CE Chapter 5

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 ­ Thirteen VS One

All the men standing behind Raza including Hummels stared at the boy in front of them in disbelief, this man in front of them was a 3rd rank Fighter, did this boy not know the status held by a 3rd rank Fighter.

The Fighter stage was the 1st step in to the great world where the strong devoured the weak and only power ruled over everything else.

To reach the 1st rank of the Fighter stage, a person should be able to lift at least a 1000Kg and the 2nd rank they had to be able to lift 2000Kg. Once a person is able to lift a Ten thousand Kilograms, they will be a mere step away from entering the Body Transformation stage and have the right to possess a Combat artefact.

Nevertheless the gap between a Peak Fighter stage and Body Transformation stage is extremely vast. A peak Fighter stage is able to lift a 10000Kg but an early Body Transformation stage needs to be able to lift a Hundred Thousand Kilograms and must also be able to use a ‘special force’. The life expectancy of a Body Transformation stage expert will also increase from a meagre approximate of 100 years to an estimate of a 1000 years which is ten times the life expectancy of a normal person. However to even be able to lift a hundred thousand Kilograms was truly an arduous task.

Raza was a young man who had just turned 28 years old and was already able to lift 3000Kg, only by having used a large amount of the clans resources was he able to reach this stage.

Despite his strength, right now he was being foul mouthed and insulted by a kid who could barely look after himself and appeared as if he could barely lift his own weight with his frail and thin constitution.

“Do you want to die?” Raza growled through gritted teeth.

“…” Amaysu didn’t bother replying, he just looked at him with a disdainful expression, he wasn’t even worth a second of his time. Amaysu could already tell that this man was a 3rd rank Fighter by recognising the invisible aura being released by the man.

Fighter ranks were hard to distinguish with the only visible change between each rank was the amount of weights they could lift, however people from small towns like this would never be able to distinguish strength.

Despite this it was quite easy for Amaysu to recognise the strength of this young man. There were 2 methods to recognise your opponents strength: Firstly Someone that increases in rank unconsciously increases the surrounding pressure, people with above ordinary perception can see the faint fluctuations and can determine which rank they are in; Secondly they just need to take a punch from that person which is a lot more painful of a method. However the stronger a person gets, the more they can control their power and hide their strengths, only a person that is many times stronger or has a high perception can see through a person’s rank

Amaysu could easily hide his strength, he himself was only at the 2nd rank of the Fighter stage and could easily contest and beat a 3rd rank fighter with his Inherited Legacy and could fight to a draw against a 4th rank Fighter. However he didn’t dare to face a 5th rank fighter in a head on battle and if something like that did happen he could only try to escape with his life.

“Get lost, I’ll give you a chance to leave, but if you force me you’ll leave with more than just bruises.” Voiced Amaysu as he glared coldly.

“How arrogant, you think I fear you? How laughable!” Raza exclaimed, trying to keep the anger in his voice in bay. “Men kill him!” He roared.

As soon as Raza said this, all the men standing their suddenly turned fierce. They might have been goofing off earlier, but they were all veteran warriors. They fought in the forests and were tempered by the blood of their enemies and prey, even if they faced a child they will lower their guard but they will still kill ruthlessly. These men were all in the 1st rank of the Fighter stage and for Raza to order all 13 of them to attack this boy showed how furious he was.

“Oooaaaah!!” All thirteen men bellowed loudly as they charged at Amaysu.

Amaysu frowned as he felt the two toddlers stirring in their sleep, there was a total distance of around fifty metre between him and the group of men, Amaysu estimated it will only take 6 seconds for them to cross the distance.

“I warned you to be quiet,” Amaysu uttered with a low growl. Even though Amaysu’s tone was low, it was still heard by all of the men. “You’ll regret this,” Amaysu saying this caused all the men to frown, they were all 1st rank Fighters, how could a frail, handsome boy possibly fight against thirteen, 1st ranks Fighters.

All of the men charged with an even louder roar, this caused all the birds to flutter once again as they flew away from the trees nearby.

Amaysu’s expression turned fierce, These wastrels are all fools, Amaysu thought.

“You damned fools,” Amaysu muttered and then he instantly made his move.

In the 1st second Amaysu’s image was extremely slow and he slowly moved Raymond’s and Arisa’s head, so it comfortably rested on the floor of the cold white platform.

In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th second, Amaysu flashed into the distance rapidly, his acceleration was incomparable to these wild brutes and in an instant he was in the midst of three warriors who were waving their swords wildly.

“Hmph…” After sighing he chopped at the back of their necks, his hand movement and strike was too fast for the men to see or even react.

“Guh!” In an instant all three men coughed out a mouthful of saliva, their pupils rolled up into their head, leaving only the whites and they dropped onto the floor, shaking uncontrollably.

The rest of the men had their eyes wide open, they instantly quietened down as they stared in shock. They all had a hard time processing all the action that took place in front of them, in three seconds, three men had dropped onto the floor unconscious, they also seemed to be shaking as if they were having a fit or seizure.

Immediately a man ran from behind Amaysu and swung down onto his back, but Amaysu’s figure turned into a haze and the blade swung into emptiness. The large burly man sensed danger from behind, but he was too late, Amaysu’s hand had already pressed down onto the back of his neck.

“Guh!” Just like the first three men, this burly man also dropped onto the floor, his sword clattered to the ground.

In the next few seconds, Amaysu’s body constantly flickered around the ground and every moment a man would crumple down onto the floor, he was like a phantom, appearing and disappearing, the only thing the men could see was a white haze. Throughout all this Amaysu had the same calm and cold expression. In less than 10 seconds the rest of the men were lying limp, face down on the concrete pathway, only the whites could be seen in their open eyes. Some of these men were having fits as they shook uncontrollably before calming down.

Raza stared at Amaysu in shock, even though he had the ability to do the same thing, he couldn’t do it as fast and accurately as the boy who was also a lot younger than him. Even if he tried to do something similar he would have at least killed some of these men by accident, the boy in front of him had absolute control over his power.

“What control…”  Raza mumbled subconsciously.

Amaysu stood in the middle of the group of bodies, he sighed and then in the next few moments his hand was about a centimetre away from Raza’s throat, this jolted Raza out of his dazed state.

“I told you to be quiet.” Amaysu whispered little by little with a hostile tone.

Raza couldn’t help but take a gulp as he saw the coldness in the boys eyes. Even though it was the boys hand that was at his throat, he still believed that if the boy decided to stab at his throat, he would definitely die because he had already seen the state of his men.

“Mi…Mi..Lord… We can work… Things out, it was just an accident… I didn’t know my place,” Raza stuttered as he tried to explain himself, trying his hardest not to anger the boy.

Hummels who was standing at the side the whole time, looked at the scene with astonishment. Thirteen big men, who were all at the 1st rank of the Fighter stage were all crumpled on the floor, completely dominated by a young boy.

Hummels could clearly see the petrified expression on his young master’s face and also saw his young master’s legs shaking in fear.

The scene of Amaysu’s hand at Raza’s throat was an odd scene, when you compare their heights. Amaysu was only 1.6 metres tall while Raza was 1.8 metres tall.

Amaysu looked at him with a disdainful expression, he clicked his tongue and moved his hands away from Raza’s throat and walked back to where his siblings were still lying harmlessly on the floor, he didn’t have time to waste on an ignorant fool who didn’t know his place.

Even though Amaysu’s heart was cold and carried a deep hatred for certain people that he would definitely kill, he still didn’t have the ability to kill someone who he had no grudge against.

Saying that you’ll kill someone or having the ability to kill someone and to actually kill someone are totally different concepts, without having sufficient mental strength, killing someone could cause a person to fall into despair or hold back their future progress.

Raza gazed with a dumbfounded and terror filled expression at the white clothed back of the boy who was strolling towards his sibling. He was casually walking past the crumpled bodies on the floor, as if this was how everything was meant to be, his noble aura was always there encapsulating him.

Could this boy possibly a 3rd rank or maybe a 4th ranker?… Impossible!! He’s looks like he’s only 13 or 14 years old, but how else would it explain his power. Raza’s thoughts were in disarray as he looked at the frail looking boy who possessed such frightening power.

What Raza didn’t know was that Amaysu was still a 2nd rank fighter, but he was taught by the best martial artist and teachers in all the continent since a young age and with the help of the Inherited Legacy, someone like Raza wasn’t even worth his time.

The inherited Legacy allowed him to increase his physical performance by supporting him and allowed him to increase his maximum output. Amaysu himself had studied many books and understood many of the bodies pressure points, this is how he defeated all thirteen men so casually.

For the next few moments, there was an eerie silence moving between them.

“Mi… Mi Lord… May ask of you of your name?” Raza asked, however this time he had lost all his previous arrogance, because he feared that this boy may have some powerful backers who could easily crush his entire clan, because who else could create a monster like this boy in front of him.

“…” Amaysu just silently sat there with his siblings once again lying on his lap and he also had his eyes closed. The awkward silence this time didn’t cause Raza to be furious, he respectfully just stood there quietly, he was calculating a way to flatter this young man to gain his favour and bring him to their town.

He suddenly realised something and immediately spoke out, “Mi Lord, if you would like, we can guide you to our humble town and prepare a feast for you and your siblings.”

As soon as Amaysu heard this he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Raza.

Amaysu’s voice was heard by Raza, “Prepare me and my siblings a simple, quiet dwelling and bring us a meal.” he realised that for the sake of himself and his siblings he had to move from here. Amaysu stood up, he carried the two sleeping kids and walked towards Raza

“Yes Mi Lord,” Raza slightly bowed and slowly walked through the pathway back to the town and he was followed by the young boy, Amaysu and Hummels who had been standing on the sidelines watching the entire process the whole time also followed.

The men who were still lying on the floor were completely ignored by Raza, he knew that when they woke up they’ll immediately return to the town.

Amaysu still carried his noble presence as they walked along the pathway, through the greenery, under the shade of the trees. A calm, warm spring breeze caressed him and it caused his white clothes and hair to flutter. Amaysu closed his eyes, he felt that from today, his destiny would change forever.

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