CE Chapter 51

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 ­Tomb Spatial Estate

“That’s the fifth and last one.”

Amaysu calmly stood in front of the corpse of a bloodied Savage beast that looked like a wilder beast.

He immediately started cutting the savage beast apart into different pieces, while he waited for Luna to come back with the herbs that she needed.

After about 10 minutes Luna finally returned with a pile of herbs and sat next to Amaysu: “Have you finished taking care of the rations?”

“Yeah, there’s about 10kg worth of rations in those two bags combined, if we’re conservative it should last at least a month.”

That’s right they still hadn’t entered the Spatial estate, it was a foolish move if they entered head first with no preparations. What would happen if they were trapped in the Spatial estate for a long period of time?  They would starve to death.

Even though Amaysu had an unfathomable appetite, he could survive on a small amount of food; this was due to the high nutritional value in the Savage beast meat.

Luna also started refining the herbs into a more concentrated paste to apply in case either one of them were wounded.


Inside the cave standing in the dark hall, Luna and Amaysu were standing in one corner of the teleportation field. There were large lines that were crisscrossing across the circle, these were called energy pathways. Energy pathways were extremely thin strips that conducted energy allowing energy to flow with no resistance.

“Luna the only way to enter the estate is if we have the key, or if we’re able to decipher the pathway of the teleportation field and we have neither.”

Teleportation fields had keys; they were like doorways or pathways to different places. However, even so, they also had emergency keys in case there was no time for the original key to be used. However, these emergency keys could be anything.

“Even though we have neither, try finding something that looks like an emergency key.”

Luna nodded and searched in a different direction, while Amaysu tried finding the place where the tingling feeling was trying to lead him.

The entire place was dark and he was only able to see a metre in front of him, but he still couldn’t find anything. The tingling feeling was very hard to describe, so he couldn’t find the direction in which the feeling was directing him to.

“Amaysu, come here!” Luna suddenly called out.

When he heard her voice, he quickly ran towards the light, when he finally reached Luna, the tingling feeling in his hand felt like small electric currents running through his palm.

In front of Luna was a small pedestal; in the centre of the pedestal was a place where a hand goes in.

“Did you place your hand on the handprint yet?”

Luna shook her head in response.

“Okay, go to the centre of the field, I’ll be there in a second,” Amaysu instructed her.

“What are you about to do?” She didn’t believe that Amaysu could do anything with that handprint being the key.

“I’m going to activate the teleportation field,” he said it in a casual manner, causing Luna to be stunned.

“Did you find the emergency key?”

Amaysu nodded, “I didn’t know that it was the emergency key until you showed me the handprint, now go wait for me.”

Luna was suspicious, she was sure that Amaysu hadn’t spoken the entire truth. However, she refrained from suspecting him, if he had a secret it was better not to pry into it.

“Luna trust me.”

Luna nodded then walked away.

When Luna left Amaysu looked at her figure, he already guessed that what he stated wasn’t too convincing but he trusted her. His gaze moved from her to the handprint and then his own hand. He already had an idea whose estate this was; it was most likely the home of a Dasecris, someone from his own family clan. So he already had an idea on what the key was going to be.

A dim light glowed from the centre of his palm; silver specks floated around his palm, he then placed his palm on the handprint.

“Buzz…Buzz” The moment his palm rested on the palm print a buzzing sound rang through the air, around his palm white lines of energy that coated the pedestal flowed out from the handprint.

These white lines of energy joined with the energy pathways making the entire area to be lit by the light being released by the energy pathways.

When the last pathways connected with each other Amaysu ran towards the dumbfounded Luna. She couldn’t count the amount of times that he had taken her by surprise and this was another one of the examples.

“Quickly stand in the centre!”

They both stood in the centre, carrying a bag each with their weapons in hand.

The bright light being released by the teleportation field caused him to remember the last time he used it, that was the day when everything turned to hell.

Moments later he threw the thought aside: “Take us to the estate!” he was more experienced with teleportation fields than Luna so he knew the process of using it. Furthermore, after using the key he wouldn’t meet any unwanted problems, like the problems people would face when they try to decipher the pathway of the teleportation.

Trying to decipher the pathway was a risky move, in some cases, the location might completely change due to the simplest and insignificant changes. This shows how big such a problem is.

In response, the light increased in intensity blinding them, in the next instant the light dimmed and they were gone.


At the moment that the field was activated in another location a few hundred kilometres in the east, inside the territory of the Blood Sword Sect a similar teleportation field activated.

There were many guards all wearing different uniforms which represented their factions standing guard. The second the teleportation activated every single guard was alerted, immediately they took out metallic cards that had screens on it, and started sending messages to their sects.

The news went directly to all the Nine Overlord Sects.

Inside the Blue Moon sect, a man was sleeping on his chair, but even though he was sleeping no one dared to come near him in fear of disturbing this usually amiable elder.

The elderly man slowly opened his eyes and yawned, at exactly the same time a man came running through the door and stood a respectful distance away from him.

The man laid there for a moment before he noticed the man waiting for him.

“Kid, what is it?”

The man that this elder called kid was a few hundred years old, but it didn’t matter to this elder.

“Grand Elder, the tomb spatial estate has opened once again!”

Even though the messenger was anxious the man took his time in responding, he wasn’t really interested in Sect matters even though he was the Grand Elder.

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied waving his hand: “Go and gather the most talented disciples at the Fighter stage from the Sect and bring them to the Moon pavilion.”

As soon as the man received his orders he left immediately.

The man was slightly annoyed, he wasn’t interested in the tomb spatial estate, it was just an opportunity for those at the Fighter stage.

“So tiring, that fool of a sect master gives me all the jobs, what a lazy bastard.” He mumbled to himself while yawning.

His mumbling was loud enough for the guards to hear; they couldn’t help but reveal complex expressions. No one in the entire sect had the courage or authority to scold the sect master like this terrifying man.

In another area, hundreds of miles away inside a mountain a burly man sat cross-legged. The interior of this mountain cave was made completely of variant diamond, a much harder form of diamond.

An elderly man walked in respectfully and waited for the man to call for him. Only after 10 minutes did the man look at him: “What is it?”

“Sect master, the tomb spatial estate of a Dasecris clan member has opened once again.”

This man was the sect master of the Diamond Mountain Fortress. His reaction to this news was exactly the same as the Grand Elder of the Blue Moon sect; he showed no interest at all: “Gather a group of some talented disciples and tell the 10th elder to take them there.”

The elderly man respectfully nodded and retreated from the cave, as soon as he exited the cave his face looked to have been doused in cold sweat. The aura of the sect master was suffocating.

Similar scenes occurred in all Nine Overlord Sects; however, the two Mysterious clans remained silent not affected by the outbreak.

The major sects all had more information regarding the spatial estate than both Amaysu and Luna and were able to make more preparations for it.

While all this was happening across the southern parts of the continent, Amaysu and Luna arrived at the spatial estate.

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