CE Chapter 48

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 ­ Scorpion Spider

Bursting through a few large branches, both Amaysu and Luna reached clear grassland, but they didn’t stay for a single moment and carried on retreating.

If worst comes to worst I have to use my Inherited Legacy, that’s my only chance of surviving. Amaysu’s thoughts were dwelling on the possibility of fighting against the Body Transformation expert.

What are you going to do if the girl recognises the Inherited Legacy? If she learns of your true identity, you already know what kind of reaction she will have. Shadow replied to his thoughts.

No! I know she won’t betray me! Amaysu rebuked unwilling to acknowledge Shadows remark, he didn’t where this feeling came from, it felt foreign and unfamiliar.

Amaysu, Shadow was absolutely serious: What will you do if she betrays you? I am the personification of the insanity that nearly destroyed you; I know far too well what will happen if she betrays you.

Silence! Shadow I know she won’t betray us, just wait and see. Amaysu shouted back unwillingly. After this Shadow remained quiet while Amaysu’s gaze lay on Luna for a while.

Rushing as fast as possible they both traversed hundreds of metres at blazing speeds. Just as they were about to leap over a fallen tree, Amaysu felt intense danger and viciousness that would make one’s blood cool directed at him and Luna.

Straight away he grabbed Luna into an embrace and leapt into a different direction barely dodging a green liquid.

Tumbling on the grass, Amaysu detached his hold on Luna and quickly stood up. Looking at the spot they were just at, there was a strange green liquid on top of the fallen tree’s trunk. A sizzling sound came from the trunk as the liquid bubbled and smoke was produced from the corrosive liquid, creating a cave in the trees trunk.

Luna was extremely vigilant: “How did they catch up so quickly?”

“It’s not them; it’s that thing over there!” Amaysu pointed at the unsightly figure that was only thirty metres ahead of them.

“What do… AAHH!!” A shriek that could break the hardest of glasses came from the core of Luna’s very being. She shivered uncontrollably; she was frozen on the spot, on the verge of collapsing.

“Th…t…that’s a S..Scorpion spider!!” The fear in her heart could not be described by the words Amaysu could produce.

The Scorpion spider had 8 hairy long legs that were each a meter in length. Two sharp claw-like fangs were bared at Amaysu and Luna, a strange green liquid was leaking from these claw-like fangs. Each drop caused the boulder underneath it to melt, also releasing smoke.

Amaysu frowned, he never expected Luna to be frozen in a nightmarish fear: Scorpion Spider… I’ve read about it before.

These were extremely vicious arachnids that hunted many different kinds of Savage beasts; they would even go as far as to devour their own kind. Their claw-like legs had enough force to tear through tempered steel, while its poison could melt a very unlucky person down to his bone.

The entire arachnid was grey in colour and was truly a horrific sight. To bring more bad news, this Savage beast was a High Rank 3 Savage beast.

Amaysu could take care of average High Rank 3 Savage beasts. Yet High Rank 3 Savage beasts had differences in terms of strength just like the panther type Savage beast that was abnormally strong for its stage. This Scorpion spider was also a type of Savage beast that could go beyond its limit.

It was only about half the size of Amaysu but its unsightly figure intimidated many of its prey.

But unlike the Savage beast, Amaysu was even more violent when he was truly angered. Shadow, help me quickly take care of this.

I can’t do that. If it takes too long I will be in a long slumber, and during my slumber, there is a high chance that you’ll lose control and go berserk. When that happens you’ll be nothing more than an insane man or a Savage beast.

I can take care of it myself, but I can’t waste time here, so I need you to kill it quickly.

Amay I will release some of your berserk aurae; however, I won’t help you unless you’re in danger.

Amaysu was annoyed by Shadow, yet he closed his eyes for a brief moment and then opened it once again.  A ferocious aura enveloped him, rapidly surrounding the area.

This aura wasn’t anything material but what formed from an encounter or experience. The aura was maniacal, sinister and unruly. The only word to describe this aura was hatred. Bottomless hatred. That was deeply engraved into a person’s very soul.

But unlike any other savage beast that feared Amaysu’s aura, this arachnid was excited by Amaysu’s aura, the desire to devour him grew rapidly.

Spinning the scythe with one hand Amaysu rushed towards the Scorpion spider. From the tool belt, he took three needles and kept it in between his fingers.

Even though he was quick, the Scorpion spider’s speed was beyond what Amaysu thought at first.

Amaysu stood there, in such a fast paced situation he was cool-headed. All of a sudden he threw the three needles, each one aiming at three of its eight dark, beady eyes.

The Scorpio spider spat the green liquid from its fangs at the needles. When the needles came in contact with the green liquid, they melted without any resistance. The liquid was extremely corrosive.

Amaysu frowned; he dashed towards the Scorpion spider his eyes full of hatred, sourcing from his berserk emotions that were locked away by his body.

In response, the Scorpion spider rushed towards Amaysu with its front two legs bearing at him. The speed of the Savage beast was much faster than him using the Lunar Moon Dance; furthermore, arachnids were extremely nimble and agile, to begin with.

Luna was frightened sitting in a corner, she wanted to help but she was petrified to the spot, her eyes glued on Amaysu.

Swinging the scythe he cut through the air, aiming to cleave right through its legs. However when the two clashed, a metallic sound rang through the air.

Taking this opportunity, the Scorpion spider spat out the green liquid from its fangs. The putrid acidic smell assaulted Amaysu’s nose, but he jumped into the air, shooting over the green corrosive liquid.


From out of nowhere, four sharp claws shot towards him, because his concentration was on dodging the green liquid he didn’t notice until it was too late.

The four claws were focussed on the exact same spot, Amaysu’s chest. All of a sudden Amaysu momentarily lost control of his body, Shadow took over, and his skill with the scythe was much greater than Amaysu’s. In the last moments, he managed to raise the scythe so that it blocked the claw strikes.


A ringing sound echoed through the air and Amaysu was sent shooting through the air but was stopped by the trees.

Dust floated from the ground blurring his image slightly, looking at his scythe it had broken in half. With an intention, silver specks floated around the handle mending the scythe.

Although he survived the Scorpion spider’s assaults, he didn’t survive unscathed, the webbing between his fingers was ripped and blood was dripping from the wound.

Amaysu didn’t have the benefits of analysing his own wounds before the corrosive green liquid shot towards him, dodging it was no problem.

The corrosive liquid melted a large of the trunk of the tree, smoke formed from the corrosive liquid. Cracking sounds roared out from the tree before it broke and crashed into the ground.

Large patches of grass were gone due to the continuous use of the corrosive poison.

The attacks of the Scorpion spider were relentless and also dangerous.

From his peripheral vision, he could see the petrified girl. Sighing, he hardened his heart and bellowed: “LUNA!”

Amaysu’s sudden roar shattered Luna’s frozen gaze and brought her back to reality.

“How long are you going to sit there?!! Don’t tell me that you’re going to sit there the entire time?! Do you think that you can forge your own path if you’re frightened of an oversized insect?!” Amaysu’s tone was unforgiving constantly questioning her resolve, relentlessly.

“If that is so, there is no point in me training you any longer!” Amaysu roared before he shot towards the Scorpion spider.

Amaysu prepared himself for another assault of attacks. An insignificant silver light was produced from his palm.

On the bottom of his feet, silver specks coalesced, creating a membrane on the bottom of his sandals.

In that moment his speed drastically increased many folds, shooting towards the arachnid.

Once again a stream of exchanges began one scythe versus 4 sharp Lance like legs. Anyone could tell that Amaysu was at an immense disadvantage.

Unexpectedly a shot of corrosive green liquid shot towards him. In Amaysu’s position, it was impossible to dodge.

Amaysu stared at the corrosive liquid with a calm head. Slashing down with full force, a splitting wind formed from the swing hurled towards the corrosive poison.

The wind cut right through the poison splitting in two. However, drops of the corrosive liquid still reached him and landed on his clothes.


“Argh” Amaysu gritted his teeth but he still couldn’t block the grunt, the corrosive liquid burned the patch of cloth on his arm. Amaysu quickly ripped the sleeve and threw it aside.


At this very moment, the nimble Scorpion spider scuttled over towards him, its 4 legs came crashing towards him. Without hesitation, Amaysu leapt to dodge the four legs.

Despite this the Scorpion spider expected this, spitting out a white substance in response. The white substance came in contact with Amaysu’s legs trapping him, sealing his movements long enough for it to make its move. Amaysu stared at his legs in shock, it was now impossible for him to dodge the full force strike of those long lance-like legs with his movements sealed.

I have to use the Inherited Legacy…

Unaware a sudden air splitting sound echoed through the air.


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