CE Chapter 52

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 ­ Arthur Dasecris

The world was black; the earth was a rusty red colour like rusted Iron. The stars covered the black velvet sky twinkling like splendid diamonds, while the burning sun seemed like a marble sized ball of light, however, its intensity was blinding.

On the surface of this planet was a glass dome, that wouldn’t break even under the full strength of a peak Origin Transformation expert. The dome was only a few square kilometres in size and in the centre of the dome was a beautiful mansion that was standing alone.

This beautiful mansion was too beautiful to describe, leading up to the mansion was a pathway and at the end of the pathway were two teleportation fields on a metre tall platform.

One of these platforms suddenly brightened, a blinding light was emitted from the energy pathways. Immediately it dimmed and two figures stood on the platform, they both had pale faces.

Amaysu was stunned by the sight around him, the pathway in front of him was surrounded by grass and flower beds, yet these flowers didn’t seem real. How could such a desolate place without the right conditions be able to grow such a beautiful environment without the right care, it was most likely an illusion made from holograms.

The mansion stood alone in the desolate dome, the craftsmanship was at another level. The white marble pillars made the building seem even more desolate and lonely. The mansion itself took at least a quarter of the land within the dome.

The quietness was eerie, while the darkness outside the dome emphasised this.

Luna was also stunned by the beauty of this lonely land; she mindlessly strolled off the platform and walked to the flower bed by the side of the pathway.

She tried picking up a rose, unexpectedly her hand passed through the flower causing the air to tremble and the flowers to blur: “What?!”

Amaysu merely smiled as he walked off the platform as well: “Luna there’s no point in trying to touch the plants, they are all illusions. The only real object in this entire dome is that mansion over there.”

“Shadow, these illusions are so lifelike, if I hadn’t touched it I would have believed they were real,” she couldn’t hide her disbelief.

Amaysu nodded: “Let’s first refuel and calm ourselves before we enter the mansion.”

At the exact same moment in the centre of the pathway between the platform and mansion a figure appeared. He wore imperial garments, his long hair was unbound and his appearance could only be described as one that could break countless hearts.

Amaysu noticed the appearance of the man, the moment he caught sight of the man, his heart skipped a beat. The ocean known as his conscious was experiencing earthquakes and tsunamis, his thoughts were chaotic.

Old memories of a man resembling the one before him appeared in his mind, memories of a man that was prideful and powerful in front of his men, but had the brightest smile when he was with his family. Hundreds of different experiences all played out in his mind.

“Hello young ones, my name is Arthur Dasecris and welcome to my abode.”

Arthur… Dasecris… Uncle Arthur?  This is his estate!! The man’s words resonated through his being, his heart tightened and felt perturbed, his body heated up and started sweating uncontrollably.

Luna was shocked by the man’s words she had heard of the legend of the Dasecris family clan, a super family clan among super family clans, having countless experts to rule over the entire continent.

Yet she also knew that this super family clan was the most villainous clan to appear on the continent. Where did she get her information from? The legends passed down from previous generations.

“Shadow I never thought that this was the spatial estate of a Dasecris clan member, the amount of treasures and opportunities here is countless folds greater than those ordinary spatial estates.”

“…” All of Luna’s words weren’t registered by Amaysu.

This was the first Dasecris he had seen since the moment he woke up, furthermore, it was his uncle, but it was only an image of him.

“I was the last surviving member of the legendary Dasecris clan,” the tone of his voice was full of sorrow and sadness.

“I Arthur am the descendant of the first Emperor Lao Dasecris, the brother of the current Emperor, the uncle of the Crowned Prince and known as the sword of the imperial clan.” However even in sadness, his words couldn’t hide the pride he felt.

“I was at the mid-Body Transformation stage when my clan was destroyed; the day I died I reached the peak of the Origin Transformation.”

Luna was stupefied, this was the tomb of a Peak Origin Transformation expert, and furthermore, he was the brother of the emperor. These revelations were far too shocking.

“Those of you who have entered my tomb are here to gain the opportunities I have left behind. I trust that one of you will become my successor and gain my legacy. Enter my mansion and forge your own path to gain my treasures,” Arthur said with a mocking tone inviting Amaysu and Luna into the mansion.

Arthur’s voice was pre-recorded so it would repeat the same thing over and over again; Amaysu guessed that it would play whenever someone entered the estate but everything about this image was far too real

“Those at the Body Transformation: LEAVE! You have a minute to leave my estate or you’ll be thrown out into the void!” Arthur roared, his voice reverberated across the dome, however, on the contrary, his expression was betraying his words, he wanted them to stay.

Arthur sighed, he looked into the void but this was merely a recording so this was how he felt many years ago. “There will be no killing between participants or you’ll be disqualified, there will only be one successor for my treasures, however, you must pass all the trials that I have laid out.”

“Enter my mansion and gamble on your destiny!” He said with a laugh as his body disappeared.

Amaysu stood silently, listening to the laugh that carried despondency, loneliness and deep hatred revived the iciness that was deep in slumber in his heart that was quelled by time.

How could I forget my purpose the reason why I’ve been training so hard? I’ve lost my resolve because of this easy life, I’ve weakened, thousands of clan members sacrificed their lives to let me survive and what have I been doing? Nothing but run away!!

I’ve run away from so many of my enemies in fear of using my Inherited Legacy. Will I carry on hiding my Legacy, my Inheritance, and the combined gift that has been passed on for countless generations? No! From this moment onwards I will not cower when I have the ability to kill!

Amaysu burned with unwillingness because of his weakness and fear; he feared that his inherited legacy would be discovered, but no more will this hold him down.

If they find out, who gives a shit! I’ll survive; It will be a warning that I’m still alive. I’ll carve my hatred into the continent!!

His demeanour grew colder at an astonishing rate; Luna could sense the abrupt changes in Amaysu’s personality: “Shadow are you alright?”

“I’m fine Luna… Let’s first prepare ourselves and then we’ll enter the mansion,” Amaysu still spoke in the same way he usually did, but to Luna, it felt more distant and cold.

Amaysu sat down quietly, he finally felt unrestricted, revealing his Inherited Legacy might cause his death, but he would rather die explosively than a quiet one. Finally finding a resolve to his problem he felt elated and unrestricted.

Uncle, I will inherit your treasures and Legacies.


Only a few minutes had passed by since the moment Amaysu and Luna had arrived in the tomb spatial estate. Unexpectedly the second teleportation field suddenly started glowing, the intensity grew until it was blinding, before it slowly dimmed once again.

As the light faded nearly thirty people stood on the platform, these people were all grouped differently, those that wore the same clothes stayed together while giving the other groups deadly stares full of murderous intent.

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