CE Chapter 4

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 ­ Raza Averice

Hummels had followed the path that led to the town that the Averice clan created and made their own domain nearly a thousand years ago.

The town itself was made in a clearing in the forest; the clearing was a rectangular shape, having a width of five kilometres and a length of ten kilometres. Even though the town had walls on all 4 sides to prevent the savage beasts from attacking, it was also there to prevent outsiders from entering. The Averice clan would never allow outsider into the town to preserve the secrets and only allowed their members to leave the town for trade.

There were many streets with homes all aligned in a row, they were made from bricks and didn’t have anything significantly special about it, except for the layout of the streets.

The town was bustling with people and in the centre of the town was the headquarters of the Averice clan’s main family. The building that the main family of the Averice clan owned was the tallest building in the city, having five floors. It had a huge front courtyard, containing dozens
of sculptures and small ponds, with flowers nearby. The building was surrounded by walls that prevented any normal person from the town to enter it and only the upper echelons of the clan lived in the mansion. It had two clan guards standing in front of the gates and many more were stationed within the estate.

The building itself was the size of a mansion. It was made of white bricks and light brown wood was used in the creation of the building, this made the building itself look impeccable. Brown wood came from the Brownwood tree, this type of tree surrounded the clearing, they were very sturdy and flexible wood and had the capability to withstand the maximum attack power of a 1st rank Fighter.

There were countless windows aligning each floor in the Mansion. The front of the mansion had a 3
metres tall brown coloured wooden door; it was the only entrance to the home. There were also two guards standing in front of the door, keeping unwanted visitors away.


Inside the Mansion hall.

“What?! Is what you said true?” A man sitting on a domineering seat that was on a high platform within the hall inside the mansion; now had wide open eyes as he gaped at Hummels. His expression showed the disbelief within his voice.

This man was built and bulky, he had the waist of a bear and he was over 2 metres tall. His arms were as thick as logs while his thighs looked so powerful that he could easily destroy countless trees with mere kicks. He was very muscular seeming as if his muscles would rip his black, sleeved tunic, he also wore a rough, contrasting white breeches and leather boots as well. This man had light brown skin and curly hair that flowed down to his shoulders.

This man also had a scar that was cutting horizontally from his right ear through his cheeks towards his nose; this made the man have a malicious and sinister appearance. He was rather average looking, but he carried the aura of a warrior that has been through countless trials.

Inside the hall, Hummels was kneeling on one knee and had just given an account of what had happened. “Yes Patriarch, I dare not lie to you.” Hummels didn’t dare falsify the words when he spoke to the man in front of him. This man was the leader of the Averice clan and also a 5th rank Fighter, one that hasn’t been seen for countless generations during the clans thousand year long history.

“Are you serious?!” The Averice clan leader still couldn’t believe it.

However Hummels still nodded back with a serious expression on his face. This caused the Averice clans Patriarch to gasp in shock; he knew how difficult it was to open that door. In his estimations only a Body Transformation stage expert could open it. Despite this he didn’t want to risk
it or there was a likely chance that the news of the door hidden in the mountain would spread and they would have no chance in gaining the treasures within.

After hearing that a boy had come out from within, he had a glint full of avaricious greed in his eyes. He started breathing heavily as he dreamt of all the possible treasures that could be hiding behind the doors. What could possibly be hidden behind those doors? Gold, Cultivation Arts or
maybe even an Inherited Legacy… No way, impossible, the Patriarch thought as he shook his head dismissing the idea of such an ultra rare treasure possibly existing in such a remote area.

“Raza, come here.” The Patriarch of the Averice clan said as he motioned his hand towards a man who looked like he was in his 20s.

A man dressed in white, who had an above average appearance, an extremely arrogant glint in his eyes and bronze skin that was similar to the Patriarch’s. ” Yes father, you called?” Raza said respectfully as he looked at his father. Raza was in his late 20s, he was in the 3rd rank of the Fighter
stage, everyone in the clan believed there was a possibility for this young lad to reach the 5th rank by 50 and reach the 6th during his 60s or 70s. He was the proud genius of the Averice clan.

“Raza, you will follow this man and check if what he says is true. Also take some men with you… If that boy tries to do anything suspicious you have my permission to kill him.” The Patriarch said as he waved his hand in a dismissive manner, which Raza reacted with a slight nod.

“Okay all of you in this room follow me!” Raza said in a loud voice, within the hall the men all stood straight and followed this young man and Hummels out of the hall.

As the men left, the patriarch muttered as his eyes glowed with an unsuppressed light, ” I Joseph Averice will finally see the treasures hidden within…”


The group of men were walking, following the pathway which led to the restricted grounds which only allowed certain members of the Averice clan to enter. The Golden rimmed black door was also located within the restricted grounds.

These men that were following Raza and Hummels were extremely loud, conversing like unmannered barbarians, as they walked along the stone pathway. They were all wearing standardised uniforms of the Averice clan: Beast fur clothes, leather boots and a sword hung on their sides which were sheathed.

“Stop!” Raza shouted abruptly without any warning. The big bulky men all stopped, not understanding why they were told to stop. “Can you hear that?” Raza said to the brutes as he strained his ears to hear something.

“…” All the men that were standing behind him became silent and also strained their ears trying to hear what their young master indicated.

All of a sudden they heard a whistling melody that seemed to calm their barbaric nature; it was a harmonious tune that could quell the most powerful of beasts. This melody quietened them down and also caused them to be filled with a sense of sadness which they didn’t know where it had come from. This tune caused all of them to stand there just listening to the different notes of the
whistling sound.

“Is this the voice of nature?” Hummels muttered in amazement as he listened to the tranquil song that was coming from a few hundred metres ahead of him.

“Come let’s go…” Raza said as he waved his hands forward, pulling the men and Hummels out of their dazed state. Raza was a 3rd rank Fighter, so he had a better and stronger state of mind.

As they walked along the pathway, the tune grew in volume, the men could hear it much clearer as they appreciated every change in note, but how could these brutes truly understand the meaning of the song and truly appreciate it.

Slowly they came to the end of the pathway and entered a small pocket of open clearing and there they saw a child that looked like he was in his early teens, who was sitting cross-legged as two toddlers laid down on his lap. It looked as if they were slowly dozing off to sleep.

The boy was holding his hands near his lips, his fingers moved slowly and this caused the tune of the whistling melody to change, the warriors realised the boy seemed to be playing something. The group that came with Raza stared at the boy with an awe-filled expression, as they realised that the melody was coming from this boy.

“He’s playing the Ocarina.” A man whispered as he recognised the instrument that the boy was holding.

“What astonishing talent…”

“This is definitely a song that could quell the hatred within ones soul…”

After the last note left the Ocarina, which was the instrument the boy was playing and the two babies had fallen asleep, he sat there and looked into the clearing and stared directly at the place where the group of men was standing.

“Come out.” A cold and distant voice uttered from this young man, which caused these strong, built men to shiver. They saw the heart-rending, coldness in the boy by looking at the two different coloured eyes. The Golden Copper iris made this boy feel unfathomable, while the deep
brown iris hid his cold aura.

Combining the demeanour and the looks of the boy, with his talent with the Ocarina, it caused the men to revere the boy’s aura. These men immediately felt the presence of a noble and the domineering pressure the boy carried, it was one which they have never felt before.

All of the men walked out, led by Raza, followed by Hummels and then the guards. They all had a look of appreciation, but they were all replied by Amaysu’s cold stare.

“Hummels, what is this? I thought you were going to bring me and my siblings our meal.” Amaysu’s voice was cold and indifferent when he spoke.

This in return caused Hummels to shiver as he felt the emotionless and desolate tone of the boy. He couldn’t help but wonder what caused this boy to become so cold.

“I asked you, where our meal is? And why have you brought these men here?” Amaysu questioned indifferently.

Hummels looked at Raza for a moment and Raza in return nodded at him.

“Mi Lord, our young master wanted to see you first…” Hummels said with a venerated look.

Amaysu looked at the man Hummels pointed at the man who looked like he was in his late 20s and didn’t show a sign of interest or respect on his face, he still carried an indifferent look.

Raza frowned, How arrogant, I’m a 3rd rank Fighter. Raza felt that the boy in front of him, Amaysu was being too arrogant and lofty.

“Hello,” Raza said with a smile, that covered his true feelings.

“…” There was an awkward silence passing between him and Amaysu. Amaysu didn’t even keep Raza in his eyes and didn’t bother replying to him, since he noticed the fake smile plastered on his face. He had seen thousands of people with similar characters to this man back in the empire, they all tried to curry in favour with him, by carrying a fake polite smile. Amaysu hated people like these the most as it automatically reminded him of the fake smiles and manner of his family’s killers.

This callous behaviour caused Raza to fume in rage; he did not expect this young lad, who had probably just left his mother’s side, actually dared to disrespect him.

“Hello… My name is Raza. I am the young master of this dominion you are staying on.” Raza said with a forced smile on his face. He did not know who this boy was, but this noble aura that this boy carried was something he had never felt before, this made him realise that this boy was not simple.

Amaysu frowned. His dominion? I guess time has caused this land to be ownerless, Amaysu thought.

“What do you want?” He questioned, he didn’t bother giving this man any respect and wanted him to get to the main subject already.

“…” Raza was now fuming with rage, people like him who was brought up in such a favourable environment and had a really arrogant temperament since their childhood, meant that even the smallest amount of disrespect could cause them to go wild in rage and kill callously. However Raza still kept the plastered smile on his face, for the sake of learning the method to open the door behind the boy.

“Little brother, that door behind you is something that belongs to us. I would like to ask you how you opened that door?” Raza asked with a trembling smile. After I get you to open that door, I’ll definitely kill you, this was what Raza was thinking at the exact same moment, he a 3rd rank Fighter was getting ignored by a worthless kid, with unknown origins.

Amaysu frowned once again, but he still casually replied, ”Belongs to you?” Amaysu mocked coldly. “That is a chamber that I and my siblings stayed in, what is so special about it?”

This time Raza couldn’t hold the fury that was vent up within him. “What kind of Bullshit is this? A Chamber that you stayed in? What’s special about it? How laughable, we all know that room has countless treasures inside and only a Body Transformation stage could possibly open it.” Raza exploded with everything he had to say.

Birds fluttered away from their homes in the trees because of Raza’s roaring voice, this also caused Raymond and Arisa to stir from their sleep. Amaysu frowned; he had done his hardest to put these two hungry toddlers to sleep.

Amaysu stared coldly at the man in front of him. Amaysu’s icy glare caused Raza’s heart to flutter and he felt a spine chilling coldness run through him.

“Shut up, if you don’t have anything useful to say just keep your mouth shut.”

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