CE Chapter 37

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 ­Amaysu’s Vow


Three figures stopped a few metres away from Amaysu who had just stood up after dodging the knife.

Luca and the elder looked at Amaysu and the third man was masked so Amaysu couldn’t make his features out, also the elder and the masked figure had swords sheathed on their waists.

Amaysu glared coldly at them, the iciness in his aura started growing once again: “Why are you chasing me?”

Luca took this chance to harshly rebuke him: “Do you not understand the situation?! Your life is in our hands!”

Amaysu snorted but kept quiet, however, even when facing two Body Transformation experts he wasn’t going to lower his head. He was trying to think of a plan to escape or at least come up with a compromise between him and them.

While Amaysu was in his thoughts the elder started speaking: “We’ll grant you two options, one will let you live while the other will take you to your death.”

At a closer look Amaysu realised that this elders face was covered in wrinkles, his skin was pale and flaky from old age.

“The first option is you join us…”

When the first few words left the elder, Luca was shocked, then an ugly expression covered his face, he didn’t believe that the elder would try to recruit him.

Even Amaysu was shocked, however, the elder didn’t take his reactions into account and carried on speaking: “You will join our family and take our name, it will be a shame if a genius like you died so young. You must also hand over all your treasures, including that black box and Combat skills to the family clan.”

Amaysu frowned and spoke icily: “What if I say no?”

The elder’s wrinkled face became even more gruesome: “Then we’ll take your treasures and the method to use them, then kill you.”

“Hmph! You want me to change my family name? You have no qualifications to make me do so and you want my treasures, just try it!” Amaysu wasn’t the slightest bit scared against such powerful foes, it was the opposite he was enraged by the elder.

At this moment, over a dozen figures were becoming visible from where Amaysu was standing, they were all stampeding in his direction.

They’ve assembled quite a force against you~

Can you stop commenting and come up with anything useful, Amaysu harshly reprimanded.

“Do you desire death so much?!” The elder was furious because of Amaysu’s arrogance and pulled out the sheathed sword.

This sword had a purple shine to it and had a peculiar aura.

“Combat Artifact!” Amaysu didn’t expect that the elder would take out his combat artifact so early.

Combat Artifacts were weapons that were forged with special materials. The hardness and power contained in a sword depended mainly on the material used to forge it.

The difference between a normal weapon and a Combat Artifact was the minute detail in the technology used to add effects and powers to the weapon. These effects allowed the weapon to have much more power, but the burden is too much for a normal cultivator to handle. So only an individual at the Body Transformation stage could use these weapons.

“This is where you die!”

Luca and the masked man watched as the elder waved his sword nonchalantly.

A purple haze formed on the surface of the sword, when the sword was swung at Amaysu, the haze changed into a sword beam that shot towards Amaysu.

The purple sword beam got closer and closer, with difficulty Amaysu bent his body trying to dodge the sword beam.


The sword beam slammed into Amaysu’s abdomen, he had underestimated the difficulty of dodging the sword beam and was forced to face it head on.

Amaysu flew a few metres back and then rolled on the floor.


Gradually he turned  and laid on his stomach and started coughing blood onto the grass. His clothes on his chest area were seared and blood was pouring down from the wound, but contrary to his situation a crazed expression was on Amaysu’s face.

“Haha!” Amaysu laughed as he coughed more blood, causing the three men to look at him in confusion, they even felt a sense of danger appear from him. It was the same feeling that you would get when a beast goes berserk.

Amaysu stood up and his gaze was glued on the trio, his voice maniacal: “I’ve told you I had no qualms with you, yet you leave me no leeway! I vow that the day that we meet again will be the day that I eradicate you!”

“Haha! You still think that you can escape alive?!” Luca laughed in contempt.

Amaysu’s voice was cold and full of rage: “I don’t think, I know I’ll escape… You wanted to see what that black cube was, let me show you its power!”

Amaysu raised his blackish blue left arm to face the trio. At the same time the trio looked at Amaysu with ridicule, they believed it was just the baseless words of a cornered beast.

The group that was stampeding towards Amaysu had finally caught up and were also watching Amaysu’s sorry figure.

Amaysu snorted, he swiped the screen on his left arm, which changed the options leaving a single new option behind.


Thereupon he pressed it.

“Buzz! Buzz!” All of a sudden buzzing sounds were being released from Amaysu’s arm causing the ridiculing expressions on the groups face to freeze. The elder and the other Body Transformation expert sensed that something was wrong.

Shortly after, a bright blue light shone through the small gaps in the armour, it moved through his arm like fluid revealing a path.

These paths joined at the centre of Amaysu’s palm where the white circle was located. The white circle became blue and its shine grew brighter and brighter until it was a blinding light that dimmed the sunlight.

“DIE!” Amaysu roared fiercely.


A blue light beam that was the size of a person’s torso rocketed out from Amaysu’s palm, the air around the palm shattered into pieces as the beam of light shot towards the group. The energy ripped everything in its path, tearing and destroying everything in its way.

The elder felt a great sense of danger coming from the beam.

“Protect the young master!”

It didn’t matter if he was severely injured, if Luca, the best talent in their family clan was to die it would mean that they would lose another future Body Transformation expert that has the potential to reach an even higher stage.

With his command, the group of Fighter stage experts surrounded Luca and right in front of the group stood the elder and the masked man. They both had their Combat Artifacts raised concentrating on the beam of pure energy that was destroying everything in its path.


When the beam of energy clashed against the two Body Transformation stage experts, it came to an abrupt stop as the two forces clashed against one another.

Even though there was a slight pause they were being pushed back at an increasing rate, the elder realised that the ray of energy was far more powerful than he first expected.

“Quickly release your full power!” The elder roared to the masked man.

Immediately the air surrounding them started vibrating and the vibrations that their body produced was released.

“Buzz!” This caused a buzzing sound as the air started shaking, they were using the special force that only those that were at the Body Transformation stage or higher could use. Furthermore, their bodies emitted a dull yellow light.

“Shit!” However, this wasn’t enough because the beam kept growing more and more powerful, retaliating against them.

The elder and the masked man were sweating heavily and trails of blood started forming on the elders lips, blood started dripping from the masked man’s face. The burden of activating their full power for so long was heavy, for the both of them, the web between their thumb and index finger was shredded, covered in blood.

The clashing of the two forces lasted for nearly thirty full seconds before one of them gave in.

“Boom!” Suddenly the energy surged with an even more ferocious power which charged through them without opposition.

“Elder!” Luca roared with trepidation because if the elder died he would be next.

The energy rushed towards Luca, but to his fortune, the energy unexpectedly exploded just before reaching Luca’s group.

Luca fell to the ground in fear, breathing a deep breath he stared at the dust clouds.


Slowly a minute passed by and the dust in the air were settling down, the atmosphere was tense and Luca was beyond anxious, he didn’t know if the elder was alive or not.

When the dust fully cleared, Luca’s eyes went wide with horror. A perfect trail of destruction was left behind in the wake of the energy beam, the land was unearthed and mutilated.

Luca’s gaze moved forward and landed on two figures that were revealed by the curtain of dust, they were standing with the support of their swords in a pool of blood.


“Guh!” Both the elder and the masked man vomited blood, the masked man’s mask fell on the floor, revealing a destroyed and ugly face, that was covered in blood.

The two men were covered in blood, their pair of arms were mangled to an unsightly degree, blood kept flowing down from their wounds.

Luca quickly arrived next to the elder and ordered his men: “Quickly treat the elder and him, after that quickly take them back to the city!”

However, the elder weakly interjected: “Luca order some men to chase after him! He must be injured from the recoil of that attack, this is the best moment to kill him or this will be a great threat for our family clan in the future!  “

Luca nodded and ordered some men to follow Amaysu.

In the battlefield, Amaysu’s figure was nowhere to be seen, except for a trail of blood tipped grass that led to the Savage Kings Forest.

Luca couldn’t help but look back up at the catastrophe and shiver in fear remembering the figure that stood only a few metres ahead of them just a minute before.

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