CE Chapter 33

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 ­ Amaysu Vs Iron Fist Ren (1)

Life in the city was still the same, people were minding their own business, merchants were still selling and children were playing around.

Amaysu was walking through the crowded streets towards the centre of the city, that was where the Coliseum was located and the only place where feuds could be taken care of. As he walked he realised that the city was really big, there were many occasions where he got lost, this was because the city was separated into different parts and they all had different attractions.

Amaysu was wearing a blue robe and still covered his face with a mask. He had his long silver scythe made of his Inherited Legacy on his back. Amaysu’s concentration strength had reached  a level where he can maintain his Inherited Legacy without much thought. As long as he didn’t summon it or disperse it nobody would be able to tell that his weapon was made from his Inherited Legacy.

There were many factions in the city, but the biggest factions in the city had their own territory at the centre of the city and today he was getting into a fight that was influenced by the young master of the Damian clan, a top tier faction in the city.

After about ten minutes of walking, Amaysu reached an area where there were so many people swarming around an enormous coliseum.

“Amazing!” Amaysu stared in  shock, this was a building he had never seen before. The building was circular and stood at least 40 meters tall, made from different types of metal.

The Coliseum was one of the biggest attractions in the city and was always popular, so it was usually crowded at all times because an event always took place every day.

Because of this, it was a great place for merchants to set stalls and sell equipment and even hot food to the spectators on this cold day. Most of the population were at the early stages of the Fighter stage so their resistance to the cold was still extremely weak so the hot food helped.

If Amaysu had been here before he’d realise that the number of people near the Coliseum was nearly three times the usual amount, this was due to the Damian clan’s influence.

Amaysu walked through the crowd and entered the Coliseum.


As soon as Amaysu entered the resting zone for fighters, there was only one man standing there, he had the disposition of a well-versed servant.

The man was dressed in black robes when he saw Amaysu walk into the resting zone the man walked towards Amaysu.

“Hello, are you the one fighting today?” The man asked.

Amaysu was still wearing the mask and he hadn’t disclosed any information regarding himself so the only way to recognise him was to ask him.

Amaysu nodded.

“Okay, my name is Leri and I am a servant of the Damian clan. I am here to escort you to the ring.”

Amaysu nodded once again. Following Amaysu’s reply, the man walked ahead and Amaysu followed behind him.


The corridor of the coliseum was well lit by the embedded light stones in the wall. As he walked through the empty corridor, he could see a blinding light at the end of the hall and he even heard a faint noise from where he stood.

As he drew closer to the bright exit the noise grew louder. When he walked through the exit, Amaysu was blinded for a moment, when he looked around he saw a sea of people seated in every direction. In the centre of the arena was a square ring that was 50 metres in both length and width, it was elevated at about a metre above the ground.

In a special booth sat Luca Damian and with him was the elder from before. As soon as Amaysu entered the arena he spotted Amaysu and he started laughing.

“Haha, he came.”

“What he actually came?” A built young man with short hair but a handsome appearance asked Luca as he looked down.

“Are you blind or is it that you have muscles for brains?” An extremely thin young man said to the built young man.

“Sidra you bastard!” The built man shouted to the thin man called Sidra.

“Sidra, Rano I invited the both of you to enjoy this and you’re already fighting,” Luca said with a mocking gaze.

“Hmph!” Sidra snorted coldly.

These three youngsters that were nearly twenty years of age were the three trouble makers of Savage King city. They were the young masters of the three top factions in the city, Rano was the governor’s grandson and was in the governors faction while Sidra was the grandson of the Fiendspeed Sects Patriarch.

Because the three youths were all from very powerful factions and had the same standing, they would try to up one other in any way possible and right now this was Luca’s moment to put on a great show.

Luca ignored the duo and walked onto the balcony and looked down when he walked out a loud sounding clap echoed across the Coliseum quieting all the unwanted noise so that only his voice was heard.

“I greet all of you! I am Luca from the Damian Family clan!” Luca introduced himself.

“Today I have a great event for you to see, one is a mysterious man wearing a mask who is at the 7th rank of the Fighter stage!”

“His opponent is the captain of the Iron Fist Mercenaries, the 10 rank Fighter Iron Fist Ren!”

His voice caused the audience to raise and cheer, his identity and charisma allowed this to happen.

“This masked man initiated the fight between him and Iron Fist Ren, actions like this has happened many times before but never has there been an instance where a 7th rank Fighter has beaten a 10th rank Fighter of the same stage.”

Amaysu frowned, What bullshit is he spewing? Me? Initiate the fight? Amaysu stared at Luca with disdain.

As the words left Luca, there were a lot of condescending voices across the Coliseum.

“Who does he think he is challenging a 10th rank Fighter when he is so much weaker.”

“He’s probably an arrogant fellow that doesn’t know that there always exists someone stronger than you.”

There was a small portion of people that looked at Amaysu with pity, while the rest jeered.

As of this moment, Iron Fist Ren was standing at the opposite end of the arena and was smiling with contempt. He was wearing black training apparels and hung on his waist was a 4-foot scabbard.

He remembered the words that Luca had told him. Young master Luca killing him will be my pleasure. Ren was a mercenary so killing brought him money plus a certain twisted enjoyment.

When he inspected Amaysu’s figure he noticed that there was a black armour-like protective gear on his left arm, but this wasn’t anything surprising and was rather normal. It was just that the pristine blackish blue colour was unusual.

What actually bought an intimidating feeling was the long scythe on Amaysu’s back.

A sword was a weapon that was the most used and was an all round weapon, the saber was a weapon used for killing, a battleaxe and heavy sword were full of power. However, the scythe could be said to be the most intimidating, it was a weapon that was related to death and death was feared by every being.

Luca once again spoke in a domineering tone: ” Let the fighters enter the ring.”

Amaysu and Ren both walked towards the ring unhurriedly and jumped on. Both individuals were about 30 metres apart.

“Let the fight begin!” Luca announced unceremoniously.

Amaysu took the scythe off his back and held it loosely in his right hand.

Iron Fist Ren drew his sword from his scabbard, Amaysu was slightly shocked.

“That is…”

It was the weapon that Luca bought during the auction. Amaysu couldn’t believe that he had casually given that weapon to Ren.

So he truly wants me dead? Let’s see if he has the power, Amaysu was now sure that Luca wanted him dead or he wouldn’t have given Ren a weapon that had a similar toughness to a tier 1 Combat Artifact.

“Haha,” Iron Fist Ren laughed at the masked figure of Amaysu. “You dared to offend the Iron Fist Mercenaries and the young master of the Damian clan, this is the place you die.”

Amaysu ignored Ren, his gaze was calm, all of a sudden the tranquil aura that surrounded him exploded with a terrifying surge of power. This was the aura that a monarch had over his subject and this was the same feeling that Iron Fist Ren faced, even Luca and his group who was far away felt the aura and immediately had a feeling of inferiority.

The group was shocked by the aura Amaysu possessed, this wasn’t the same thing as the vibration that an expert released, this was an aura that was bred since birth. If a person was born in an ordinary household and brought up that way he would have an ordinary aura. A person who had been killing all his life will have a murderous aura and someone like Amaysu he had the aura of a monarch.

In this instance, Amaysu’s figure disappeared leaving behind a hazy blur as he rushed towards Ren.

Luca stared in shock: ” So quick!”

“What kind of Movement skill is this?” Rano asked Sidra.

Sidra’s brows furrowed and after a moment, he answered: “I don’t know but it is extremely profound movement skill even I can barely follow him.”

“What?!” Luca and Rano were both shocked at this fact. Who was Sidra? He was from the Fiendspeed clan that excelled in movement skills.

Even though it was difficult for Sidra to follow Amaysu, it didn’t mean that Ren couldn’t follow his movements although it was a bit difficult.

In an instant, Amaysu appeared in front of him, without giving him the ability to react Amaysu swung the scythe down with immense force. The sharp blade of the scythe cut through the wind with nearly zero resistance.

When the Scythe was only a few feet away from Ren, he raised his free hand, because raising his hand was faster than raising the sword and a confident smile took over his face.


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