CE Chapter 31

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 ­ Luca Damian

A PARTICLE CANNON! IMPOSSIBLE! IMPOSSIBLE! Grandfather destroyed them all! Amaysu’s mind was in shock as he stared at the cube shaped object sitting on the violet cushion. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.

“This cube is a mysterious object, we do not know what the uses are, but the material for this object is rare!” Kingsley found it hard to promote this object because they didn’t know what it was, neither did the object have anything special about it. If they had to describe it, it just seemed to be an antique like cube.

“The bidding price will start at only a 100 gold coins, the price must increase by at least 100 gold coins.”

“Let the bidding commence.”

Amaysu was still in shock, the Particle cannon, an object of absolute destruction. Its power was greater than the Earth Disintegrating Bomb, it could be used more than once as well, however, there was a single flaw, it was the preparation time.

Amaysu remembered during his younger days  he came across this name, its description was terrifying, that his grandfather had discontinued the production and destroyed every single one of these cubes, but who would have guessed that one still existed.

The Particle Cannon, needed a long time to absorb the atmospheric particles and compress it to turn into energy and this needed a long time to prepare. This didn’t mean that the amount of power that the cannon could compress was limitless, it had a limit as well.

Amaysu suddenly had a thought cross him: Why didn’t they use this in the war?

“500 gold coins from bidder 509!” Kingsley announced, this caused Amaysu to awaken from his shock.

Determination flitted across Amaysu’s eyes. I have to obtain the Particle Cannon.

Amaysu raised his paddle and shouted the words across the room: “700!”

“700 from bidder 1992!” Kingsley shouted.

The bidder that bid the previous price frowned, this was the same young man that obtained the sword.


“1000 from bidder 509!”

Amaysu was still determined.


The young man frowned and he turned to face the voice and he shouted, his voice contained anger: “Who dares to bid higher than me! 3000”

“4000!” Amaysu immediately shouted back, which in turn caused the young man to focus his attention on Amaysu.

This battle caused some people to focus on the duo when they saw who the young man was they were shocked: “That’s the Damian Family clan’s next clan leader, Luca Damian. One of the three troublemakers of the city.”

“That masked figure should know who he is, he should back down, before he offends young master Luca and the Damian Family clan.”

Luca was a young man in his early twenties, he was a playboy young master who was brought up to be spoilt. He had short dark brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes and a natural arrogant expression was plastered on his face and on a corner below his lips was a beauty spot.

“Hmph, does he want to die, trying to get something from my hands?” Ardin was extremely angry because Amaysu kept increasing the price, at first he was just interested in the object but because Amaysu kept outbidding him it was a matter of pride.

Suddenly an elder sitting next to him opened one of his eyes: “Young master, you’ve already spent a lot of money today, this object has no peculiarities yet you’re still degrading yourself for this?”

Luca immediately silenced himself and respectfully sat down, the elder then carried on speaking: “This doesn’t mean that you can’t kill him for it, it seems he knows what that object is or he wouldn’t be so adamant to offend us.”

This suggestion caused Luca to have a vicious smile appear on his face.

“Any more bids? Okay, it goes to bidder 1992!” Kingsley announced.

Amaysu felt jubilant as he heard this and he immediately rushed out of the hall to receive his items.


Amaysu had already gone and received the Particle cannon and was now walking back, he had more than 3000 gold coins as well and on his face was a faint smile hidden by the mask. He was prepared to spend some time analysing the cube back at the inn.

While Amaysu was strolling through the hall absentmindedly in his own thoughts another group was walking through the hallway.

When he and the group walked past each other Amaysu accidently bumped into one of them.

“Ah? Sorry, I wasn’t paying any attention.” Amaysu looked up and was shocked by the identity of the man in front of him. This man was also staring at him.

“YOU! I’d recognise that voice anywhere! You’re the bastard that broke my hands!” Erikson roared madly inside the Royalgold hallway.

Luckily the hallway was mostly empty or it would have created a much bigger headache for Amaysu.

After arriving at his mercenary group’s headquarters he did his best to heal his hands but they could not be recovered so easily. His hands were covered in bandages, even with the best healing medicines that he could procure, it would still take some time to mend his broken bones.

Shit he recognised my voice so quickly. How could he know that he had carved his image and voice into Erikson’s heart? Amaysu was scolding himself, this was because of the man leading Erikson’s group, a 10th rank Fighter, even he would have some difficulty fighting him.

“Captain, he’s the one that cursed our Iron Fist mercenary group and mangled my hands.”

The man was wearing a black trench coat and looked at Amaysu coldly, then he turned to Erikson: “You trash, you let someone at the same rank as you injure you and you still come running back to me.”

Oh, he has some skill to be able to tell what level my strength is, Amaysu thought to himself. It was rather difficult to learn this skill which only came after practising over a period of time.

He then faced Amaysu: “You better prepare yourself, you’ll meet me in the Coliseum or I’ll kill you if you try running away!” Each word that came out of this man was cold and vicious.

Amaysu frowned, he didn’t expect trouble to appear, just when he was about to leave the auction. You’re only a 10th rank Fighter stage expert, you can only dream of killing me if you can’t catch me. Amaysu had absolute confidence in his speed and adding the Particle cannon in his hands, escaping was only a matter of time.

“Hmph, as long as I’m in the city you can’t touch me!” Amaysu spoke in a mocking tone, this made the man in the trench coats face darken.

“But you can’t stay in here forever, can you?”

Amaysu ignored him, turned around and walking away giving him no face.


“HAHA!” After a few steps a sudden burst of laughter echoed through an empty hallway, Amaysu turned only to see the young man that he had a bidding contest against.

“Young master Luca,” the man in the trench coat bowed with a hand on his chest.

“Haha if it isn’t Iron Fist mercenaries captain, Iron Fist Ren.” Luca laughed, behind him was quite a few people including the elder that forced him to be respectful.

“I’m honoured that you know of me!” The man in the trench coat was called Iron Fist Ren, his mercenary group was average in strength so they subordinated themselves with the Damian Family clan.

“What seems to be the problem?” Luca asked.

Ren took this opportunity to put Amaysu in an extremely tight spot: “He has offended my Iron Fist Mercenary group and will not accept my challenge to fight in the Coliseum.”

In this moment a vicious thought bloomed in Luca’s head, he was waiting for Amaysu to leave the city to obtain the cube, but wouldn’t it be easier and less of a hassle to kill him in the Coliseum without doing anything.

He turned to face the mask wearing Amaysu and plastered on an amiable smile: “Masked fellow, why don’t you participate in this battle. My Damian Family clan will give equal respect and will impartially referee this fight.”

Amaysu was stuck, no one could tell what expression was on Amaysu’s face, Damn it! Why did I have to meet such troubling people now? Amaysu was in quite a difficult position, he wasn’t afraid of anyone in the hallway except for that elderly man next to Luca. Amaysu could sense no vibrations around him, but the aura around him was all too clear, he expected that Elder to be a Body Transformation expert.

Amaysu nodded: “On one condition, the battle takes place in a week.”

“Sure!” Luca said with a smile.

Amaysu then left only his distant steps could be heard.

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