CE Chapter 39

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 ­ Call Me Shadow

The girl kept shivering, tears welling in her eyes, slowly the fear in her eyes turned to despair. She would rather kill herself than face these lecherous barbarians.


Suddenly the sounds of branches breaking above her head drew her attention away from the group of men. When she looked up her view was blocked by a black figure that softly descended in front of her.

The figure stood tall and steadfast, his body exhausting aura. When she looked at his back she suddenly felt a sense of safety from this figure.

The group of men that surrounded the girl retreated because of the sudden appearance of the masked intruder. They felt intimidated by his aura and the weapon that he carried.

However, this feeling disappeared when they noticed that this intimidating figure was heavily injured. The figures chest was wounded which could be seen through the hole in his clothes, his entire left arm was mangled and too horrific to look at.

The man that entered first looked at Amaysu and then snorted with disdain: “Who are you?!” The arrogant tone of his voice came from the amount of people in his group and his own strength.


Amaysu quietly stared at him not replying, he wasn’t going to waste his time here.

“Hmph, I don’t know who you are but don’t come here and act like a hero!” The man felt irritated because Amaysu was trying to protect his prey.

“I’ll give you three seconds to leave…” Amaysu ignored what the man said and warned him to leave.


At this moment the feeling that the girl behind Amaysu felt a feeling that she couldn’t describe, it was like being brought back from the depths of despair.


The man frowned, his head red from fury. “Men! Kill him!” He roared.


Seeing the charging men, the girl shrunk her body, she looked like a frightened rabbit. Under the howling voices of the charging men, she heard Amaysu’s soothing voice: “Close your eyes.”

The girl did as told. However, unexpectedly Amaysu picked her up by the stomach and carried her over his shoulders. This caused the girl to be shocked and flustered.

Because of this, the leader of the group was fuming with anger, the woman he had eyes on was being carried by another man.

Amaysu’s cloak fluttered, in a split second he activated Lunar Moon Dance and skipped through the men charging towards him and raced towards their leader.

It took just a moment for Amaysu to appear right in front of the group’s leader. In the next instant, he swung his scythe and hooked it around the leaders head.

“You are the type of person that disgusts me!” Amaysu whispered.

The leader could clearly see the jewels that were Amaysu’s eyes, seeing the hypnotising emptiness the leader stood there frozen. Without  the chance to process what was said to him Amaysu pulled the scythe towards himself.


In front of the frozen stares given by the group of men, the head of their leader plopped on the floor. They were utterly helpless in preventing Amaysu from killing their boss.

Blood flowed out of the severed head, soaking the headless body. Amaysu turned to face the rest of the men and spoke once again, his voice extremely cold: “If you don’t want to end up like him, I’ll give you three seconds to leave.”

The men stood silently, frozen in their positions, not daring to make a move.

“Three!” Amaysu’s voice immediately woke them up, with their tails between their legs they retreated in fear of Amaysu.

Amaysu was a merciful person if it was needed he would have killed them all. But to their fortune, Amaysu wanted this over very quickly so he went for their leader. There was the risk of them coming into contact with his pursuers, but how could they recognise him.

After the men ran off he laid the girl on the floor, she supported herself up, her face was slightly flustered because of Amaysu’s straightforwardness.

She then turned to look around and noticed the severed head on the floor , her face paled and she immediately turned her head away. She then retreated a few steps, her face still pale but looked at Amaysu who was still wearing his mask.

“Thank you… Mister! I’m deeply indebted to you.” The girl spoke, her voice quivering. Even though she was saved, she didn’t know what Amaysu’s intentions were so she was on full guard.

Amaysu nodded and then looked at her, she felt as if every part of her was being seen through and couldn’t help but look down under Amaysu’s gaze.

“You’re only at the 5th rank of the Fighter stage and you came out here all alone?”

The girl nodded, but was shocked that Amaysu could sense her strength, this meant that he was far more skilled than she expected.

Amaysu frowned then carried on: “Well that makes it worse! You’re weak and alone yet you came out here to train alone. That’s a foolish idea for a girl that can’t fight to protect herself!” Amaysu spoke harshly.

The girl shivered when she heard Amaysu’s voice for the reason that everything he said was true. The very reason she came here was to strengthen herself and train. She just quietly stood there listening to Amaysu.

“I saved you because I was here and that was something that went with my morals, however, if I wasn’t here you already know what would happen to you!”

The girl couldn’t refuse and just absorbed all the words that came from Amaysu. Even Amaysu didn’t know why he was scolding her, it might be because she was younger than him, but he didn’t know.

“You better go back home or you’ll just get into trouble again.”

The girl looked up at Amaysu and stared at him with a defiant gaze. She opened her mouth and spoke with conviction nothing like her previous frail voice: “I understand your intention, but I’m sorry, I came here to get stronger!”

Amaysu looked at the girls eyes, it was full of conviction a strong desire to get stronger. If she was so determined, he decided not to pursue it.

“Then do what you want!” Amaysu had done what had to be done, he turned and was prepared to leave

“Thump!” Abruptly, he felt his chest pain and blood surged through of his throat, he immediately started coughing blood. Furthermore, because he was holding the scythe with his left hand it had reopened the wound causing blood to pour out profusely.

Amaysu dropped onto his knees and grabbed onto his bloodied arm, the mask on his face fell on the floor. His vision blurred due to the lack of blood in his body and the burden caused by his heavy injuries.

“Not now!… Argh!” Amaysu roared helplessly as he was jolted by the immense pain.

The girl was taken aback by Amaysu’s sudden outburst. For the first time, she noticed the blatant and heavy injuries on Amaysu’s body. She never realised that he had saved him despite being heavily injured. She couldn’t help but feel guilty because she suspected him even though he saved her.

Amaysu looked up at the sky, his dishevelled hair matted his sweat covered, pale forehead.

Haha… Hey, I never got to ask you your name, what should I be calling you? Amaysu asked the voice his tone slightly sentimental, while his vision started fading.

A name?.. Hm … I don’t have a name, but… Amay you can call me Shadow, because I am a part of you, I am just your Shadow the one that will always be there with you. The voice replied to Amaysu.

Shadow… Shadow, has a nice ring to it. After this Amaysu’s vision blacked out completely, his conscious receded and he collapsed.

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