CE Chapter 44

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 ­ Mist Sword Style

Three weeks quickly passed by.

Signs of spring beginning were becoming clearer and clearer as the days went by. The air was still fresh and cool, at this moment a young lad walked towards the entrance of a cave.

Amaysu stretched his arms, the cast around his arm was now off, his arms had healed much faster that at first expected by Luna, and even she was shocked at how rapidly his arms healed.

However, he already came to the conclusion that it had something to do with his Inherited Legacy.

The feeling his arms gave him felt different, it felt much stronger and flexible. It seemed as if the Particle Cannon injuring his arm was a positive, as his bones healed they reinforced themselves becoming a lot stronger.

Walking out from the cave he noticed that Luna was outside on the boulder that he was usually meditating on. She had a small knife in her hand and she kept stabbing the air in front of her. The air that she carried around her was a lot fiercer, also her eyes were exceedingly sharper than before.

She could now take on a Mid Rank 2 Savage beast, but she hadn’t procured her first kill as of yet but she was very close. Amaysu had watched her grow; he couldn’t help but be in awe of her sudden change and her will to change.

He jumped out of the cave away from the pool of water, as soon as he landed Luna paused to look at him and an exuberant grin was on her face.

“Luna, come over here!” called Amaysu.

Luna happily complied, walking over to him with a grin on her face.

“What are you smiling at?”

When Amaysu suddenly questioned her, she realised that she was in a stupor: “Oh, nothing.”

Amaysu nodded, he didn’t get this girl for the past few days she would make a fool of herself, yet when she was fighting she would become serious, she was a rather eccentric person.

“Follow me!” Amaysu turned and ran into the forest leaving Luna behind. She followed him, knowing where they were going.



Using the trunk of a tree as a foothold she pushed off it to leap into the air. Floating over the Savage beast, the handle of the knife was held between her thumb and index finger. When she was right above the Savage beast she threw the knife at it.

Whistling through the air, the knife shot right through the bloodied Savage beast’s chest, blood gushed out of the wound.

A bloodcurdling roar shook the land, a blood covered Lynx type Savage beast toppled to the floor. When Luna landed on the floor, she dropped to her knees and heaved deep breaths. Her left arm was bloodied, and her face had a scratch on it with a trace of blood flowing from the wound.

“Urgh!” With a pale face she started vomiting, this was the first time she had killed a living being and couldn’t help but release the nauseous feeling in her.

Only a few metres away, Amaysu was sitting on a branch leaning against the tree. Leaping down from his seat he appeared next to Luna and waited until she recollected herself.

“You’ve done well…” He quietly whispered.

After a few moments, Luna wiped her lips and looked at Amaysu standing above her; even though her face was pale she responded with a weak smile.

Amaysu sat down and waited for a long time. Killing a living being for the first time naturally brought psychological trauma, she required time to stabilise her mental state.

After a long period of time, she finally calmed herself down. Although she was still slightly pale, she was filled with excitement because Amaysu had promised her something the moment she made her first kill.

Amaysu sighed; her thoughts were brazenly written all over her face: “What do you want?”

Luna immediately frowned and pouted feeling offended by Amaysu’s sudden act of forgetfulness: “You promised!”

Sighing once again he walked towards the dead Savage beast and pulled out the knife that was covered in blood. He didn’t really mind the blood, once he picked the knife he walked towards the nearest tree.

“Luna since you’ve finished your first task this will be your reward. This is a profound sword style created by my ancestor.” Amaysu spoke in a mysterious manner, but his voice carried pride.

“Ancestor?” Luna repeated questioningly.

“Hm,” he nodded. “But before you learn this style you need to know its history first. This style was created by my ancestor, a great swordsman that lived many, many millennia ago. Back in those days, he was known as the ghost swordsman, a man that excelled in control and skill in his sword handling, even his comprehension on the sword was extremely high.”

“The sword style that he used to suppress the entire continent was called the Mist Sword Style!”

“Mist Sword Style…” She deeply engraved the name in her heart.

“This sword technique has a single stance and focuses on smooth and flowing movements with the sword.”

An ancestor that suppressed the entire continent… Every word that came out of Amaysu caused Luna to become even more awed, his existence becoming more and more mysterious.

“Let me show you the only stance: Mist.”

Amaysu stood with one arm behind his back; he raised his right arm while his eyes lost their intense gaze, they were calm and unperturbed. What he was now focussing on wasn’t just the tree, his awareness had grown he could see everything in his vision, meaning each object had the same amount of focus as the other.

Not only was Amaysu applying equal concentration to all the objects he could see, but by using his other senses he was aware of what was going around his nearest perimeter.

Straight after his wrist movements distorted freely like the movement of mist that was flowing and loose.

Standing only a few metres away from Amaysu, Luna could sense that all the guard around Amaysu had disappeared yet at the same time it felt as if he was aware of what was going on around him.

In the next moment, Amaysu slashed down at the trunk of the tree. The knife in his hand cut through the tree, it was like he was cutting through a piece of paper, his swordsmanship could only be described as elegant.

Slowly withdrawing the knife Amaysu released a breath that came out as cold mist. At the same time, Luna ran towards him with an amazed expression, the sword style that Amaysu had shown her clearly astounded her, engraving a deep mark in her heart.

Amaysu looked at her and smiled. He returned the knife to her: “You have to practise really hard to master this technique. Furthermore, this sword technique does not have to stop with one stance; the first stance is merely the foundation to add your own insights and create your own stance.”

Hearing this she was shocked, a style that could be changed and strengthened by the user was extremely rare.

“My ancestor had gained profound insights and created many different stances the stronger he got. Through this he made many techniques that could easily suppress Body Transformation and Origin Transformation experts.”

“I hope you practise this sword style with diligence and bring back this great sword style.” Amaysu asked her with a serious voice.

If what Amaysu said was true he was handing her an extremely powerful technique, in response she nodded in agreement.

“Shadow your ancestor must have been a great and powerful man.” She couldn’t help but exclaim with excitement.

Amaysu nodded, with the help of the Emperor Arts manual the Dasecris clan had produced countless proud geniuses and this ancestor was one of them.

“Before you practise this sword style, let’s first go find a city and get you a new sword. This knife is good but for this sword style it is better if you had an actual sword.”

“Hm,” She nodded in agreement.


“Ah…” Luna smiled as she looked around the wide street full of people and shops. Right next to her was Amaysu; his eyes lost their vacant glint that usually existed when he was alone with Luna and once again became cold.

A scythe was kept on his back right next to a bag. Luna had her bow over her shoulder which she always kept, Amaysu wondered why she kept a bow when she was better at using a sword.

“Shadow lets go there!” She pulled Amaysu by the arm to a stall. Amaysu being treated this way felt extremely foreign to him, no one dared to behave in such a carefree manner before him during the old days.

Many people were insincere when he was a prince, trying to get closer to him for personal or familial interests. A real friend? He only had one true and sincere friend, but who knew if he was still alive.

They both stood in front of many different stores and window shopped. Earlier that day Amaysu had taken out some money from his Royalgold card, just enough to buy a new sword for Luna.

While walking through the streets the duo bought quite a bit of attention, both envious yet also curious. Amaysu brought an aura that wouldn’t allow anyone near him, while Luna was cheerful only around him.

But unexpectedly they also brought some unwanted attention that came from different groups of sturdy men that looked to be mercenaries.

Walking through the streets, the frown on Amaysu’s face grew deeper and deeper. He could easily sense the gazes on him, every single one of these pair of eyes had a bloodthirsty aura leaking from them.

You’re being followed again, how do you get into trouble so quickly? Shadow asked him knowingly.

Amaysu snorted and ignored him. While walking he passed the branch building of the Continental Mercenary guild and he saw quite a few wanted posters on the wall.

The Continental Mercenary guild was a force that had equal strength to the Royalgold Auction Hall, they might not have the funding but they were equal in power.

On the wall, there was a poster with a very vivid portrait of him; it caught nearly all of his features. On his name, there was a bounty of 2000 Amethyst gold coins, Dead or Alive.

No wonder there are followers… Amaysu now understood why he was being followed, he also knew who posted this wanted poster or he would have considered himself foolish if he didn’t know.

Damian clan, we cannot exist on the same continent! I will destroy you! In his heart, Amaysu was burning with rage. They had forced him into a corner, nearly killed him and they still wouldn’t give up, Amaysu had an irreconcilable grudge against them.

Luna curiously looked past him and her eyes landed on the poster. When she saw Amaysu’s portrait and the amount under it, she couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

Amaysu didn’t care much about the poster; instead, he looked at how Luna’s expressions changed when she saw a wanted poster of him.

At first, she was shocked which quickly changed to a sour and annoyed face, she turned to Amaysu her voice contained annoyance and anger: “There must be a mistake with the poster!”

He didn’t say anything, his expressions were still dull, but he felt elated; from the corner of his eyes he could see people probing him.

“Luna let’s go!”

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