CE Chapter 53

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 ­ Geniuses Of The Overlord Sects

As the light faded nearly thirty people stood on the platform, these people were all grouped differently, those that wore the same clothes stayed together while giving the other groups deadly stares full of murderous intent.

These groups of youngsters were all around the age between 15 to 19 years old; they all possessed the vibration of powerful Fighter stage experts, each one of them having a bone-deep level of arrogance.

These youths were the talented disciples of the Nine Overlord Sects, showered with talent that could defy reality.

“Haha Lark I didn’t believe that you’d have the guts to enter the Tomb spatial estate!” A young lad who looked to be around 16 years old with spiked up blue hair laughed arrogantly, he was wearing a white martial arts uniform with blood red sword patterns, and hung on his waist was a sword.

The young man he was talking to, had pitch black hair and a dignified noble aura, he was wearing a cyan blue robe with crescent moons on it. He was surrounded by a young man and woman a bit older than him: “Cedric, can you keep your mouth shut for a few seconds!”

The young man called Cedric hearing this was about to explode with rage, his murderous intent was growing rapidly when suddenly a bulky man walked between them: “HAHA! It’s been over a year since we 11 have stood together and the two of you are already fighting. Didn’t we come here to see what the tomb of those dead Dasecris’s had to offer?”

“Darius don’t get in my way or I’ll chop you up just like how I’ll chop that narcissistic piece of shit,” Cedric roared.

Standing on a corner was a blinding fairy-like beauty, looking at the men: “These boys are always barbaric, when will they ever learn to behave, so disappointing,” she sighed. Her long blonde hair flowed silkily towards her perky butt, while she hugged her impressive chest. She was the leader of the group from the Floating Cloud Palace; behind her were two women who could also be described as city destroying beauties.

Each group had one leader and two talented fellow disciples following them.

The Blue moon sect was led by the youngster called Lark. The Blood Moon sect was led by the youngster covered with killing intent, Cedric. The Diamond Mountain Fortress was led by the bulky youth. The Floating Cloud Palace was led by that fairy-like beauty.

The Spring Leaf Sect had a girl wearing loose robes who was lazily yawning. The Thousand beast tamers had a youth who was completely covered in a black cloak hiding his entire body. A youngster with a trident in his hand was from the Ocean Trident Domain and a fiery red robed youth with sharp eyebrows and flames on his robes was from the Fallen Flame hall.

“Cedric please control yourself. We’re all here for the opportunities in the tomb, your sect elders must have already explained to all of you what opportunities exist here and that we can’t fight here or we’ll be disqualified.” The youngster that just spoke caused all the youths on the platform to silence themselves, the other 8 group leaders also stopped talking.

The youngster was average in appearance and was about the same age as Amaysu but he had a shockingly powerful aura around him, he was at the 10th rank of the Fighter stage. They were all powerful youngsters so they could differentiate the aura surrounding that youth, but what set this youth apart from them was his background.

This youngster was wearing extravagant clothes from head to toe; he had an air of nobility mixed with unparalleled arrogance.

“hmph, you Azarlin’s are really too arrogant!” Cedric mumbled with annoyance. However, he didn’t do anything more, there was no one foolish enough to offend this titan of a figure.

“Haha, Cedric I can’t believe you’ve just been restrained by Edward!” The fiery robed youngster laughed. Even though he and the average looking youth were similar in strength, the Azarlin clan was the overlords of the continent.

“All 11 of us are here to take the trial here, the last time the teleportation field opened two seniors were able to breakthrough from the Fighter stage to the Body Transformation stage. Even though no one managed to beat the final trial they all had many gains!” The fiery robed youngster laughed.

At the exact moment that the youth laughed an explosive killing intent were directed at them, the killing intent caused every single youth on the platform to subconsciously shiver.

These youths immediately turned towards the killing intent and for the first time they noticed Amaysu and Luna who were sitting a few dozen metres away on the pathway.

They ignored Luna and their gazes landed on the seated Amaysu, his entire body was emanating an ice cold aura that seemed as if it was about to materialise.

From the moment they arrived these arrogant geniuses didn’t even notice Amaysu but now they couldn’t ignore him even if they wanted to.

Cedric looked down at his hand and realised that he was trembling; he looked back up at the meditating Amaysu and was filled with excitement.

At this moment Amaysu opened his eyes, his golden and dark brown eyes were dominating with an overwhelming presence.

When Amaysu looked at the group of geniuses from the Nine Overlord Sects, his aura became even more murderous.

Luna standing by Amaysu’s side sensed that Amaysu’s aura was becoming colder, his killing intent was suffocating. The hatred she sensed from Amaysu made him even more terrifying than any Savage beast she had ever seen.

“Which one of you is an Azarlin?!” Amaysu roared, his heartbeat increasing, his eyes were bloodshot.

Edward looked at Amaysu; he was annoyed by Amaysu’s arrogance: “What has that got to you?”

Edward and Amaysu made eye contact.

What’s with this killing intent?! Edward could sense the sharp killing intent hidden in Amaysu’s eyes, every single shred of hatred was directed at him alone, it was as if he was being crushed by a mountains weight.

Azarlin… AZARLIN! AZARLIN!! Amaysu bellowed in his mind. Even though his face hid it, the hatred in his heart was seeping out slowly; it seemed as if the air surrounding him had turned into a quagmire.

Amaysu calm down, calm down you’re losing control! Shadow roared, even he couldn’t stop the locked intent hidden in him from seeping out. The moment it was released Amaysu would go berserk.

AMAYSU FUCKING CALM DOWN! Shadows roar reverberated causing his mind to go through immense pain, it was like his brain was being stabbed and electrocuted at the same time.

Slowly rationality returned to him, his face paled, the killing intent was pulled back into him, but he still didn’t move his gaze from that youngster.

Sensing the hatred disappearing, the youths on the platform felt as if a great weight had been cast off their shoulders, they all had the same thoughts: “Who was this youth?”

“Descendant of the Azarlin clan, what is your name?”

Edward frowned, one moment Amaysu had the intention to kill him and the next he was asking his name.

He pondered whether to answer or ignore him: “Who do you think you are? You don’t have the qualifications to know my name!” Edward scorned.

He had already noticed that Amaysu was only at the 8th rank of the Fighter stage, two ranks below him so he had no reason to fear him; he was a member of the Azarlin clan.

“Yes, I don’t have a reason to know the name of someone who is worth no more than a pile of shit,” Amaysu rebuked, he wanted to kill him, shred him to a thousand pieces. Why? Because he was a descendant of Kronos and Karia, but he did not want to be disqualified so he restrained himself.

Hearing this all the youths were taken aback, no one in the Nine Overlord sects had enough guts or was stupid enough to offend Edward, however, this unknown youth was actually doing exactly so.

Amaysu closed his eyes and ignored them; if they tried attacking him they’d also be disqualified.

Edward was furious, he was an extremely arrogant figure, how could he allow such insolence? Not once in his life had anyone showed him such disrespect, there would only exist showers of praises and gifts.

Just as he was about to reproach with displeasure, a youth who was also from the Titan’s hall rebuked furiously in his place.

“Who do you think you are to disrespect Master Edward? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you brain dead or something? Neither you or your ancestors have the qualifications to stand near him; you are worth nothing more than dog shit!”

This young man had the aura of a 9th rank Fighter stage since he and Edward were both from Titan’s hall he wanted to make a good impression on Edward so he was being angry for him.

Amaysu opened his eyes: “What did you say?”

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