CE Chapter 45

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 ­No Mercy

Walking through the streets the duo slipped through the crowd and followed the direction of the current of people.

As they were being pushed through the large stream of people, Luna stayed close with Amaysu clinging onto his black cloak.

Escaping from the crowd Amaysu walked into an alleyway, walking deeper into the alleyway he came to a turn. Turning in that direction he carried on walking until they came to a stop where a wall blocked their route. Luna standing beside him was slightly confused until she heard sounds of clustered footsteps from behind.

Turning around she saw at least 10 men standing there with arrogant expressions, they were all carrying weapons in their hand. When a few of them caught sight of Luna beside Amaysu they gave her lascivious glances full of lust.

Luna ignored the lust filled eyes; the glint in her own eyes grew colder.

Amaysu finally turned around, his eyes icy cold. In the dark shade of the alley his eyes shown with an unnatural light. When he noticed the lascivious eyes of some of the men looking at Luna his brows furrowed deeper.

From the vibrations in the air he could sense that the weakest of these men was at the 7th rank of the Fighter stage while the strongest was at the 9th rank.

He couldn’t help but snort in disgust. These low lives think they can touch a strand of my hair.

The group of men slowly separated allowing a short, stout man to walk through the gap. This man clearly had the aura of a 10th ranked Fighter stage expert, from the signs he was clearly the leader.

When the man looked at Amaysu, all he could see was the amount that Amaysu’s head was worth.

“Tsk, Tsk, Kid you went and offended the Damian clan.” The short man said with a sinister smile on his face: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re worth quite a lot to us! We can take you dead or alive. We won’t do anything if you leave with us and it will reduce the hassle for us so can you follow us.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that girl I’ll take good care of her!” The man said as he licked his lips.

Amaysu snorted, his disdain was clearly written on his face causing the short leader to frown.

“If you all don’t want to die here leave your belongings and get lost!” Said Amaysu, his tone was full of scorn.

“Hmph! You think that we won’t kill you if you hide in the city! As long as no one sees we’ll never get caught!” the stout man replied with dead humour.

“Yes… No one will know if there aren’t any survivors!” Amaysu hooked his arms around Luna’s waist, activating Lunar Moon Dance he ran towards the men.

This in turn caused the men to be vigilant, raising their weapons with haste. Amaysu ignored the sight, leaping towards the alleyway wall he used it as a foothold to rocket past the group to appear at the other side.

Now Amaysu trapped the men against the wall, the men were dumfounded by Amaysu’s speed most of them could only see a blur while their leader was barely able to follow him with difficulty.

Letting go Luna a deranged aura that originated from Shadow appeared around him. His voice even contained some of the resonance that came from Shadow: “As long as no one sees me kill you I’ll be fine!” Amaysu’s resonant words caused these men to shiver.

However, the short man wasn’t impressed: “There are more of us than him! Let’s kill him!” He roared, at the same time he rushed towards Amaysu pulling the sword that was kept in his sheath.

But before he knew it Amaysu who was nearly a dozen metres away from him appeared before him in an instant. Suddenly the world blacked out and his severed head lopped on the floor.

Amaysu’s words were cold as he withdrew his scythe: “I’ve had enough of being merciful to stupid fools!” He turned towards the rest of men who had suddenly stopped and stared at him with petrified expressions.

“Luna, please turn away!” His voice echoed towards Luna.

As soon as he saw Luna close her eyes, the coldness in Amaysu reached a shocking height. Bursting with power he shot towards the nearest man towards him.

Blood splattered across the walls and floor, heads tumbled to the floor, these men didn’t even have the time to shout for help before they all died. It took less than a minute before they all lay headless on the floor.

Amaysu went through the bags of these men and took out any valuable items. However as he expected there wasn’t much except for their Royalgold cards.

When he looked at the amount contained in these cards he was taken aback.

Out of the 11 men, 10 had around twenty to thirty Amethyst gold coins. While their leader had a wealth over two hundred Amethyst gold coins.

He took out his own card and placed each card one by one above his transferring all their wealth into his own card. After about a minute the value on his card had increased from around two Amethyst gold coins to almost 450 Amethyst gold coins.

He walked towards Luna and tapped on her shoulders, the scythe was once again on his shoulder. When Luna looked at him the coldness in his eyes disappeared to be replaced by warmth.

“Don’t worry, let’s just leave!”

While walking away from the corpses Amaysu spoke once again: “Do you think they deserved to die?”

Taken aback by his sudden question she didn’t know how to answer his question, the corner of his lips merely rose slightly.

“Luna you may not know this but countless times I’ve showed mercy to people like these men, they all carried similar traits.”

“I saved a village from a massacre; in return their leader nearly murdered my siblings!” His words caused Luna to be shocked, this was the first time she had heard these words from Amaysu.

“My mere appearance brings trouble! Do you want to know why I hide my identity?” Amaysu asked her.

After a brief moment of silence she replied: “…No…”

“I’ll tell you the reason one day, if that day ever comes!” Amaysu replied with a faint smile. “Let’s leave this place and buy you a sword.”

Without saying anymore words he walked forward allowing Luna to follow.

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