CE Chapter 43

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 ­ Remembrance of a Great Tomorrow

“What did you say?!”

“Grandfather, it is just as I stated,” a recognisable figure spoke respectfully with his head faced to the floor,  not daring to look at the man seated in his chair.

“ARGH! You arrogant fool! How could you be so foolish and yet you can come back here with a straight face!” A man roared as he slammed his clenched fists on the armrest of his luxurious chair.

Luca shrank down, the fear in his eyes grew bigger and bigger. The man in front of him was the clan head of the Damian clan, his grandfather, Arthur Damian.

Arthur Damian looked like he was in his early 50s but he was much older than that. His features were about 25% similar to Luca’s except his eyes were fiercer and sharper like that of a hawk. The man was built and the aura he exuded crushed the fear stricken Luca.

“Father, please calm down, Luca made a simple mistake.” A man that looked exceedingly similar to Luca rushed to quell the clan head’s fury.

“A simple mistake… A simple mistake! Your sorry excuse for a son has forced a calamity upon us and wasn’t able to extinguish it before the spark was lit!” Arthur Damian’s chest heaved up and down, his face was red with fury. He lifted his palm and slapped the man in front of him sending him flying across the hall until he crashed into a pillar.

Luca’s father staggered up and coughed a mouthful of blood, he looked up at his enraged father and couldn’t hide the fear in his eyes.

“If you had disciplined him this would never have happened!” Arthur Damian roared in rage.

“A youngster that was at the 7th stage of the Fighter stage, his potential is even higher than that trash. If we had recruited him, our clan’s prospects would have reached new heights!!”

His loud voice echoed through the entire hall, his rage could be felt throughout the mansion.

Seething with rage which was all directed at Luca who was suffocating under the gaze he carried on speaking:

“We could have even reached the heights of the 9 Overlords and the title two mysterious clans would changed to three!! Yet that trash offends him and furthermore allows him to escape causing a calamity to befall upon us!”

Arthur Damian as the clan leader was farsighted and already sense the tragedy that could befall upon them. Amaysu was someone who he knew nothing about but after the return of the heavily injured 5th elder and 11th elder he had been forced to track him and re-evaluate the youngster in question.

He turned to Luca, who had shrunk down to a tiny speck: “You will track him down and finish him!” The bellowing rage couldn’t be hidden, “If you haven’t you will be sacrificed for the survival of the clan!” There was no mercy in the clan heads voice.

He didn’t care that Luca was his grandson, he had many sons and grandson if one died he could always nurture another more talented heir.

Luca nodded and bowed: “Thank you clan head for granting me mercy! I will handle this matter with utmost importance!” After saying this Luca retreated, to plan his next actions.

Walking through the hallway his fear turned into blazing killing intent which was directed towards the handsome figure in his mind. When I get my hands on you I’ll chop you into a thousand pieces and feed you to the dogs.


In the grass plane Amaysu was leaning quietly against a tree, his scythe was kept to the left of him also leaning against the tree, while the knife was embedded into the ground at an angle.

On his outstretched legs laid a head that was currently asleep, around this figure was a silver hue that emanated all around her body. Amaysu specifically activated the Inherited Legacy with the intentions of alleviating the burdens carried by her body.

Without realising it he started examining her face, it wasn’t because of any romantic feelings but more out of curiosity. This was the first time that he was so close to someone of the opposite gender in the past 16 years of his life besides his mother. Her long hair was scattered around his lap, her eyelashes were long and beautiful, she was an innocent and pure beauty.

Are you interested in her? Shadows voice echoed in his mind.

Amaysu was pulled out of his inspecting gaze, this was the first time that Shadow had spoken to him since the moment he lost his conscious.

Ignoring him he asked his own question: Where have you been?

Nowhere? It took me longer to heal, it’s just that whenever I possess you I need a very long time to recuperate.

This was the first time he had heard of something like this.

Amaysu nodded and rested the thoughts away. He the raised his right hand, small specks circulated around his palm, gathering to form an Ocarina.

This was the first time Amaysu had played it in a rather long period of time. He placed it near his lips allowing notes to stream out of the exit of the Ocarina. When the first notes echoed through the air scenes of old memories which were related to each piece played in his mind. Amaysu fell into a bottomless hole of nostalgia. This nostalgia was not something he used to escape but rather to refuel the hatred in his heart so that he would never forget.

The melody was like a stream travelling through the wind and reached every part of the grass plane, carrying his own emotions and meanings of the piece through harmonious whistles.

Everything in the entire area was silent, it was like the entire world had silenced itself just to hear him play. Only the two corpses ruined this picturesque image.

This piece was called Remembrance of a Great Tomorrow. It was a piece taught to him by his mother, out of everyone in his family his mother was the only one who played the Ocarina and she was the one who taught him to play. The Ocarina was an instrument that reminded him of his mother and the endless amount of love she gave him.

Unlike his father, Amaysu’s mother wasn’t from nobility, it was a big secret that not many people knew about. She was an orphan that had lost her parents when she was young. Living all alone she had taught herself to play the Ocarina and created this piece herself to battle the loneliness.

This piece was a way to assure herself that as long she promised to herself and tried harder the days on her road would get brighter. On one day when she played this piece she met a young adventurer who was hypnotised by her and her musical talent. This young man was none other than his father, at the time prince of the Dasecris empire.

This piece brought back the memories of his mum teaching him this piece, this song was one of hope. However, the longer he played the more sorrowful he felt and the hatred in his heart grew exponentially.

While playing Luna awoke from her slumber to the music that swiftly floated in the air. It was like nectar for her ears, she could sense the emotion in the piece that was being played.

Slowly opening her eyes the first thing her gaze landed on was Amaysu’s serene expression as he played the Ocarina with only his right hand.

For the next few minutes, all she did was intently stare at him, while not distinguishing whose lap she was currently laying on.

Amaysu played for a long period of time, reminiscing and reliving his memories. After a while, the last notes left the Ocarina and he slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze calmly moved aimlessly, slowly it turned down to face Luna who was still laying down on him.

At the moment he looked at her, Luna’s gaze locked onto his. Her hair was tussled and dishevelled laying all across his lap.

“Ah?” She suddenly let out a squeal, her face slowly turned red as she started blushing. After a long period of time realisation dawned upon her and she finally understood that she was lying on Amaysu’s lap.

Without prior notification, she jolted up into a cross-legged position and covered her face helplessly. In her entire life, she had never been so close to a person from the opposite gender.

Looking at her funny reaction a faint smile appeared on Amaysu’s lips, he didn’t understand why her behaviour was so abnormal.

But deep within his mind, a small, quiet and knowing laugh resounded.

Amaysu stood up, ignoring her, he took the knife and walked towards the two corpses and started separating the body parts.


An hour later the two were sitting in front of a fire while a large chunk of Savage beast meat was being cooked. When he was resting he was only able to fish and vegetables, yet he was dissatisfied as his stomach was calling for meat.

He couldn’t help but stare at the meat expectantly wanting it to cook faster.

“Shadow you’re a master at using that instrument I’ve never seen anyone play so well before. Where did you learn to play that?” Luna’s spoke while her gaze moved from Amaysu to the Ocarina laying on the grass beside him.

He turned and looked at her: “The Ocarina?”

“Hm,” she said while nodding.

Amaysu’s irises blurred slightly, his voice was distant: “It was taught to me by my mother,” saying this he put on a melancholic smile.

Luna sensed the sudden change in the atmosphere and didn’t pursue any longer.

Sometime later they were both eating, the amount that Amaysu ate made Luna very queasy, yet despite the amount he ate, his manners were always elegant and very skilful.

At the same time, Amaysu casually glanced at her and noticed that she excelled in her manners even while eating. From the moment he had always sensed an aura that was similar to his but much weaker, however now he was almost certain because of her talent and proficiency in herbal medicine.

“Are you a runaway noble?”

Luna’s stopped midway into a bite, her eyes were wide open as she stared at Amaysu: “Why do you say that?” She asked cautiously.

“Don’t worry, I can tell from your manners and your natural disposition. Furthermore, your skills in pharmacy and your exceptional talent all points to that direction.”

She nodded reluctantly, speaking hesitantly she told Amaysu a bit about her identity: “Yes, I am from a noble family from one of the nearby empires.”

“Then why did you leave your home? With the resources you possessed, you could have become stronger, a great deal faster. “

Luna breathed out a sigh: “It’s because my family has a harsh elimination process, without status and power we aren’t provided with the necessary resources to get stronger. Without strength, we are married off to other noble families. I left to get stronger, so I could be able to stand on my two feet without being controlled by the family.”

Amaysu nodded, he knew of many noble families that required their descendants to outshine others, this could only be done through elimination. The useless and those with low talent were all married off to other families to strengthen ties with their allies.

The sun was setting, both Amaysu and Luna retreated back to their cave dwelling.

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