CE Chapter 46

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 ­ Silent Tempest

“Hmmm… This is the last shop!” Luna grumbled, annoyed.

Even Amaysu was annoyed, most of the previous blade smith’s and blacksmith’s sold weapons as well, but the prices were too extravagant. The weapons were decent yet cost far more than their value.

When he looked at the store in front of him he didn’t have much hope for it. All the other shops were lavished with precious materials, but this shop was run down with a sign that looked as if it was going to break in the next instant. Furthermore, this shop was deserted unlike the crowded shops from before.

Being a blacksmith was the next best thing from being a Forge Master. Only by becoming a blacksmith could one train his way to become a Forge Master, the wealthiest profession on the continent. Forge Masters were powerful, had hundreds of people in their favour, alchemy was also a great profession following close behind it.

Legend has it that a true master took out an entire country that offended him with many experts all using the weapons he forged. This was a legend from Amaysu’s time; Forge Master’s have always had exalted status no matter where they went, one called could beckon countless experts.

Luna and Amaysu both headed into the store, neither hopeful of seeing anything valuable.


The door bell rang when Amaysu and Luna walked into the well-lit blade smith’s store. The store was not big nor was it small, swords were stacked in shelves, glass cases and there were even a few lying here and there. There were also a few other weapons kept here and there.

When Amaysu and Luna looked around the place they noticed that the man behind the glass was snoring, sleeping to his heart’s content. The man had some spectacles leaning off his nose, he had a short stubby grey beard and dishevelled grey hair.

“Luna let’s find you a sword,” ignoring the man Amaysu instructed Luna.

Unexpectedly Luna ignored Amaysu: “Shadow you stand here and let me search for a sword.”

Amaysu was abruptly shocked but he nodded, the type of sword she would use she had to figure it out herself.

He watched her walk away and turned into another aisle full of stacked swords on sword stands.

With nothing better to do Amaysu also walked around looking through the countless swords, his eyes moving across the sharp, reflective surfaces of all the swords in the store.


Amaysu drew a sword from a barrel, his eyes widened in shock, the skill used to forge this sword was impeccable, the finishing was extremely skilled yet it was kept in a worn-down barrel. When he looked at the price written on the barrel he was stunned.

500 gold coins…

Turning around he looked at the snoring old man and couldn’t help but be in disbelief, this sword could be sold for more than ten times the price written on the barrel.

Amaysu glanced suspiciously at the elderly man but no matter how he looked at the man he couldn’t sense anything, he seemed just like an ordinary human being.

Looking at more swords from many of the different barrels he was stunned even further all these swords were relatively high in quality. They were not the best but definitely worth much higher than written on the barrels.

Compared to the swords from those extravagant shops they were manifolds better.

The swords ranged many different types: Long swords, broad swords, short swords, foreign one-sided blades that were called katana and much more.

Suddenly Luna rushed towards Amaysu, her face red, carrying a jubilant expression and in her hand was a sheathed sword.

“Shadow~~ Look at this,” She drew the sword from its sheath while getting closer.

The blade reflected the light of the room; it was a 3 feet-long, two-inch wide double-edged sword with a golden guard and a black handle.

The finish was flawless, the skills used to forge this sword was many times greater than the one from the barrel.

“Shadow, this sword is a perfect fit! It doesn’t feel foreign in my hands, it’s not too long nor is it heavy, and it’s perfect!” Luna couldn’t hide the grin on her face, experimentally swinging the sword around.

“How much is it?” Amaysu suspiciously inquired.

Luna’s grin widened, she squinted her eyes to make herself seem mysterious: “You’ll never guess how much it costs? It is only 5 Amethyst gold coins!”

“5!!” His suspicion was confirmed yet he couldn’t help but stare in disbelief, the price was much lower than his estimate. This sword was comparable to the one that was sold at the auction a few weeks before.

Out of the blue, an old voice interrupted the two: “That sword is called Silent Tempest.”

Hearing the voice the two turned their heads to face the elderly man that was momentarily sound asleep just before.

When Amaysu’s unique eyes and the elderly man’s dark blue eyes met, he felt as if he was looking at a deep void. Amaysu realised that the man must be so strong that he cannot sense it even if he tried.

“It is a lesser version of the Tranquil Tempest sword.”

“…” There was an awkward silence after the elderly man spoke.

“Sir did you make the sword yourself?” Luna abruptly asked.

“Making it is not that impressive.”

The man didn’t affirm or deny it, but Amaysu had this feeling that he was the one who made it.

“Sir, why sell these impeccable weapons for so cheap? They are worth so much more than this.” Amaysu asked with a rare respective tone.

The man was quiet for a moment, he had no reason to respond to Amaysu but he still took the opportunity to reply: “I have little to no interest in money; all these weapons were made casually. But all these weapons deserve an owner, so if you are destined to own it who am I to stop you.”

Luna stared at the elderly man with respect, this man was mysterious, neither she nor Amaysu expected to suddenly find a mysterious expert in a rundown shop.

“Sir, then we would like to buy this sword.”

The man looked at Amaysu and his eyebrows rose slightly, he was quiet for a moment. “Take it for free.”

“Sir?!” Amaysu questioned with the intention to reject him. He had no connections with this elder so he couldn’t understand his thought process.

“Forget it; I have no use for such a weapon!” The man grumbled.

Although he was reluctant, Amaysu didn’t bother, he and Luna walked out of the store with the sword. Luna had a thrilled expression on her face while Amaysu frowned deep in thought.

As the door shut, the man closed his eyes once again a small smirk was on his lips: “This is just a small investment. An 8th rank Fighter at such a young age, he might be useful in the future.”

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