CE Chapter 42

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 ­ Training Resolve (2)

“Where are we going?” Luna asked curiously.

They had been travelling constantly for nearly a quarter of an hour and throughout all this Amaysu didn’t say a word.

“I don’t know,” Amaysu replied with a straight face, while he sped into the distant shrubbery.

Luna was dumbfounded, he didn’t even know where they were going. She slowly returned to herself and watched Amaysu speeding in front of her, maintaining the same speed so that she could keep up.

Even though Amaysu was really open towards her in the first few days, she could tell that he was holding a big secret. She wasn’t so stupid that she couldn’t tell that he was carrying an immense burden and harbouring loneliness. He would spend a long time just staring into the distance, no matter where he meditated his gaze would always end up facing the same direction.

He was just a bit older than her, but the experiences and hardships that he had faced was already over a thousand times greater than hers.

Out of the blue, Amaysu’s eyebrow’s furrowed, he abruptly turned right, then rapidly moved in that direction.

Luna was shocked out of her daze due to Amaysu’s abruptness, with difficulty she turned and caught up with Amaysu.

Suddenly Amaysu came to a stop just before a clearing, Luna followed him and stood right beside him.

Luna looked at where Amaysu’s gaze was at and then followed it. There in the clearing lay two Savage beasts that were battling out.

One was a giant rhino type Savage beast while the other was an ape type Savage beast. She guessed that it was most likely a territorial battle.

Amaysu abruptly spoke: “Luna, You will be taking care of that big Rhino while I hold back the ape. These two are Mid Rank 2 Savage beasts. I want to see you kill that Rhino, don’t expect me to help you.” The last few words Amaysu stated were serious and expectant.

Mid Rank 2 Savage beasts?! Her mind shuddered, just like Amaysu she could also detect a person’s strength but she found it difficult to differ the levels of strength of a Savage beast. Furthermore, a Savage beast that was close to the strength of a 6th Rank Fighter, she was naturally frightened and Amaysu wanted her to kill it.

“These two Savage beast are probably in a territorial war, so as soon as I block the ape, you will face the rhino.”

Rustling through his cloak Amaysu pulled out a short dagger that was about 8 inches long. When Amaysu was inside the cave he had formed the dagger with his Inherited Legacy and tucked it away under his cloak.

She didn’t ask where he got the knife from because it was common for people to carry knives around. She suspected that he kept it in his bag and picked it up when he went into the cave.

“Here, use this to kill the Savage beast.”

After passing the dagger Amaysu signalled: “Let’s go!”



Without further ado, Amaysu rushed through the bush, all of a sudden his body blurred and in a fraction of a moment, he crossed the distance between them. He suddenly appeared in between the two Savage beasts.

His sudden appearance caused the two Savage beasts who were glaring at each other to retreat. Unlike humans Savage beasts were born with instincts so they were able to sense that Amaysu was far more powerful than the both of them. Their instincts could sense the fiery aura that blazed around his body, creating fear in their hearts.

The ape immediately turned around to dash, but Amaysu snorted. He could have let the ape Savage beast run away but he needed a practise partner to loosen his stiff muscles.

Amaysu dashed towards the ape, at the same time Luna appeared in front of the rhino type Savage beast. She had the silver dagger clasped in her hand while facing the Savage beast. If anyone observed her intently they could see the fear in her eyes.

Luna cautiously stared at the Savage beast, the rhino looked at her and sensed the fear exuding from her. It suddenly exhaled and stomped its feet on the floor, the Rhino bent its head, with its two aligned horns aimed at Luna.

In the next instant it charged at her, each step caused a deep footstep to appear on the dirt, its explosive speed caused the area to tremble.

As it charged towards her, Luna retreated further and further backwards, her will to fight was extremely weak.

The rhino noticing this increased its pace to tear right through her. Luna frantically retreated, in the last moment she leapt to the side, instantly feeling a burst of wind blowing past her.

Her body subconsciously trembled, feeling the tingling sensation of wind sweeping  through her hair.

The rhino turned around once again and was about to charge when suddenly a blood-curdling screech echoed across the plane.

Luna turned her head to face the direction of the painful scream. Her eyes widened, there stood a figure grasping onto the neck of an elevated figure.

Amaysu stood there, his eyes lacked emotions as if this was a normal happening. Blood was spewing out of the ape’s mouth, its black fur was coated in red, its eyes were rolled up into its head.

Letting go of its throat, the Ape toppled to the ground. Amaysu’s method was merciless and quick. Without another look, Amaysu turned to face the rhino and Luna.

“Luna, stop retreating and fight it head on!” Amaysu roared fiercely.

At the same time, the rhino felt the shocking power from Amaysu and stepped backwards in trepidation. It immediately ran away, but before getting anywhere Amaysu appeared, the coldness in his eyes was bottomless.

The rhino type Savage beast stood still and prepared itself for Amaysu. Despite this, Amaysu didn’t make a move, after a while the Savage beast, even with its meagre intelligence realised its only way of escaping was to fight Luna.

As soon as it realised this, the Savage beast turned to face Luna, its eyes bloodshot, the only way to live was to go through her.

“Fight Luna, that is the only way you’ll survive!”

Luna looked at Amaysu, the emotionless face didn’t betray his voice. In the short time that she had been with Amaysu she had detected some of his traits; when it came to training he was merciless, so she had to believe his words.

“Huh!” She took a deep breath to calm her emotions. The grip on the knives handle tightened, she concentrated on the Savage beast, but her eyes didn’t betray the fear in her heart.

Not delaying any further the rhino type Savage beast accelerated rapidly, crossing the distance between the two of them in a moment.

Amaysu quietly observed from a distance.

The figure of the Savage beast grew bigger and bigger in her eyes, her knife hand faltered, but quickly gained their grip.

Just as the Savage beast was about crash into her, she activated her movement technique and sidestepped. Yet she was an instant too late. Although the rhino only skimmed past her, the moment the two touched, Luna was sent tumbling backwards.

She didn’t have the luxury of time to wallow in pain, quickly standing up she retreated rapidly maintaining a distance. A part of her white long sleeved vest was showing signs of red.

“Don’t wait for it to come to you, go take the initiative!”

Amaysu’s voice stretched across the plane until it reached her ears. Luna understood that there was no way in talking her way out of it, she was the one that asked him to help her get stronger.

Even though she was scared, she rapidly dashed towards the Savage beast.

This Savage beast’s weakness is its acceleration, the moment to attack is before it reaches optimum speed. Luna’s thoughts were accurate to the letter, she took this moment to commence her attack.

Like a bullet she arrived a few metres in front of the rhino. The Savage beasts speed was a heavy weakness and Luna took advantage of this.

Sidestepping, she resolved her will, this was the moment to break down the wall in front of herself,  right away she stabbed the knife into the grey skin.

What she didn’t expect was that the knife only penetrated a few centimetres of its skin. Because of the recoil, she could barely feel her hand anymore and lost her grip on the knife.


The Savage beast released a furious roar into the sky, as blood spurted out of the wound onto its grey skin.

Letting go of the knife she retreated once again, however, she went to the edge of the grass plane to where a boulder was sitting.

The Savage beast was enraged and rushed towards her.

“Wait for it…” She quietly whispered her palms were covered in cold sweat but she waited.

“Wait for it…” It drew closer and closer to her because the rhino was berserk it didn’t notice what Luna was trying to do.

When the Savage beast was just about to reach her, she still stood still. In the last instance, she jumped sideways, the savage beast carried on running as the momentum carried it forward and slammed head first into the boulder.


A trembling sound shook the area, an unknown object sourcing from the Savage beast spun in the air and embedded itself into the ground. The boulder had shattered into hundreds of irregular shapes.

“ROAR!” The Savage beast released a more enraged roar, quickly turning and charging towards her. It was missing one horn, its face was trickled with blood and it was even more infuriated.

Luna wasn’t prepared and did her best to dodge, but the Savage beasts shoulder slammed into her.

“Guh!” All the air was blown out of her chest, she was sent flying through the air, immediately losing conscious.

Amaysu appeared behind her very quickly and caught her in his free arm and held her in his embrace.

Looking down he noticed blood trickling from her lips, the heavy blow from the rhino was definitely not something she could face head on.

Turning his head from her to the rhino a wave of explosive killing intent extended from him to the rhino. Although he said he wouldn’t help, it was only to help her get stronger. Now that she was injured he was angry, infuriated, he could have helped her but if he helped there was no way that she would get stronger.

“You worthless beast…” Amaysu coldly whispered.

With an intent, the scythe that was on the floor next to the dead ape and the knife embedded in the Savage beast dispersed into silver molecules. They moved towards Amaysu and coalesced into a dagger.

The rhino was sobered by the terrifying aura exuded by Amaysu, seeing what he was doing the fear struck rhino retreated into the forest.

Aware of the retreating Savage beast, there was no difference in Amaysu’s expression except for the glint in his eyes which grew sharper:


In the forest, the Savage beasts in the area near Amaysu could hear the spine-chilling cries of a dying beast. This, in turn, caused many Savage beasts to retreat from the dying screeches of the source.

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