CE Chapter 32

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 ­ Particle Cannon

Amaysu was laying down on the bed within his room in the inn. His hands were raised towards the white ceiling holding the blackish blue cube that he bought from the auction, his thoughts were unknown.

With closer inspection the blackish blue cube had 3 faint lines going horizontally and 3 lines going vertically. Its surface could be said to have once been smooth but now was covered in scratches, this was why the faint lines were hard to notice.

He was really tired right now, he had gone through many unwanted troubles today, he had only gone to get some things sold, but who would have expected that he would be forced into a fight with petty reasons to justify it. This gave Amaysu a headache, however, it wasn’t all trouble because he obtained a rare weapon for so cheap.

If the people from the Royalgold Auction hall knew what they had sold, they’d be vomiting blood because of their ignorance, forget selling it they would have sent it to headquarters to get a better price for it.

Amaysu sat up and held the cube.

The cube was around the size of his fist just like the Earth Disintegrating Bomb.

From what Amaysu recalled from the past, his grandfather had discontinued this weapon as soon as it was produced, he feared that it may fall into the wrong hands.

Amaysu was pondering a single thought: Why didn’t they use it in the war?

The potential power within these cubes was indescribable, Amaysu had spent long and hard on this question but he couldn’t come up with a sensible answer.

“Let’s first try figuring out how to use it,” Amaysu thought out loud.

He didn’t know where to begin, was there a button? was it pressure sensitive or was there a sequence to activate it? he had no idea, his only option was to try everything.

Let’s see, this weapon was created to be used in a war, so it needs an easy activation method, but it can’t be too easy or the enemy would be able to use it as well. If I remember correctly this has a 9 by 6 sequence lock…


Hm? That doesn’t work.


Slowly an hour had passed and Amaysu still couldn’t find a way to open the cube, the cube had a 9 by 6 sequence with over 50 possible pressure sensing square plates. Amaysu could find no method or code to break it.

He also tried searching for anything different or special on the cube but he couldn’t find anything.

“Damn it!” Amaysu roared helplessly, throwing the cube on the bed.

Amaysu shook his head helplessly as he mumbled to himself: “I guess without knowing the sequence, this Particle Cannon will stay as a cube and will be useless to me.”

“There’s no point, I’ll just train for now and try figuring it out later.”

Amaysu got off the bed and activated his Inherited Legacy, the silver diamond shaped crest on his palm emitted a faint silver light.

Silver specks floated off Amaysu’s body and started flying around him like fireflies, causing the room seem almost mystical. The Silver specks helped produce a small increase in pressure so he can cultivate the Dream Conscious Mind technique, under heavy pressure.


All of a sudden a bell-like sound broke the silence and tranquil atmosphere within the room.

Amaysu violently turned his head to face the direction of the sound, with a hopeful expression on his face, he looked at the cube. As if his expectations were answered, a jubilant smile appeared on his face.

“Haha! So that’s what it was, all I had to do was use my Inherited Legacy!” Amaysu laughed mockingly.

To think grandfather made it so that only those from our clan could use it. So without the Inherited Legacy, it is impossible to activate it unless you had the activation sequence.

Amaysu was correct, his grandfather had programmed the Particle Cannon so it could only be activated when using either of the two methods: One was to know the activation sequence, the other is to possess the Inherited Legacy. This made it so that anyone from the Dasecris Family could control it.

As of this moment, the cube had one face open, under the scratched surface was a smooth screen that had a few words on it.

Activate Particle Absorption

Weapon Transformation

Release Energy

Out of curiosity Amaysu picked the Cube and pressed Weapon Transformation first, he already knew what the functions for the other two options were just from reading it.

Suddenly the cube started shaking and metallic scraping sounds were being produced by the cube.

Placing the cube on the bed, he watched the transformation. The plates on its surface started moving changing shape, transforming into another structure.


After about a minute the transformation was complete, it transformed into an entire arm. This metallic, blackish blue arm was just a shell for an arm to be put in. It covered everything from the hands to the arm until it reached the shoulder, it seemed to look like a type of armour.

“This is the true form of the Particle cannon?” Amaysu was stunned.

Out of interest Amaysu first took his robe off and then picked up the shell like armour and put it on his left arm.

Amaysu clenched his fists and unclenched it, moved his arms around as well, he found that the Particle cannon armour bought no discomfort at all.

At where Amaysu’s palm was at was a white circle, Amaysu guessed that this is where the energy is released from.

The design is actually ingenious and from the material used it should be excellent defensively as well even if it’s this thin or how else would one use it more than once.

The small screen was now between Amaysu’s hand and elbow the words Weapon Transformation had changed to ‘Weapon Release’.

Amaysu decided to keep the Particle Cannon on his arm because it didn’t provide any inconvenience and it worked as an armour as well.

It’s best if I activate the absorption now, in case something unexpected happens and I need a life-saving trump card.

Amaysu pressed the Particle Absorption option and activated it, nothing special happened but there was an unnoticeable suction force coming from the arm which could only be sensed by him, Amaysu knew that it was absorbing the particles in the air.

The energy absorbed by the Particle cannon would be stored within the arm and when Amaysu decides to release all that stored energy the power would be unimaginable.


The next day.

It was still cold and frosty, however, the long-lasting snowfall had finally ended. But the streets and roofs of the houses were still covered by a thick layer of snow.

Amaysu was walking through the streets, when he walked passed a shop he noticed a flyer.

“Hm?” These flyers were all across the city promoting a fight, upon closer inspections he realised it was the fight between him and Iron Fist Ren.

The description caused Amaysu to frown, A fight to the death? Do they want a fight to the death? So he really is angry about me obtaining the Particle Cannon.

He didn’t expect that the Damian clan’s young master, was actually promoting the fight. This actually stirred the city, the fight was part of the attraction, but it was being hosted by the Damian clan, this caused it to be an extremely popular and widely known topic.

Slowly the days went by and the day of the fight had arrived.

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