CE Chapter 38

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 ­ Getting Into Trouble

Amaysu rushed through the Savage Kings Forest, cautiously while maintaining a fast pace.

His entire left arm was coated with fresh blood, his skin was burnt and already gone leaving it raw, the bones in his left hand were broken and his fingers were all bent towards odd angles.

Amaysu had already released the Particle Cannon allowing it to transform back into a cube and after that, he had put the cube away.

“Argh!… Huh!” Amaysu howled in pain and swallowed a cold breath of air as he grabbed hold of his dangling arm, his eyes twitched and his face was covered in cold sweat, that soaked his black clothes.

His body dodged past the leaves and unbound branches, he was searching for a place to hide and recuperate until his injuries completely healed.

At this moment an unnoticeable silver light was glowing around Amaysu, his Inherited Legacy had automatically activated and was providing him support. If it wasn’t for this he would have already collapsed a long time ago.

This special ability that his Inherited Legacy possessed was something that Amaysu had realised a long time ago, but he had no idea to what extent this ability could help him. This ability was very difficult for Amaysu to understand, but it helped him repair a lot of heavy wounds much faster than normal.

Amay, you’ve broken several bones in your arm, your muscles and tendons have been shredded and a lot of your blood vessels have ruptured along with your veins as well. We have to find a place for you to recuperate or you won’t last for long.

For the first time, the voice was serious and wasn’t behaving in a carefree manner.

“It’s that bad!” Amaysu exclaimed he couldn’t refrain the shock in his voice. “This weapon is extremely dangerous, I didn’t expect it to have such a powerful recoil on my body… No wonder grandfather destroyed every single one of these.” Amaysu muttered as he came to a realisation.

You’re lucky you didn’t use the Particle Cannon at full power or your injuries wouldn’t be so light, the safest scenario I expect would be losing your entire arm, worst case scenario would be losing half your body.

Amaysu nodded affirmatively, yet he couldn’t help but shiver in fear realising that the benefits of this weapon came with an immense cost.

Without a strong physical body, it would be impossible to use the Particle Cannon without being heavily injured. If Amaysu was as strong as he was two years ago he would have lost his entire arm.

“Argh!” Amaysu roared all of a sudden, his body scraped against a large branch that stabbed at his sensitive left arm.

Blood was pouring out from his arm, through his pores, a lot of the skin on his arm had already been torn apart or burnt. The pain he felt was unbearable even when he was touched by the wind, it felt like he was being cut several times.


Out of nowhere a giant lizard that was two metres long appeared in the distance, it’s tongue flickered and it started at Amaysu as if it was deciding what part of him was the most delicious.

Amaysu frowned and an annoyed expression took over his face, he knew that the scent of his blood had drawn this Savage beast towards him.

“Only a Rank 2 Savage beast and you dare to hunt me?!” Amaysu growled furiously.

The Savage beast ignored Amaysu’s furious call and rushed towards his injured figure ready to kill him.


Amaysu released the grip on his left arm and was immediately jolted by the pain, but he gnashed his teeth and bared it. Raising his right-hand silver specks started coalescing in front of him forming a small sharp dagger.

“Go!” Amaysu pointed at the Savage beast and the dagger shot towards the Savage beast.

The Savage beast had no way of defending against Amaysu’s attack, the dagger was just too fast. Without much resistance it was stabbed through the head, releasing a dying roar, it crumbled to the soil into a pool of its own blood.

“Urgh!” Amaysu staggered, losing his balance he fell onto the grass. He felt a metallic sensation surging up his throat, he then started coughing blood right away, simultaneously blood spurted out of his arm due to his sudden movements.

Amaysu wiped the blood off his lips, his short hair was dishevelled, the bright light in eyes had dimmed by a bit and he was covered in sweat, but he stood up and carried on retreating, searching for a safe place to hide.

For the next few minutes, Amaysu rushed as far as he could and tried his best to hide from the nearby Savage beasts that were drawn to the scent of his blood.


Amaysu’s ears twitched as he heard the sounds of something walking through the forest along with voices in the distance which were drawing closer to him.

“Damn it! Did they already find me?!” He couldn’t believe that they found his trail so quickly once again.

Amaysu quickly jumped onto a branch and started climbing the tree and found himself a place to hide where he can also see these people without being detected.

After a minute a figure rushed through the thick brambles and stopped right beside the tree where Amaysu was hiding, Amaysu held his breath and quietly watched.

This person was a young girl.

A girl? Was there a girl in the group chasing me?

The young girl looked to be about the same age or a bit younger than him. This girl had long black hair that had been pulled into a ponytail. She had delicate white skin, slender white legs and a fragile slim body, her chest was still in the developing stages but she was still dazzling.

Her face was captivating because of her fair but full eyebrows with dark blue, big eyes that were frantically glancing at many directions while biting down on her pink thin lips. She could be described as beautiful but Amaysu had seen women that were far superior to her.

This young girl had a frightened expression on her face, even though she was wearing leather armour and white garments under it, with a bow hung over her shoulders.

Amaysu noticed that even though she looked younger than him, she had the aura of 5th Rank Fighter stage cultivator.

She’s talented Amay~~

She turned, about to run in a different direction, when suddenly an arrow shot towards her.

“AH!” She exclaimed in shock as she fell on the floor dodging the arrow, the arrow flew past her and into the depths of the forest

“Haha! Where do you think you’re going, little girl?” A man laughed, walking out of the brambles from the same direction as the girl.

The girl stepped backwards, her body came to a stop against the tree, she was trembling under the gaze of this man.


Many men started walking out of the brambles and were standing around the girl, surrounding her, not allowing her to escape.

The man that walked in the same direction as the young woman had lascivious gaze which he didn’t hide, this made Amaysu feel disgusted. He already detected the strength of these men, the man standing in front was only a 7th rank Fighter while the rest were at the 6th rank.

“Little girl, why don’t you come with me and we can play around for a bit!” The man spoke while his eyes moved around her body, feeling even more impressed by it. He stepped forward moving closer and closer to the young girl.

She was far weaker than these men, so she was helpless, tears started forming in the corners of her eyes, realising what was about to happen to her.

At this moment Amaysu frowned, he was not the type of person that would ignore a helpless girl that was being assaulted right in front of him. Even though Amaysu was cold and indifferent, his kind and gentle heart still existed deep in him, so he wasn’t going to ignore her.

Amay, ignore her. You’re already severely injured, fighting against them will exhaust you. You don’t even know her, just forget about her.

I might not know her but I can’t leave someone that is helpless right in front of me… I’m going to help her, Amaysu replied to the voice.

Then do what you want, but I have already warned you, your life is far more important than hers or anybody else’s to me…

Amaysu didn’t reply. He raised his right palm, silver specks started coalescing to form a mask which was exactly the same as the one that had shattered before, this was done just for precautions. After putting it on, he formed a scythe from his Inherited Legacy.

Grabbing its handle he jumped off the tree and landed in front of the girl.

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