CE Chapter 30

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 ­ The Auction

“The auction will now begin!” The man dressed in blue said, his words were transmitted and amplified by the speakers set all around the hall.

The number of seats in the hall was at least 2000 and every single seat was occupied.

Amaysu realised that this auction was a bit special, because of the large audience.

The man dressed in the blue suit introduced himself: “As many of you know, my name is Kingsley and I will be the auctioneer for today, this lovely lady next to me will be my helpful assistant.”

“For this evening, we have many items up for auction, ranging from the most peculiar objects to well-known works from great Forge-masters, Alchemists and…” The man dressed in blue slowed down his words to draw in the audience, his tone changed from excited to mysterious.

“A very special item that was unearthed a few days ago, our most highest ranking appraisal elders have all given their approval. This item is from that age…”

When the audience heard this they all gasped at nearly the exact same time. When anyone said ‘that age’ they all knew what time period the person was talking about.

“Yes! It’s from that age, the time when the infamous Dasecris Family clan ruled the entire continent!”

This caused a large commotion to erupt in the hall, an object from the Dasecris era was worth an extraordinary amount. This was because if a use was found, it could be reverse engineered to try mass producing it to sell. Furthermore, just its identity would allow it to have an extremely high number on it even if it could not be mass produced.

“But before that let’s begin the auction with the first few items.” The man said with a smile as he pointed towards the woman who bought dazzling, resplendent Yellow Savage beast Cores placed on a soft violet cushion.

“Here are Twelve Rank 3 Savage beast Cores, they range from Low to High quality. There are 7 Low-rank cores, 4 Mid-rank cores and a single High-rank core all at the third rank.”

There wasn’t much commotion for this, even though Rank 3 cores hard to acquire, they were common in the auction, only Rank 6 or Rank 7 cores would cause a commotion because they were extremely rare.

Amaysu wasn’t surprised, he didn’t expect much either, what he was truly interested in was the special item that the auctioneer mentioned in the beginning.

“Okay we will set the starting price at 3000 gold coins,” the man announced.

An extremely fat man dressed in a suit raised his paddle:”3500 bid by caller 1743″

“4000 by caller 523”

“4250 by…”


“6000! any more bids? going once, twice and gone to caller 1654.”

The price rose until it reached 6000 gold coins after this no one decided to vote and it was finally bought by a young man who was dressed in alchemy robes.

“Okay for the second item… We have a powerful Rank 4 Combat skill called the ‘Wind Vaporising Fist’.”

At the signal of Kingsley, the woman bought a thin manual that was leaning on a stand, inside a glass case.

“I’ll give a brief description of this technique, if an expert trained this to its maximum, a punch would be powerful enough to create a vacuum space around the fist allowing it to move at an extremely high speed giving the fist no resistance at all.”

The brief description caused a lot of interest in the people and suddenly a bidding war started, it was rare for a Combat skill to appear, they were created through the time and effort of a powerful expert so the worth was definitely going to be high.

From the description, Amaysu realised that it was very similar to a Combat skill within the Emperor arts book from one of his ancient ancestors. The one his ancestor created was exactly the same except the technique that his ancestor created allowed the fist to disappear and reappear in the vacuum space like a flash, that fist technique was called the ‘Vanishing Fist’.

From what Amaysu learnt in the library was that the Rank 4 Combat skills were usually created by mid-Body Transformation stage experts after spending a long time. However, this technique was created by his ancestor when he was at the peak of the Fighter stage, this caused Amaysu to awe and marvel at his ancestor’s feat.

“The minimum bid raise must at least increase by 1 Amethyst gold. The starting bid will be 15 Amethyst gold coins, ” the auctioneer Kingsley’s voice echoed.

Instantly the biddings increased:

“17 Amethyst gold coins…”




The price skyrocketed until it reached 37 Amethyst gold, that was equivalent to 37000 gold coins. When put into perspective, the average family would earn 100 gold coins a year and would usually use 80% of it on different expenses. This was truly an extravagant amount, Amaysu was lucky that he possessed the Emperor Arts.

The man that bought this Combat skill was sitting in the centre seating area of the hall, Amaysu guessed from the clothes that the man was wearing that he could be from a school, faction or mercenary group.

As time went by the auction grew more and more heated, all of a sudden an exceptionally rare item appeared.

The woman brought a sword up on stage, it was completely sheathed but the audience could sense that this sword was special to appear now.

“I expect that all of you are interested in this sword, well you all have great eyes. This sword is exceptionally crafted for those at the Fighter stage… don’t look down on it because it is forged for those at the Fighter stage. This is because, this very sword was casually made by the Legendary Forge grandmaster, Elder Richard.”

When the name ‘Elder Richard’ was heard all the doubtful glances disappeared, Elder Richard was known throughout the entire continent because of his forge skills.

Even a casual creation by Elder Richard was worth hundreds of thousands of coins, but since the weapon could only be used at the Fighter stage the price would be conservative. The reason for this was that a Fighter stage sword was useless to Body Transformation experts, what they needed was Combat Artifacts.

“This sword has no name, even though it is at the Fighter stage the toughness of the sword could be compared to a tier 1 Combat Artifact.”

Immediately cold gasps could be heard across the hall, Forge grandmaster Richard definitely deserved his title.

“The price will start at 10 Amethyst gold, however, the minimum bid can only increase by at least 5 Amethyst gold coins. Let the bidding commence!”

“20 Amethyst gold coins…”



The price continuously increased, this was because many of these people wanted to buy the weapon for extremely talented individuals in the Fighter stage of their organisation or for young masters in the Fighter stage.

The price reached a staggering 46 Amethyst gold coins before it was bought off. The sword, at most, would usually cost at most 30 Amethyst gold coins but the reason the price was so high was partly due to Elder Richards reputation.

The sword was bought by a young man surrounded by a few guards: “Heh! This sword only costs me 46 Amethyst gold coins! Haha!” The young man laughed arrogantly within the seated crowd, however, no one scolded him because of his background.

Like this, many items came and was sold at very high prices.


After an hour, the climax for the auction was coming and the ending was also nearing.

“Haha! The final mysterious item we have held will be revealed to you, our audience. An item from that time…” The man dressed in blue laughed as he said this.

Amaysu’s ears twitched as he heard this, They’re finally showing it, what’s it going to be? Amaysu was curious because it might have a connection to him, even if such a chance was 1% Amaysu would still stay.

The beautiful miss walked in and behind her followed two built men carefully carrying a pedestal and on this pedestal was what seemed to be a box, but this box was covered by a violet sheet.

“You must all be curious, what could this item possibly be?” Kingsley asked a rhetoric question in a teasing manner.

The audience were starting to get agitated by Kingsley’s teasing, but Kingsley knew when to stop so he said: “Show them!”

The woman pulled down the violet sheet revealing the content within it.

Amaysu was thunderstruck by the item, his mouth gaped open: That is!

Within a cube shaped glass case was a round, circular object that was about the size of a person’s fist, it was made completely of an unknown metal, it had a single line going through it separating it into two different parts.

The reaction given by the audience was lacklustre, some people even had disappointed expressions on their faces, only Amaysu was staring with his eyes nearly popping out.

“Don’t judge this just because of the way it looks.”

This piqued the interest of the bidders slightly.

The man in the suit smiled, he had caught their attention: “As I said, in the beginning, this item is special. From the information that we gained from headquarters and from historical records we have identified this object.”

“This object has appeared in a few of our auction halls across the continent before, this orb is called the Earth Disintegrating Bomb.”

Just this name caused some people to shiver, this name was too domineering.

The man carried on speaking: “Let’s talk about its effect first, this bomb has an area effect of at least thirty metres, it is a life-saving treasure that can be used once.”

“This orb will create a membrane to protect the user, while the explosion has a force powerful enough to instantly kill a Body Transformation expert and can heavily injure an early Origin Transformation stage expert. Without any defensive Combat armour don’t even think about living when faced with this object.”

As soon as he finished describing the object, the entire hall turned absolutely silent, like a calm before the storm, all of a sudden a huge commotion erupted in the entire hall.

Who wouldn’t want such a treasure like this not only was it a life protecting treasure that could kill a Body Transformation stage expert, but it wouldn’t harm the user.

“The starting price for this treasure is 4000 Amethyst gold coins, each bid must increase by at least 1000 Amethyst gold coins.”

The price was so huge that it caused many people to instantly quieten down, the price was too high for most of the people in the hall. Only 10% of the bidders in the hall whom all sat at the front could afford it and they were all staring at it with yearning expressions, such a treasure was truly worth spending on.

Amaysu had calmed himself down and now silently stared at the object. If Amaysu recalled properly the Earth Disintegrating bomb was a military weapon used by the Dasecris Empire’s army, this weapon alone could be given to normal civilians and be used to entirely decimate the enemy. Many of the rival empire’s tried to replicate the weapon but it was close to impossible to do so. The method was only known to the Dasecris empire, even Amaysu had no knowledge of its production method.

“Let the bidding commence!” Kingsley said with an uplifting roar.

When the auctioneer said this, a voice echoed across the entire hall silencing every voice: ” 25000 Amethyst gold coins,” the voice was calm and indifferent yet the pressure contained within the voice was immense.

Every single head turned to face the voice when they saw the person they all shrivelled back into their seats in fear.

In a balcony room, a man was standing beside the concrete railing looking down upon everyone with an indifferent expression. The man was about 1.9 metres tall, his body to muscle ration was almost perfect, he wore a black suit, he had short black hair and taut muscles that could be seen even when he was wearing a suit. He had the elegant, mature look that elders possessed naturally.

“That’s the governor!” A man whispered and immediately a large commotion appeared.

If the governor made a bid, no one dared to make another bid after him, even if the worth of the object was much higher who was brave enough to bid higher? The governor was strong by himself and the force backing him was one of the Nine Overlords.

Without much deterrence, the Earth Disintegrating bomb went to the governor and with this, he quietly left the auction.

A lot of people were dejected because of this, but the auction still proceeded.

“Who would have guessed that the governor was here.”

“If the governor is here who dares to make a bid.”

“Such a rare treasure, it would be worth spending half my assets on it.”


After this the auction hall calmed down, the auction had yet to end, but a lot of the bidders started leaving because there wasn’t anything interesting or worth buying anymore.

Amaysu followed the crowd and was about to leave, he heard the voice of the auctioneer and he curiously turned.

When Amaysu saw this item, his eyes were wide open, the shock that he felt totally eclipsed the feeling that he had when he saw the Earth Disintegrating Bomb: Impossible! Impossible! They should have all been destroyed!

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