CE Chapter 36

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 ­ Pursuit

A week later.

A black cloaked figure carrying a small bag over his shoulders walked through the inn’s doors into the cold, crowded streets. At the moment he left the inn, many cloaked figures that stood hidden in different locations around the inn suddenly started moving at the same time.

Amaysu walked through the streets and dissolved into the crowd.

You’re being followed.

“Yes I know?” Amaysu replied to the voice in his head, he was alert and on guard the entire time. For the past week, he has walked through the streets many times and noticed that there were people following him.

After spending two years inside the Beast Kings Forest, his instincts were very sensitive. In a place where the strongest would feed on the week and where even the slightest bit of precaution to the smallest detail could save your life, this tempered his surviving skills.

They’re probably waiting till I leave and then ambush me outside the city, Amaysu thought to himself. He had an idea of who was surveying him, so he didn’t take any unfavourable risks. Amaysu also knew that they couldn’t do anything to him within the city in fear of offending one of the Nine Overlord sects, but outside they could do whatever they wanted to him.

Amaysu had spent the week casually walking around the streets under the surveillance of his unwanted followers, it wasn’t that he couldn’t lose them, it was the opposite he was allowing them to keep up with him.

The only reason he was casually walking around the streets was to reduce their guard against him so that when he wants to he could lose them in an instant, that was his chance to escape.


Within the Damian Family Clans estate.

In a courtyard a young man was shirtless waving down his sword in a downward motion, he kept repeating that motion for a few minutes.

After a while, he stopped and walked to a nearby table with refreshments on it. He wiped the sweat off his face and doused himself with a bucket of cold water, this young man was Luca Damian.

“Hm? What is it?” he didn’t turn around but he knew there was someone behind him.

The man was dressed completely in black and spoke in a respectful manner: “Young master, he is on the move once again.”

Luca naturally knew who the man behind him was referring to.

With the help of the elder, he had carefully observed every one of Amaysu’s movements around the city, but Amaysu still didn’t dare to leave the city and moved around carefreely.

“Keep surveillance on him. When he leaves the city, immediately report it to me.”

“Yes young master,” the man replied and disappeared from the courtyard.

Pouring himself a cup of wine, he was deep in thought: Kid, you’re only delaying the inevitable, it’s your fault for getting in my way.

Amaysu wasn’t the first victim that Luca had killed in such fashion, he had done this many times before to those that got in his way. However, Amaysu was the first person that had such potential to threaten them in the future, so even the elder was assisting him.

Luca was in his early twenties and had just reached the 7th rank of the Fighter stage a few months ago, he was already described as a genius but Amaysu’s talent was too great, this made him slightly jealous.


Back in the city Amaysu had walked through the streets and had visited many stalls, pretending that he didn’t notice his pursuers.

After walking through the streets for a bit longer a smile appeared on Amaysu’s cloaked face: “It’s time.” Waiting a week was the longest amount of time that Amaysu could waste trying to throw them off and now it was time for his escape.

Amaysu walked into the crowd and disappeared with the flow of people.

After a while his pursuers also followed him but… Amaysu was gone as if he disappeared into thin air.

“Where’s he gone?!” A man dressed in a brown cloak addressed to the other seven men standing with him.

“He’s disappeared,” one of the men replied.

“He can’t just disappear into thin air!” The man that spoke first replied. “Shit! Quickly find him! And you go report this to the young master!” He quickly ordered.

At this moment, Amaysu was already far away from them and was rushing through the alleyways to the north of the city.

You only have half an hour at most before they find your trail~~ The voice in Amaysu’s head spoke.

“I know!”

Amaysu had drawn them closer and closer to the edge of the city without his pursuers noticing and took the chance to escape.

Amaysu looked into the distance and saw that the wall was close by, he rushed in the direction, turning past an alleyway he entered the main street that led to the gates.

Amaysu arrived at the gate and quickly ran through the crowd and was soon at the other side of the thick wall.

Without even taking a glance backwards Amaysu rushed towards Beast Kings Forest as fast as he could, it was the only safe place that he could come up with.

The distance between the Forest and the 1st Class city was only twelve kilometres and it would take him at least a quarter of an hour to reach the outskirts of the forest.

Each minute that passed felt like ten, Amaysu rushed at his highest speed and looked down at his blackish blue left arm and checked the small screen.

On the left corner, there was a percentage: 43%.

This was the display that showed the percentage that showed how much energy was absorbed into the Particle Cannon.

Is it enough? The voice asked Amaysu.

“I don’t know, but I hope so,” This was Amaysu’s last resort if they caught up to him.

After 10 minutes Amaysu started feeling that they were nowhere near him and he was in a safe position.

All of a sudden a voice boomed across the empty grasslands:

“Where do you think you’re running off to!!”

Amaysu eyes widened in shock: “How did they catch up so quickly?” He believed that they should have at most found his tracks and were about to start their chase, however, he had greatly underestimated their tracking abilities.

Amaysu turned to look back and noticed there was a group, there were three men behind him and he recognised two of them, it was Luca and the elder that was always with him. The third man was a man that was at a level that Amaysu couldn’t detect so Amaysu came to the conclusion that he was at the Body Transformation stage.

Luca was being brought here by the elder or he wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Using the Lunar Moon Dance to its utmost degree Amaysu raced away. If his speed was to be described it would be as quick as a 1st ranked Body Transformation expert.

“Haha, you think you can escape us!” A laughter rang across the grasslands followed by an arrogant voice.

Amaysu roared back: “I have not offended you, let me be!”

“So what! You’re an unknown element that could threaten us in the future!” Luca replied.

Amaysu wasn’t a figure that was easily offended, but these people were unwilling to let him leave in peace, so he didn’t reply and carried on rushing at his utmost speed.

Two long Minutes passed by, but to Amaysu, it felt like an hour. The distance between him and the group of three shortened to about two hundred metres from the original one kilometre in the same time.

quickly the distance reduced.

Two Hundred metres…

One Hundred and Sixty metres…

One Hundred and Twenty Five metres…

Ninety metres…

Forty metres…

The distance between them was only twenty metres now, but Amaysu was extremely close to the outskirts of the Forest, he could even see the vast mountains and greenery from where he was at.


Amaysu’s ears twitched when he heard the wind splitting. Instantaneously he jumped to the right dodging a sharp knife that shot passed him like a rocket.

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