CE Chapter 40

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 ­ Luna

After an unknown period of time, Amaysu slowly started to regain consciousness. His entire body was stiff, his body was suffering from the pain, which kept jolting him even when he tried to breathe forcing him to take slow soft breaths.

To escape from the Damian clan, he had to pay a large price. His entire left arm was mangled with half the blood vessels in his left hand ruptured. Some of the veins in his arm were also heavily damaged and countless bones had broken in his left arm and hand. Because of the heavy recoil, even some of his organs were misplaced.

The searing pain caused Amaysu to slowly regain awareness, the sounds of flowing water was heard in the distance. He suddenly felt a cloth, softly going over his left arm then moving towards his chest.

Amaysu slowly opened his eyes, it was very hard but he managed to do so, the scenery in front of him was a monotonous dark ceiling. He could still hear the sounds of water rushing down and he now felt that his arms were being wrapped with something.

Where am I?

Who’s touching me?

Amaysu tried his hardest to look at who was bandaging him, however, he was too exhausted for such a tiresome task and lost consciousness once again.

Not long after, Amaysu woke up once again, this time, he felt a cloth on his forehead, when he opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and he felt suffocated. However, he was feeling much better because a lot of the pain in his arm and chest had dulled.

Amaysu once again lost consciousness and this repeated many times.

After a period of time, Amaysu slowly opened his eyes, a lot of the pain had been alleviated and he realised that he could move his right hand.

“Urgh!” Amaysu groaned as he tried to push himself into a seated position.

“Ah?!” He suddenly heard a stunned voice, following this, a young girl ran towards him. She was dressed in simple white clothes, wearing a white skirt and a vest with long sleeves that were rolled up.

She had calm, dark blue big eyes. Her skin was soft and supple, her hair was tied into a ponytail with a few loose strands on her face, that actually made her more beautiful. She wasn’t the greatest beauty but she had a certain allure to her, but it was possible that she would turn into a beauty that could make cities fight for her in the near future.

She gently pressed Amaysu’s chest and quickly ordered him:”Sit down! You need more rest!”

Amaysu’s vision was still blurred and his mind was still disorganised, so it took a bit of time to respond before he laid down again.

The girl sat beside Amaysu: “Do you need anything?”

Amaysu looked at her, his eyes still confused: “Wat… Water… Water.” Amaysu murmured, his throat was thoroughly dry, it was painful and wearisome just to talk.

The girl rushed towards the end of  the cave, towards where the gushing sounds of water could be heard and ran back.

She bought a leather water sack and helped Amaysu drink. As the cool water went down his throat he felt a refreshing feeling, that flowed through his entire dull body.

After finishing he felt his mind clear and he regained his clear-headedness and recognised the girl, she was the one he saved.

Now that his head was clear he once again tried to sit back up. The girl was about to raise her hand to stop him, but Amaysu stopped her: “Stop… let me do this,” he croaked.

After sitting up, he leant against the wall that was just by his side and took a deep breath. Looking around he noticed that the sounds of rushing water were from the waterfall that veiled the cave’s entrance. Opposite to him, he noticed that his scythe and bag were quietly set resting there.

Closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall, Amaysu released a heavy breath which carried away a bit of the burden that he was carrying.

“Why did you save me?”

She was silent for a moment before he heard her voice: “I guess we have similar morals, you saved me earlier even with those injuries, so I chose to help you. This is also a way that I can repay you.”

Amaysu was quiet, he slowly opened his eyes once again, he saw that the girl was now sitting right in front of him holding up a wooden cup with a green liquid within it.

“Drink this.”

Amaysu looked at the cup, he hesitated for a moment, but still took the cup and drank it. It was extremely bitter and had a strong herbal scent, unexpectedly he felt the pain in his body dulling, he realised that this medicine was a type of painkiller.

Looking at the cup then back at her, Amaysu felt warmth in his heart, it had been such a long time since someone had treated him with actual, genuine and sincere kindness.

“Thank you!” Amaysu smiled, this was a heartfelt smile towards the person in front of him, it was nothing like the one he gave Hummels before. To Hummels, he had smiled because his siblings were alive, but now from the bottom of his heart, he was thankful towards the person in front of him.

The girl seeing his smile, suddenly turned red from embarrassment. She had never seen someone so handsome, it wasn’t a feminine like handsomeness it was full of power and respect, she couldn’t help but glance at his features. They were all so perfect and most of all he was much stronger than her, even though he looked only a bit older than her.

His unique eyes were especially charismatic, they had a magnetic effect that drew people towards him. They were calm without a ripple, deep showing no hint of his true self and full of mystery.

He makes those men look like frogs. Only she knew who ‘those men’ she was referring to.

“What’s your name?” Amaysu finally asked.

The girl woke from her dazed state and was quiet for a moment before she spoke: “Luna.”


While Amaysu was in thought she asked Amaysu: “What’s your name?”

Amaysu expected this and was already prepared: “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you my name, but call me Shadow for now.”

Luna looked at Amaysu with a downtrodden expression, she realised that he was probably hiding his name due to the people who injured him.

Seeing her dejected expression Amaysu decided to change the subject: “How old are you?”

“15 years old.”

“You’re so young, yet you’re able to concoct medicine?”

When Amaysu started talking about medicine her dejected expression became enthusiastic: “Yes, I have some common knowledge regarding herbs and their medicinal values.”

After this, she started talking a lot about herbs and subject matters that were related to it.


The next day.

Amaysu had taken the painkiller medicine that was concocted by Luna twice a day, relieving a lot of the pain and he was very grateful.

He found out that he was unconscious for five days and she had taken care of him the entire time.

When he was heavily injured, Luna found a safe place to rest and carried him all the way there, she concocted medicine to heal him, she even bandaged his arm and chest over and over again. He felt extremely grateful, Luna had diligently taken care of him, even though she didn’t know who he was.

Right now his arm was still wrapped in a certain soft material that she had found in the forest. He didn’t know how to thank her properly, nevertheless, he was definitely going to remember this favour.

One day, all of a sudden she came to him and asked him with absolute seriousness:  “Please let me accompany you!”

Amaysu looked at her expression that was full of conviction but still replied in the negative: “No.”

Luna looked at Amaysu and asked once again: “Please, I’ve thought about it for so long, please help me get stronger!”

She had a strong desire to get stronger and kept asking Amaysu without telling him the reason for her conviction. When he did get a reason he was stunned: “I want control of my destiny!”

The reason he was so stunned was because he was told the same thing once before, but this was a long time ago. This was a time when his father, Ranel had spoken to him alone:

“Amay, you have to get stronger to control your own destiny. ” Ranel said these words to him under the beautiful starry sky. “Destiny isn’t something that anyone can control, Only a handful of people have been able to do so. Nonetheless, with strength altering it and protecting your loved ones would be easy… Amay I hope one day you are able to control your destiny and control what you become.”

Back then Amaysu didn’t know the meanings that his father meant when he said this while staring at the glowing moon. However, now he understood what he meant by ‘controlling your destiny’.

This gave Amaysu an impression of how deep her conviction was. Amaysu frowned but then stood up causing his stiff bones to crack, he walked to the entrance of the cave and didn’t face her.

“I don’t care anymore, do what you want!” After saying this he jumped off the edge of the cave, through the veil of water into the pool below.

Luna understood Amaysu’s words, she felt extremely happy and a delighted smile was stuck on her face.

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