CE Chapter 34

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 ­ Amaysu Vs Iron Fist Ren (2)


The sharp scythe slashed at Ren’s palm however, it unexpectedly caused a rattling bang. Amaysu hadn’t expected such a scenario, he immediately retreated a dozen metres away from Ren.

Ren was smiling at Amaysu on the outside, yet on the inside, he was shocked. His palms were numb and there was a long external wound on the surface of his palm.

Unlike any other opponent Amaysu had ever faced, Ren was the first person that possessed a cultivation technique, it was worth more than your average Spirit Cultivation technique because he cultivated one that was at the peak of the Spirit Cultivation techniques.

This technique helped him increase his bodies strength, furthermore, it had the effect of tempering the hands so that it is as strong as steel.

Amaysu also came up with this conclusion

or how else was it possible for a person to have such powerful hands.

Amaysu snorted, he took a stance. He moved his right leg forward and pulled his left leg backwards, lifting his left arm forward, his fingers locked onto each other while he tensed them. The index finger joined the middle finger, as the ring finger joined the little finger leaving the thumb on its own. If the form of Amaysu’s left armoured hand could be described in any way it looked like claws.

Amaysu was holding the scythe upside down like how a dagger would be held.

Ren was staring at Amaysu and understood his intentions from Amaysu’s stance. Hmph, you want to face me without using your weapon.

“Huuh!” Amaysu breathed out heavily, a concentrated expression was on his face.

Amaysu rushed at his fastest speed towards  Ren, his feet leaving behind an air of dust.

Seeing Amaysu close him down, Ren sneered with disdain however it didn’t last long before trepidation took over.

Behind Amaysu, a blurry red figure was standing behind Amaysu in a protective manner. The entire body was armoured with blood red scales, four strong limbs were on the ground standing steadfast, its claws were blurred but if it was clear it would be shockingly sharp. Its backbone was covered with a long line of spikes, two leathery wings were open, as it stood prideful and its long tail tipped with spikes was coiling around the ring.

The head of this beast was as tall as Amaysu’s standing figure, its head was blurred but its fierce aura couldn’t be hidden.

“A… Dragon!” A murmur was let out in this silence where only the wind could be heard.

Yes, this was a dragon from the legends that was only passed down through books. This legendary Savage beast is thought to have gone extinct, even its existence is thought to only be a myth and appears only in books.

Amaysu’s mastery of this skill wasn’t at the same level as his ancestor, but it could still be assessed as a great achievement.

Amaysu floated through the air and in an instant he was right before the stunned Ren.

“Dragon’s Wrath!”

Amaysu roared in his heart, as his claw-like fingers jabbed into Ren’s chest, without any resistance. At the same time the blurry dragon gave out a noiseless roar to the skies, that scared every single person in the coliseum.


Ren was smashed into the distance, he was absolutely defenceless so the force caused him to cough out saliva that contained traces of red.

The blurry dragon disappeared and the pin drop silence turned into a deafening roar.

Inside the booth, Luca was staring down in Amazement.

“What kind of Combat skill is that, to actually create an illusion of a legendary Dragon!” Rano shouted.

“Its strength is at most a Rank 4 Combat skill but it can create an illusion!” Sidra also exclaimed with shock.

They were stunned by this, this was because only Combat skills above the Rank 6 could create illusions. However, Amaysu’s Combat Skill was a Rank 4 that could create an illusion and not any illusion it was the illusion of a Dragon.

A vicious and greedy glint appeared in Luca’s eyes, but he was not the only one the other two also had greedy expressions on their face.

That masked man definitely possesses a lot of treasures, thought Luca.

At this moment Ren pushed himself off the ground, he staggered for a moment but stood straight.

Amaysu frowned he knew the destructive power contained in that move, he should have at least taken some internal damage.

Ren stared at Amaysu and smirked: “You must be wondering why I’m perfectly fine? Well, I’ll answer that for you!”

After saying this he grabbed onto his black long sleeved t-shirt and ripped it in two. Under it was a silver coloured armour that had three deep dents in it.

Amaysu didn’t expect him to have such a powerful armour. But he threw that thought aside and rushed towards him without any rest, in an instant he arrived right near him, he once again sent an arcing slash with his scythe.

But against his expectations, Ren didn’t try to defend but took the initiative by raising his sword level to his chest and stabbed at Amaysu.

There was no chance of dodging a sword strike that was so close.


Blood streaked down the side of his stomach, he tried changing the angle of his body to make the sword that was aiming at his stomach, to only cut his skin. However, this cut was deep but not life threatening this was due to his Emperor Arts Cultivation technique strengthening his body.

Ren took this chance and pulled his sword back and punched straight into Amaysu’s chest.


“Guh!” Amaysu coughed out a mouthful of blood, that splattered all over his mask, the force in Ren’s fist carried immense force causing his feet to skid against the ground until he came to a stop five metres away.

Amaysu took a heavy breath, blood was dripping down from the mask. Looking back up he frowned, Ren wasn’t there anymore.

In no extra time, he sensed danger behind him, using Lunar Moon Dance to its utmost degree he dodged a sword strike by a hair’s breadth.

Without any delay, Amaysu took this chance to retreat to a safe distance. Out of the blue, a breath of wind brushed past him and loose strands of hair fluttered away with the wind. Even though he dodged that sword strike, most of his long hair had been cut off .

“Damn It!” Amaysu mumbled, he was still not strong enough to take a 10th rank Fighter.  There was a big difference between him and Ren, unlike Ren who had decades of experience in life and death situations Amaysu was still lacking.

If his first strike had gone through he would be on a higher standing at this moment.

“Huuh!” Amaysu took a deep breath to calm his heart and sorted out his disorganised thoughts.

A serious glint flitted across his eyes and a destructive, yet baleful emotion bloomed deep in his heart, this was a sensation that he hadn’t felt in two years.

But before he could take the initiative to attack, Ren was already upon him, he wouldn’t allow the flow of the fight to change.

He immediately slashed down at Amaysu, Amaysu raised the scythe to block it. But the sword simply went passed the scythe and hit the ground, using this as a boost he pushed himself forward  and punched at Amaysu aiming for his face.

How could Amaysu have expected that Ren would immediately change to close-quarter hand to hand combat, at the last second he managed to raise his blackish blue arm up to block the strike.


When the iron-like fist slammed into Amaysu’s palm, the force pushed his hand back hitting his face. Amaysu once again retreated, the flow of the fight had turned completely one sided.

“Crack!” All of a sudden a piece of his mask crashed onto the floor, allowing everyone to see a quarter of his face.

His copper golden eyes had an imposing aura as he stared coldly at Ren and a part of his skin was visible to everyone.

The mask was ordinary, made of weak material so just a small amount of force could break it and because the part that held the mask to his face broke, the mask fell onto the arena’s floor revealing his face.

His unique eyes stared coldly at the stunned Ren, who had the same expression as everyone in the Coliseum.

Amaysu caused many people to be envious of him and the group inside the booth were shocked by Amaysu’s young appearance.

“He is so young and already at the 7th rank Fighter stage! What kind of monster is he!” Luca couldn’t help but exclaim.

Even the elder that was sitting quietly until now was shocked, Amaysu looked no more than 15 or 16 years old and he was already so strong, his future could be described as limitless.

Ren inside the stage was also stunned, but instantly he started releasing killing intent: This kid must die! Because he had already offended Amaysu it meant there was no way of reconciliation between them.

Amaysu disregarded the silence and was staring quietly. Without warning, the baleful emotion flared uncontrollably.

“Ah~~~” A resonant voice echoed deep in Amaysu’s mind.

Amaysu was stunned for a few seconds, this was something that could cause death in a fight but Ren didn’t notice this change. Slightly shaken and fearful of this sudden intruder, he immediately questioned this voice: “Who are you?!”

“Haha~~ Amay calm down~. Let me take over!”

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