CE Chapter 47

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 ­ Deja vu

Within the 1st class city, the doors of a clothes shop opened.

“Aaah!” Luna stretched in bliss; she was wearing a new black tight long-sleeved t-shirt with black trousers that allowed her to move easier. Around her waist was a tool belt and hung on it was her sheathed sword, Silent Tempest. Over her shoulder was her bow and her hair was pulled into a ponytail.

Amaysu flicked her forehead: “Stop messing around.” He was also dressed differently. He was dressed in the same colours as Luna, long black tunic with a tool belt and black linen trousers; he covered himself with a blackish blue cloak. His bag was over his shoulders, next to his scythe.

“Yes I know,” She pouted unhappily.

They both looked as if they were about to partake in an assassination, but they were actually about to return to the forest.

“Shadow, why did you always keep that necklace with you? Is it a memento?” Noticing that the necklace was out in the open she suddenly thought of asking him.

It wasn’t that she had not noticed the necklace before but she was far too preoccupied in Amaysu’s training regime that she didn’t have the chance to ask.

Amaysu realised that the necklace was out in the open, right away he tucked the necklace under his tunic afraid that he would lose it: “Yes it is a memento.”

“Who gave it to you?”

“Well… This is a memento given to me by my master.” Amaysu didn’t want to continue this topic so he tried to change the subject: “Luna, let’s go get some items before we leave.”

Luna realised the change in Amaysu, she wasn’t as oblivious as he thought, but she hid it under a smile and nodded.


Within a dark, dusty room which was only lit by the sunlight coming through the window, a man was sitting, staring at a candle that was burning with life.

The man had two scars going down his cheeks. He stared at the candle intently, his eyes were fully focussed on the flame nothing could distract him.

“Bang!” The door was smashed opened, causing the candle to fall and the fire to die out.

A man rushed into the room: “Boss he’s about to leave the city!”

The scar-faced man he called boss looked up; his eyes were full of killing intent. He stood up and walked towards the man that walked into the room.

Grabbing onto his neck he raised him up, the man was frozen in fear; he was shivering by the overbearing aura that the man was releasing: “I’ve warned you never to disturb me when I’m training!”

“This is my last warning! If this ever happens again, I’ll kill you at the place you stand!!” He roared as he tossed the man through the door.

“Bang!” The man crashed against the wall, small pieces of stone broke from the wall and spider web like cracks appeared on the wall with the centre being the man’s body.

After a minute the man staggered up with difficulty, his breathing was raspy, eyes full of fear and body covered in cold sweat.

“What happened with the first team led by Carter?”

“B…B..Boss, we found the entire team dead in an alleyway, even the vice leader was found dead, the cause of death: Decapitation.” He replied with the most respectful tone he could muster, in fear of receiving his wrath once again.

Without giving another glance, the man stared through the window: “2000 Amethyst gold is just enough for it…”


Taking their strides quickly, Amaysu and Luna reached the gates. Just as they were about to leave through the gates Amaysu casually turned around, implying nothing.

This sensation!!… This was a sensation he was used to, he had encountered it many times before and only a few weeks before was he nearly crippled by someone carrying the same sensation. A Body Transformation expert.

He looked forward again but this time, he kept a vigil and guarded expression. Luna noticed this sudden change, she didn’t know what had happened but she also kept a vigil lookout for anything abnormal.

As soon as they stepped out of the gates he warned Luna: “Luna there’s a Body Transformation after me. Go back to the city and stay there until I return.” He couldn’t get Luna trapped in his mess, she had nothing to do with it.

Hearing this Luna was extremely annoyed: “No! I don’t care if you’re being followed, I will help you. You’ve promised me that you’ll help me get stronger and I plan to make sure you keep that promise.”

“This isn’t the time for that, you’re life will be at stake, I might not be able to protect you.”

“If you can’t protect me, I’ll do what I can to protect you.”

Amaysu was stunned for a moment, a girl that was as innocent as a rabbit actually had a sharp tongue. She was able to come with a response for every one of his reasoning’s, the last few words especially stunned him

Without waiting for my reply she stormed off, in the direction of the forest at her highest speed.

The Beast Kings forest was in the south of the continent, Amaysu only visited cities that were extremely close to the forest.

Amaysu followed her using the Lunar Moon Dance; he accelerated to his top speed and eventually reached her.

After travelling only a few thousand metres the sight that Amaysu expected to see came to be. In the distance, a group of men was rushing towards Amaysu and Luna. The group of men all carried their own weapons while the one in the lead had a spear in his hand. The moment he noticed Amaysu and Luna he accelerated to his top speed to catch up leaving his men in the dust.

This exact scene made him feel as if it was déjà vu, him being chased down by a Body Transformation expert.

It took the man only a minute before he reached Amaysu and Luna. The man was quick but he wasn’t as fast as the elder from the Damian clan, the only reason the elder was slower was because he was occupied in carrying Luca and wanted to enjoy the hunt.

Without warning, Amaysu abruptly turned around; pulling the scythe off his back he turned and ran towards the scar-faced man. Taking off his cloak he threw it at the man to block his vision.

He pulled out three needles from his tool; they were silver but had an unnatural purplish coating.

Just as the cloak was about to flutter away, Amaysu threw his bag into the air to distract his pursuer. Instantaneously, he flicked three sharp needles that shot through the cloak.

The man’s concentration followed the bag that had suddenly been thrown up. He suddenly felt a sense of danger coming from behind the cloak: “What!” The man retreated in horror, but before he could get anywhere the needles scraped his skin.

The paralysis poison immediately took effect dulling the scar-faced man’s senses. During the moment of confusion Amaysu took this chance and slashed down with his scythe, but the man didn’t allow himself to be distracted. Raising his spear he blocked the scythe, however, what he didn’t expect was Amaysu’s roundhouse kick.

His feet connected perfectly with the Body Transformation expert’s ribs causing him to float away into the distance.

He then turned around to see that Luna was standing still.

“What are you doing?! Why aren’t you running away?!!” He roared.

Luna was awoken from her stupor and Amaysu had already caught up: “Let’s go!”

Not needing another sign, they traversed into the distance. As they were running Luna looked back to see the man slowly standing up, his eyes contained murderous intentions.

“Shadow, why didn’t you finish him off? You were at an advantage!” She couldn’t understand Amaysu’s behaviour when he clearly had the front foot in that exchange.

“You think it’s that easy to take care of a Body Transformation expert. The only reason I was able to even successfully to land a blow was because it was abrupt. As soon as he gets himself together, what would I do when he uses his Combat Artifact? I won’t have a high chance of winning or even surviving.”

Luna acknowledged his words and carried on running. “We have to take this chance to retreat further. I’ve momentarily paralyzed his senses but he’ll quickly recover so we have to use this chance to escape!”

They immediately headed in the direction of the forest.

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