CE Chapter 49

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 ­ Death will be a Blessing

“If that is so, there is no point in me training you any longer!” His words rang in her ears.

Luna didn’t know why but her entire body trembled, his constant unforgiving words were relentless, attacking her confidence.

Am I really that weak? If I can’t face my own path, when I meet them again they will all despise me. Must I be shackled by fate? No, I have to face my fears! I must surpass my limits! As soon as her resolve strengthened, her willpower also increased.

Taking the bow off her shoulder, her grip softened while she held the bow. My Inherited Legacy, Meteor Bow.

The bow was simple in its shape, the wood or whatever material used to make the main body was unrecognisable it was the same with the bowstring as well.

“ARGH!” A bloodcurdling howl resonated; Luna looked up and saw Amaysu pulling off his sleeve and his pain stricken face.

The Scorpion spider was scuttling nimbly through the woods towards Amaysu, her mind was frantic, panicking she quickly searched for something to use as ammunition.

In a fast paced battle, never lose your calm, analyse the situation and follow your instinct, be confident in your decision. She heard Amaysu’s voice in her mind; it was a tip he had given her during training.

This time, she looked around searching for a suitable stick, finally finding one that met her requirements she placed it on the bowstring.

At this moment the Scorpion spider spat out a white substance that sealed Amaysu’s movements, trapping him. However, even in this situation, she didn’t lose her concentration; she was like a lioness waiting for the perfect moment to strike her prey.

At the right moment her eyes sharpened and she whispered: “Inherited Legacy: Whirlwind shot.”

“TWANG!” Releasing the bow string the twig ripped through the air, cutting a straight path directly at the Scorpion spider.

A small whirlwind erupted from the tail of the piece of wood.

The Scorpion spider noticed the arrow and immediately retreated, rather than finishing Amaysu off it valued its life more.

The arrow shot passed where the Scorpion spider was just at and flew passed, not even a blur could be seen.

“BOOM!” The arrow shot through the trees without any resistance, blowing a hole in nearly five trees before finally losing its momentum and landing aimlessly.

Amaysu caught a glimpse of the ammunition used:  What?! A stick was used as ammunition.

Turning to face Luna, his eyes moved towards the bow in her hand. It was impossible for a normal bow to have so much power especially when the arrow used was just a weak piece of wood.

Only an Inherited Legacy or Combat Artifact had such power, but no one below the level of a Body Transformation expert could use a Combat Artifact. Which only left one possibility, the bow was an Inherited Legacy.

Although the information was shocking, for the moment he put the thought aside due to a more pressing matter having greater importance.

“Luna cover me while I take it!”

Luna nodded and quickly picked quite a few sticks preparing for an assault. Without delay, Amaysu rushed towards the Scorpion spider.

The scorpion spider spat the white web, towards Amaysu, but this time, Amaysu dodged it and slashed down at the sharp lance like legs going for him.

“Bang!” Amaysu was pushed backwards but only a few steps, not backing down he rushed towards it relentlessly, forcing its concentration to stay on him.

“Twang! Twang! Twang! Twang! Twang!” Five consecutive releases rang through the air, five arrows ripped through the forest. Because the Scorpion spider was preoccupied with Amaysu, it spat the green corrosive liquid from its fangs at the arrows.

When the two came into contact only two arrows were stopped, while the rest swirled towards the Scorpion spider’s abdomen.

The Scorpion spider was forced to split its concentration, why did it not use its poison or web once again? This was because it required some time to use again; it had used a lot of fluids to continuously use it over and over again.

Three of its 8 claws went to meet the three remaining arrows, which in turn relieved Amaysu of a great burden. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Amaysu took three needles from his tool belt, precisely aiming at three of its eyes, he chucked it.

At the same time, he dodged the two legs and slashed downwards at the Scorpion spiders head.

Everything happened in a split second.

The scorpion spider used three of its legs to block the arrows; however, it greatly underestimated the force behind the arrows. The arrows deflected its limbs but a lot of its energy was used and it stopped before it could reach its abdomen.

And straight after, three needles stabbed into three of its eight eyes. The pain it felt was something it had never felt before, a hair-raising cry of pain that couldn’t be described shocked the entire perimeter.

To end its misery the scythe stabbed through its head and came out the other end.

“CRRRRR!” Its cries were nothing like that of a normal Savage beast, it was muffled. Purple blood leaked from its wounds before it collapsed to the floor.

Amaysu wasn’t going to take chances, pulling the scythe from its head, he stabbed its body again and again until he was a hundred percent sure that it would never move again.


Just as he jumped off the limp body of the Scorpion spider, he heard rustling sounds and many voices.

Shit, they’ve already caught up.

“Luna quickly get up, let’s leave!”

Running towards Luna, he quickly grabbed her by the hand, leading her away as quickly as possible. Luna lost all her mental strength from that one battle, she allowed herself to be pulled away.

A few moments later, a dozen shadows appeared on the ground where the battle had just taken place.

The scar-faced man was in the lead his eyes full of murderous intent, looking around the first thing he noticed was the dead body of the Scorpion spider and the wastage of the land.

“So this is where the noise came from… MEN! Split up, if you find anybody kill them, show them no mercy! If you find the one we’re after, send a signal and regroup!!”

Giving out the orders his men rushed in different directions, to the scar-faced man’s fortune he headed in the same direction as Amaysu and Luna.

The duo was only a few hundred metres ahead of the other group, however, Amaysu was already extremely tired. His movement was visibly slow and sluggish. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, furthermore, the smell of the corrosive liquid was starting to take effect making him light headed.

During the fight these problems were minimal, but as soon as the adrenaline disappeared he could feel the taxing weight on him.

Skipping over a bush, Amaysu was finally at a clearing. Yet this clearing was a cliff with an immediate 250 feet drop, at that height, a person would die under the immense force.

“Tsk…Tsk… You’ve escaped from me and even attacked me, but I’ve finally caught you!” The scar-faced man walked out of the bushes with a sinister smile that was also not a smile.

He had noticed Amaysu a while back and was following him while maintaining a distance to not get detected.

Amaysu glared at him, naturally, as a prince, he was an arrogant figure it was something in his blood. Even though he was an 8th rank Fighter he could sense the aura of someone that had just reached the Body Transformation stage. Amaysu knew that he wouldn’t lose against him but he couldn’t win either and it would be even harder to kill him, but he wouldn’t allow such a person to look down upon him.

“I know you are here because of the wanted poster on the Continental Mercenary guild.”

“Oh so you already know, then give yourself up, but before that, there needs to be retribution.” The scar-faced man said still remembering Amaysu’s assault, that entire process was a huge embarrassment to his reputation. “Let me break one of your arms, give me that woman and beg for forgiveness and maybe I’ll accept your apology!”

These men were all lustful, they only thought of women as trophies or properties and nothing else. Amaysu was disgusted, in Amaysu’s view; they deserved the same respect as every other person. In addition he was asking him to allow the scar-faced man to break his limbs: Are you stupid?

“Scumbag, trash those are the words to describe what you are,” his remark caused the scar-faced man to look at him with killing intent. “This is my warning to you and the Damian clan: When I return, a quick death will be a blessing.”

Without saying anything further Amaysu turned around, Luna looked at Amaysu and was shocked by his actions: “Shadow, what are you doing?”

“Trust me,” Amaysu replied calmly.

No hesitation was contained in his eyes, ignoring the scar-faced man who was rushing towards him, Amaysu jumped off the cliff.

Falling towards a river from over 200 feet high meant certain death. The wind roared in his ears, the boulders and rocks whizzed past him.

Using his body he embraced Luna, covering her face. He released his grip on his scythe allowing it to fall, but the light in his palm glowed brightly.

The scythe dissolved and coalesced around Amaysu and Luna creating a cocoon, Luna saw the sudden appearance of a silver shell blocking her view to the outside world.

The cocoon slammed into the water and was dragged away by the violent currents of the river.

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