CE Chapter 41

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 ­ Training Resolve (1)

In the centre of a pool of water, on top of a boulder, a calm bare-chested figure with a necklace hung around his neck sat silently. His entire left arm was in a cast and his bare-chest had a faint receding scar on it. Every breath that he took was calm and controlled, he in was in a tranquil state. However if a person looked closely, they would notice that the surface of the boulder had many cracks over it.

Amaysu stood up, his eye calmer and deeper than ever before, after barely escaping from a true Body Transformation expert,  his desire to get stronger reached an entirely new level.

If he couldn’t even defeat a Body Transformation, how was he able to exact revenge.

Just the casual swing of that elder’s Combat Artifact had heavily injured him. If that elder had used his full power in his first swing Amaysu would most likely not be standing here.

“Shadow~~” Luna’s resonant voice echoed out, while she skipped along the small stepping stones that led to the boulder where Amaysu was standing.

Her voice woke him from his dazed state, he turned to face her and saw her skipping through the rocks, in a few seconds she was standing in front of him.

“I thought I told you to not look for me when I’m meditating.” Amaysu scowled, he had strictly warned her not to bother him.

Luna pouted: “You weren’t meditating, you were just standing there,” she replied. “And also you told me to come to you when the sun was high to train.”

“Ah! Did I say that?” Amaysu rubbed his forehead, realising that he forgot what he said before.

Sighing deeply Amaysu stretched, numerous cracking sounds were emitted from his body. Due to him being inactive for so long his body had dulled a bit.

For the past week since he woke up, Amaysu didn’t train allowing his wounds to heal rather than overstraining his body which would be detrimental to him. Luna let him rest before she started asking him to help her, in fear that his wounds might reopen.

It would take at least four weeks for his arm to completely heal, this was only possible with Luna’s and the Inherited Legacies help or it would take much longer. This allowed him to spend a lot of time meditating using the Dream Conscious Mind technique.  

After barely surviving against a Body Transformation expert, Amaysu recognised that his overconfidence was dragging him down. This overconfidence came from his belief that he was unbeatable because of his old status, but he was no longer that person and no longer possessed that invulnerability.

By understanding his flaws it enabled Amaysu to make an immense breakthrough in his mental cultivation, his control over his Inherited Legacy had reached new heights. However, he would never use his Inherited Legacy unless he was going to use everything to kill someone or if there’s a life-threatening situation.

“Luna, let me ask you something first, what weapon do you use?”

Luna glanced at Amaysu and replied: “I use a sword!”

“Then why do you have a bow?” Amaysu was confused because he remembered that she had a bow with her the first time he saw her.

“Oh… I’m proficient in both weapons but I’ve trained with swords since I was a child!”

Amaysu nodded in acknowledgement: “Then let’s start!”

Amaysu leapt all the way from the boulder to a stepping stone that was ten metres away then started skipping across until he reached the other side. Luna followed behind him and watched Amaysu inspecting the trees in the area.

“That should work,” Amaysu mumbled. He chopped down at two branches that were about an inch thick and two inches wide.

Amaysu tossed the branch to her and said with absolute seriousness: “I want to see your swordsmanship, so treat me as your enemy and attack me!”

“Just like you I am skilled in using the sword, but I am much better at using a scythe.”

Amaysu took a stance, his left arm still in a cast and a branch in his right hand.


Luna hesitated because of Amaysu’s arm: “But…”

“Forget about it, in a real battle if you’re opponent is injured it means you have an advantage and your chance of surviving is higher. So come!” Amaysu harshly rebuked.

Luna still hesitated, Amaysu sighed if she wasn’t going to come to him he’ll got to her, without any further courtesy he rushed towards her.


He slashed down with the branch which split the air and went straight for her sword hand.

Luna retreated and raised the branch to intersect with Amaysu’s. The branches clashed against each other, however, the branch in her hand shook heavily, causing her arm to tremble. Amaysu wasn’t joking when he said treat me as your enemy, he was fighting seriously against her.

A person’s true potential and skill will only appear when there was a battle which risked something. He could only see her prowess and skill if she sparred against him seriously.

Luna retreated further backwards, trying to regain composure. Amaysu granted her the opportunity to regain composure, it wasn’t a true life and death battle.

“Come at me!” Amaysu waved the branch in a taunting manner.

Taking a deep breath, she stomped her feet into the dirt and leapt towards him, moving agilely, her feet softly tapped on the floor.

The movement technique she used was focussed on agility similar to Amaysu’s Lunar Moon Dance. Except that her technique had more crude footwork, compared to the graceful footwork of his movement technique.

When she was about to reach Amaysu, he suddenly disappeared and appeared extremely close to her.


At such a close range dodging it was a difficult task but she tried her hardest to dodge it, but the branch still scraped the right side of her stomach.

The branch tore her vest slightly revealing a bit of her soft white skin.

These exchanges carried on for nearly a full minute and every single time Luna was at a disadvantage.

Luna stood there breathing heavily, her clothes had many small tears, it was utterly humiliating that she was an unable to do anything to him.

She gritted her teeth and rushed towards Amaysu once again, subconsciously she aimed at Amaysu’s left arm. Amaysu watched as she drew closer, observing the resolve in her eyes, however, he was disappointed.

Just as she was about to slash with the branch against his injured arm, she hesitated and adjusted the motion of the branch, changing its course to Amaysu’s chest.

“Tsk…” He clicked his tongue in disappointment, raising the branch he easily blocked the incoming branch. Amaysu had given her this opportunity to attack him and she had failed to do so. In the next moment, he retreated and then pushed back forward and slammed the branch into hers, knocking it far away.

Before she knew it, Luna was standing still as Amaysu’s branch was held against her neck while her branch was still flying towards the waterfall.

Throughout the sparring match, Amaysu had many chances to completely dominate her, nonetheless this fight was only done to check how skilled she was.

“Why did you not attack my left arm?” Amaysu asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“…Because… Because you’re injured.”

This reassured Amaysu’s conclusion, but in turn, it made him more disappointed.

“Luna, you are skilled at using the sword just like me, you can make split second decisions and you have a strong basic foundation. However, I am no master, yet I can tell you the difference between you and me… You lack resolve and ruthlessness. When you had the chance to attack, you didn’t take it.” Amaysu strictly criticised her.

“Your sword has no will, you hesitate, you don’t have the resolve, that is the difference. If you don’t have the resolve how are you able to change your destiny. Life is not fair, in a real life and death battle, hesitation must be cast aside, either you live or you die!”

Everything he said was true, no matter what, a weapon was a tool used to kill, to protect and to fight. Without the resolution or will in one’s heart, no matter what grade a weapon was, it would be absolutely useless in the hands of a sapling.

Standing quietly, Luna acknowledged Amaysu’s comment. When Amaysu was giving her pointers he was utterly ruthless and didn’t care if she was a frail girl or an unsettling beauty, he would point out all her faults.

Taking a deep breath he sighed, seeing that she was absorbing his words quietly, his heart warmed a little. How could he have expected someone to be cold blooded the instant they picked up a weapon. Resolve and ruthlessness came over time.

Even when Amaysu was told to kill a Savage beast by his master he found it difficult, even after killing it he was vomiting a lot and found it difficult to sleep for many nights. Furthermore, when he killed Joseph a member of his own kind he paled slightly.

Slowly his voice became calm and soothing:”…But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make you more resolute. I’ll make sure that you lose that hesitancy so that you can become a true expert.”

“Wait here,” Amaysu instructed her before he turned around.

Amaysu ran along the pool of water and ran behind the waterfall to where the cave was. After a moment he walked out wearing his black cloak while carrying his scythe in his right hand. Amaysu kept his most important belongings with him including the Emperor Arts manual which he always kept by his side.

When he reached Luna, he walked past her to the edge of the clearing and then turned: “Follow me!”

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