life and he had nowhere to release his anger. If he wasn’t inside the tomb estate he would have personally torn Amaysu apart.

Even though Edward had a calm and tranquil expression and always wore a smile on his face, he was actually a youth that would do anything to reach his goals. If he liked a woman he would take her by killing her man, if he wanted a weapon he’d pressure them with his clan name, there was no one that could stop him.

However, Amaysu was the first person that he had no qualms with, furthermore he could sense the sinister desire to kill him, to tear him apart, limb from limb.

Cedric and Lark weren’t scared that they’d offended Edward, his family clan would not try to kill them for such pitiful reasons, and so they happily ignored his intense glare.

At this moment a figure appeared at the centre of the pathway, he was Arthur Dasecris, his robe fluttered even though there was no wind.

“Hello young ones, my name is Arthur Dasecris and welcome to my abode.”

“I was the last surviving member of the legendary Dasecris clan, I Arthur am the descendant of the first Emperor Lao Dasecris, the brother of the current Emperor, the uncle of the Crowned Prince and known as the sword of the imperial clan.” Even in sadness, his words couldn’t hide the pride he felt.

“I was at the mid-Body Transformation stage when my clan was destroyed; the day I died I reached the peak of the Origin Transformation.”

Amaysu seated there felt, even more, anger because of his Uncles words; this was because a descendant of his family’s murderers was right at his fingertips.

As Arthur was speaking Edward had a prideful smile: “Those Dasecris’s and their spawns are better off dead. My ancestors cleansed this continent from these vile creatures!” Edward said with a narcissistic laugh, his real personality seeping out slowly.

Amaysu frowned, a vein popped out on his forehead, it was as if he was about to burst from rage, his pure gem like eyes was increasingly becoming sharper, yet he quietly restrained himself. Luna who was sitting quietly beside Amaysu heard the creaking sounds caused by his gritted teeth.

She was the weakest out of all these monstrous geniuses; she didn’t want to put extra burdens on Amaysu by mistake so she stayed quiet.

“Enter my mansion and gamble on your destiny!” Arthur said with a laugh as his body disappeared.

There was silence in the spatial estate, Amaysu abruptly stood up: “Luna let’s go.”

Luna stood up next to Amaysu and they both walked towards the mansion, leaving the youths from the Nine Overlord Sects behind.

Slowly the 27 individuals all coming from the Nine Overlord Sects followed Amaysu and Luna who were already standing in front of the large white door that stretched over 5 metres in height.

The Mansion had a single long staircase that led to a stainless white door that was purer than white cotton clouds that floated through a sea of blue skies.

The mansion had many windows with balconies on them. 4 pillars stood tall and strong around the door holding the ceiling, each pillar had carvings ranging from legendary savage beasts such as the dragon type savage beasts, tiger type savage beasts.

The door itself had the carvings of a single savage beast; if it was to be described there were only a few words for it: The Emperor of Savage beasts, the Lion type Savage beasts.

Amaysu did not bother to admire the craftsmanship like Luna and the rest of the youths, pushing the door open Amaysu and Luna walked into the mansion.

Amaysu had one thought and one thought only: “Uncle I will inherit your treasures and the legacy you left behind.

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