CE Chapter 50

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 ­ Spatial Estate

The torrents of water pushed the cocoon violently, pressuring it to slam against the cliff walls, boulders and any obstacle. Every obstacle that the cocoon rammed into created a shockwave inside it, causing Amaysu immense pain, yet he gripped onto his conscious tightly.

Because this cocoon was something new and required constant attention, the moment that he loses consciousness would be the moment that the cocoon disappears. That would be the worst situation. Until they reach calm currents; he had to keep his grip on reality.

Each crash crumbled his concentration, causing him to become dizzier and dizzier, his eyes were hazy.  However, if you thought that Amaysu would lose consciousness you have underestimated him.

The weaker his concentration became the stronger his resolve to stay awake was. At the same time, with each shockwave he had to protect Luna’s frail body and she had long lost consciousness due to the onslaught of violent crashes.

This went on for over a minute before Amaysu realised that they weren’t hitting something and that the currents had calmed down. Creating a small opening, he saw that they were still surrounded by hills but the water was now extremely calm.

But in the distance he heard sounds of loud crashing water, this was the calm before the storm, he didn’t believe that his body could handle another wave of assaults. Especially his mind, it would crumble before they met calm currents again.

Only moments after while he was deep in thought he saw an opening in the walls, it was a cave that was burrowed into the side of the cliff.

He wasn’t sure where the river was going to lead to, but he also didn’t know what was inside the cave, yet the cave was a lot more favourable in this situation.

Amaysu controlled the cocoon with his last bit of mental strength to turn it into a platform that floated on water. The process was extremely slow but was done.

Taking a deep breath and holding the unconscious Luna tightly, he pent up the energy in his legs, he had one chance to reach the cave and he couldn’t miss it.

“Wait…Wait…NOW!” Amaysu jumped, the built up pressure in his feet pushed the boat platform into the water creating splashes. He floated through the air and tumbled into the dark cave.

The moment he landed in the cave, he breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, the psychological burdens crashed down upon him and he lost consciousness right away.


Grumbling Amaysu slowly opened his eyes. The moment that he opened his eyes completely he was assaulted by a wave of nausea, it made him feel like shit, extremely uncomfortable in his own body.

Sitting up Amaysu looked around; he was confused briefly before realising what happened prior.

“You’re finally awake.”

Turning around he saw Luna leaning against the wall smiling at him.

“You know you’re really reckless, you always rush in headfirst in some situations. You should sometimes use your brain in those situations.”

Amaysu grunted: “That was the best option so I took it, at least we’re safe now.”

“In the middle of nowhere,” She replied sarcastically.

Amaysu stayed quiet not bothering to talk anymore.

Inspecting the cave he noticed that they were only at the entrance of the cave, behind them was darkness. The cave seemed to lead deeper into the cliff, but he didn’t know how deep it was.

He was extremely curious as to what was deeper in the cave; he didn’t have a justifiable reason except that from the moment his eyes opened his right hand was tingling. This was a sensation he had never felt before, but he was feeling it now.

“Have you searched deeper into the cave yet?”

“No, I’ve been waiting until you woke up. Since you’re awake now we can check what’s deeper inside.” Luna replied.

Sitting up Amaysu noticed the bow that was still by Luna’s side. Walking towards Luna he sat down beside her and looked at her bow: “Can I look at it?”

Luna hearing this was slightly hesitant but in the end nodded.

Picking the bow he was surprised by how light it was, but it didn’t feel fragile either: “This is an Inherited Legacy, isn’t it?” He asked without looking up.

Luna was shocked and also a lot more on guard. She knew that Amaysu wasn’t that type of person but an Inherited Legacy would turn even the kindest person into a murderous killer. Its appeal was irresistible and she was now slightly worried.

She purposely didn’t use the bow in case such a situation like the one she was in occurred. Without enough strength, she would be killed and her Inherited Legacy would be taken away. The only way to live would be to state her family name but she wasn’t willing to do that. She left to get stronger by herself without the help of her family.

Amaysu sensed the sudden change and couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t worry; I don’t want your Inherited Legacy.”

Even with Amaysu’s affirmation, she was still on guard.

“We all hold secrets Luna, but the secrets I hold are worth far more than your Inherited Legacy, so I have no need for it.”

“If you still don’t believe me, I also have an Inherited Legacy.” Amaysu’s sudden revelation shocked her.

“How is that possible? Not anyone can possess an Inherited Legacy!” Luna tried explaining, Inherited Legacies were extremely rare even in nobility.

Creating an Inherited Legacy would cost at least 95% of a super clans or families entire wealth and assets. It would then become the most important pillar of the entire organisation.

However, the harder task was finding a Forge-master that was skilled enough to create an Inherited Legacy or overnight the entire super organisation would lose everything.

“Luna let me show you.” Amaysu stretched his hand towards the exit of the cave.

There was a calm silence, only the splashing of water outside could be heard. All of a sudden an object floated into the cave and landed in Amaysu’s hand.

“This scythe is my Inherited Legacy.” He was technically not lying; the scythe was created from his Inherited Legacy.

There was a difference between his Nanotekro Inherited Legacy and her Meteor bow, he possessed the original Core of the legacy while hers was most likely a lesser version of the original bow.

This revelation was dumbfounding, Luna had her mouth open, her eyes wide in shock.  This information made the exceptional boy in front of her seem even more mysterious than before.

“Now you don’t have to worry!” Amaysu smiled, this made Luna extremely embarrassed. “Everyone would have a reaction as you have, so don’t dwell so deeply upon it.”

He wasn’t worried that his revelation might bring him a calamity, he believed that Luna wouldn’t betray him, he fully trusted her.

“If you’re fine, let’s go search the cave,” he said as he stood up. “You have a light stone on you, bring it out.”


It had been twenty minutes since Amaysu and Luna had started walking deeper and deeper into the cave but they still hadn’t reached the centre of the cave.

There were many moments that Luna asked him to turn back but Amaysu was adamant in going deeper and deeper. The deeper he went, the stronger the tingling feeling in his hand felt.

He came to the conclusion that something related to his Inherited Legacy existed deep within the cave.

After only walking for a few minutes longer, the entire cave expanded into a massive, spacious pocket under the earth.

The place was immense in size, however in the centre, there was a giant circle.

“A teleportation field!” Amaysu exclaimed.

“This is the entrance of a spatial estate!!” Luna exclaimed at the same time but louder than Amaysu did.

“Spatial Estate?”  Amaysu asked.

Luna looked at him as if he was a countryside bumpkin; he had an Inherited Legacy and was extremely mysterious: “You don’t know what a spatial estate is?” In response to her question Amaysu nodded.

“Well… They are estates of extremely powerful experts that died thousands of years ago. These estates contain many opportunities for anyone that stumbles upon these estates.”

“These estates contain the wealth of the experts, but usually, these estates are hidden inauspicious places, making them hard to find. I can’t believe that we were lucky enough to stumble upon one of the teleportation fields that lead to the estate.”

Amaysu realised that they had just renamed a normal estate that wasn’t on this planet. These estates that Luna called spatial estates were just homes of powerful experts who built their bases on the surface of a different planet. These bases were a declaration of their wealth and contained much of their belongings. Even during his time, there was a significant amount of unexplored estates.

Usually, when an expert died, their estates would be empty with countless treasures. Although there were many opportunities only those that were destined could attain what was left behind.

“We have to take this opportunity and explore the Spatial Estate.”

Luna was extremely enthusiastic and in response Amaysu nodded, he needed to know what his Inherited Legacy was attracted to.

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