CE Chapter 35

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 ­ The Return Of Amaysu’s Alter Ego

“First, tell me who you are!” Amaysu shouted in the endless abyss known as his conscious.

Amay~ I’ll tell you after this fight~~ The voice in his head grunted.

Amaysu was in a desperate situation so he unwillingly relaxed his body.

As soon as he relaxed his body he lost all control. The feeling that he got was as if he was watching himself move yet at the same time feeling separated from his body.

Amaysu turned to look at Ren, unlike the previous cold stare his eyes contained a wild intensity of some uncontrollable beast.

Ren seeing this felt the hair on his back stand on end.

“Haha~ This fight ends now~~.” A melodious tone reverberated across the ring.

Ren frowned and snorted in contempt, he sprinted towards Amaysu aiming to stab him straight through the heart.

Amaysu looked at Ren drawing closer and a childish smile was plastered on his face. Holding the scythe by the centre of its handle he started spinning it in a windmill like motion, gradually the speed increased until only a spinning blur could be seen.

The sword stabbed into the scythe that was moving like a windmill, but it clashed with the scythes handle and was smacked down causing Ren to lose balance.

Taking advantage of this golden opportunity Amaysu leapt and slammed his feet right into the plated armour that protected Ren.


An explosive sound of metal cracking was heard as Ren was sent crashing and rolling across the rings floor.

Amaysu just stood there and stared at Ren’s meagre appearance, he was clearly enjoying this sight and wasn’t going to let the fight end so quickly, where’s the fun in that?

Ren slowly stood up and smiled weakly at Amaysu: “No matter what you do my armour will protect me!” He said with disdain.

Amaysu bent his head at an angle and looked at him with a ridiculing expression: “Are you sure about that?”

“Crack!” As if on cue, the part where Amaysu had kicked was visibly breaking down.

“Bang!” The armour shattered and fell on the ground.

Ren stared at Amaysu in shock, the explosive power in Amaysu’s kick was unbelievable it had shattered his armour completely.

However, the most shocked was Amaysu, he couldn’t believe the explosive power that his body was able to release.

Without any more delay, Amaysu disappeared leaving nothing but a haze behind, not like before Amaysu’s body disappeared and appeared all across the arena making his movement unpredictable.

As if searching for the most painful part of the body to strike down.

Ren was already not fast enough to keep up with Amaysu and used his fast reaction and eyesight to follow and protect himself against Amaysu, but now he couldn’t even keep up with Amaysu’s blurry figure.

Then in an instant, Amaysu appeared before Ren and the childish smile gleamed brightly, except for Ren it felt as if the reaper had appeared before him, striking fear into his heart.

Straight away he sent a punch at Ren who was trying his utmost to keep up, his fist managed to clash against Amaysu’s.

“Bang!” The two fists collided, however, there was no resistance for Amaysu as his fist pushed forth.


“Argh!” Ren roared in pain as he treated quickly and grabbed his left hand, all his fingers were broken and his knuckles had shattered.

Right away Amaysu drew his fist back and moved in, using one hand he swung the scythe down ferociously, the wind split apart, the force could clearly be seen.

Ren moved his sword up frantically trying to block the scythe, he didn’t dare test his palms strength when just one kick from Amaysu could shatter his armour and a punch could shatter his bones.


“Urgh!” Ren grunted as he felt his knees bend under the enormous might carried by the scythe, while his sword hand numbed.

Amaysu wasn’t done, he pulled the handle of the scythe backwards, the sharp blade of the scythe hooked around the sword and pulled it out of Ren’s numbed grip.

“Clank!” The sword dropped onto the floor before Ren had the time to pick it up Amaysu had already kicked it far across the ring until it fell outside the ring.

Using his armoured hand Amaysu’s flat palm softly touched Ren’s chest: Soft Palm.

Ren stared at the calm expression on Amaysu’s face in confusion, except Amaysu had a belittling smile, all of a sudden.

“Crack…Crack!” His bones cracked and he started violently vomiting blood, he crumbled onto the floor into a pool of his own blood. A fountain of blood kept leaking from his mouth, he was shaking heavily as more cracking sounds of bones shattering could be heard.

The destructive power carried by the Soft Palm had absolutely shattered his rib cage and had disturbed his heart causing a vein near the heart to rupture.

Even if Ren survived this he would never be able to practise martial arts and would forever be a cripple.

Haha Amay~~ How could you get overpowered by someone so weak, the voice in Amaysu’s head resonated as it laughed uncontrollably.

Amaysu couldn’t believe that this voice was mocking him. However, this voice had the right to speak, Amaysu realised that he was learning a lot from the way that the scythe was being handled. It wasn’t a controlled or a disciplined style, but unpredictable.

For the next few seconds, the crowd was staring at the charming and handsome figure of Amaysu walking towards the edge of the ring, leaving behind a half-dead body.

All of a sudden the entire coliseum exploded into a cheer.

“Elder, what happened?” Luca quickly questioned the elder because he had no idea how Ren had just lost so miserably after controlling the fight for so long.

The elder’s gaze was stuck on Amaysu’s body and he frowned: “I don’t know, but it is not rare to see young geniuses take on those at a higher rank than them, but his explosive increase in strength might be due to a pill. Furthermore, he definitely used a powerful Combat skill to defeat Ren, I believe that from this moment onwards Ren will be a cripple.”

Luca, Sidra and Rano were all shocked, but the elder carried on speaking his voice releasing killing intent: “It seems this boy has to be eliminated, after what we’ve done and if he holds grudges for the smallest offences, it’ll be a great disaster to our Damian Family clan.”

Luca nodded understandingly.


When Amaysu entered his room in the inn, he collapsed onto the floor losing all control of his body.

Amay~~ You’re already so tired, The voice spoke in a light-hearted manner.

“Stop jeering and tell me who you are?” Amaysu spoke out load.

Who am I? Are you joking?~~ Amay you should have already realised it, I am you, you are me, we’re one and the same. It said in a matter of fact tone.

Amaysu immediately rebuked harshly: “Stop spewing crap, how can I believe that?”

It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but without me, you would have long ago fallen into depravity and become insane~~. Without me, you wouldn’t have been able to save our siblings two years back.

Amaysu was taken aback, he had never forgotten that memory he had always thought that he went berserk at that moment, he didn’t expect that it was caused by this voice.

Even though he felt that he couldn’t trust this voice and he felt uncomfortable because of its presence in his mind, he couldn’t do anything about it and allowed the voice to stay in his head.

Slowly dragging himself up to sit in cross-legged position Amaysu started organising his thoughts and planned what to do next.

He had spent a week in this city and had completed everything he had come here for, he had stayed here for long enough, it was time to visit the place he had been putting off from the moment he woke up.

Are you going to visit the Ancestral graveyard?

Amaysu was shocked and he questioned suspiciously: “How do you know about the Ancestral land.”

The voice in his head was slightly displeased: I told you, that you and I are the same. We possess the same memories of mother and father taking us there.

At first, Amaysu didn’t believe the words of this voice, but now he had to accept a bit of it.

The Ancestral land or it would be better to call it the Ancestral graveyard was an ancient and secret land that every Emperor of the Dasecris clan is buried in, from the first emperor to the last.

He was taken there every year on the day that the empire was founded on, his parents would always guide him through the countless graveyards. That land could be said to be hidden from the eyes of the world and seemed to be an entirely separate realm.

Amaysu’s body was heavy and weary but he couldn’t help but feel light hearted when he remembered the calm years of his life, at the same time the voice in his head quietened down.

After recuperating for a bit, Amaysu stood up and he looked at his body noticing that the concentration of the vibration around  his body had increased.

“I’ve reached the 8th rank?!” Amaysu had reached the peak of the 7th stage many months back, but he spent a long time consolidating it, he increased his skills and fighting experience rather than increasing his strength.

After this minor surprise, he went to cleanse himself from the sweat, dirt and dried blood on his torso.

After coming out he had already set out his next goal, but before that he had to prepare and heal first. He also had to take precautions in case he was still being targeted by that arrogant young master.

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