CE Chapter 3

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 ­ New Beginning

Hummels was merely your average member of the Averice clan. He was born to a low key family inside the Averice clan and was a man who fought his way through the heartless elimination of the Averice clan. He was in his 30s and didn’t have many redeeming qualities, besides the ability in sucking up to the higher ups in the clan and managed to find an opportunity to become a servant of the main family.

The Averice clan was the lords of a circumference of 30 kilometres, no one dared to go against the clan as they had a 5th rank fighter amidst them, so everyone feared the clan.

Today he was given the task to clean the pathway that led to the ancient doorway that existed. This door was embedded onto the side of the mountain that the Averice clan controlled, the door has been there since way before the Averice clan moved into the area and has never been opened once. The ancient doorway was a golden rimmed black door that emanated strange pulses of energy that kept the Savage beasts away from the area, this led it to be a safe and habitable place for the clan.

The Averice clan had done their utmost and spent a vast amount of their resources and wealth to try opening this door. Despite this no matter how hard they tried, it had never budged or even shown a scratch on the door itself. This caused the imagination of the upper echelon of the Averice clan to run wild. They believed that the door had a hidden treasure behind it, so for nearly a thousand years they have occupied this mountain, waiting for the day that the door would open, leading them to the treasure vault of their dreams. They have done their utmost to keep information of this door hidden from outsiders.

On this particular day, the sun was lighting up the sky, amidst a sea of blue with clouds floating on them. Clear winds caused the trees to rustle and dance. Leaves left the swaying branches, making their own journey with the wind as their guide.

The Golden rimmed black door was embedded onto the side of the mountain and in front was a platform, leading to a few steps that led to a path way. Hummels was taking his time, sweeping the dust filled ground of the pathway. Today was a cool spring morning, nothing out of the usual.

Suddenly the birds on the trees fluttered away and Hummels paused to quickly move his gaze towards the door.

“Was that a scream?” Hummels muttered, he thought that he heard a scream that was similar to those of a person mourning. His gaze stayed on the door for a few moments; this was the first time that he felt something unusual about the door in the many years he had been doing this minor job. After a while Hummels returned to his job.


All of a sudden Hummels looked up once again, merely an hour had passed since the moment he thought he heard a scream and he was now clipping the loose grass that grew in the cracks of the pathway that led towards the door.

As he looked at the door, he heard the creaking sound and saw the door slowly opening. He was staring at the door in shock. This door was not ordinary, no matter what the Averice clan had tried, it all failed without exception. Even when all the experts of the clan attacked together, including the 5th rank Fighter, not even a scratch would appear on the door. However, today the door was opening.


Hummels strained his ears to hear what seemed like the sound of someone walking out of the door..

He was astonished, thoughts of the impossible crossed his mind: No matter how hard the experts of the clan tried they couldn’t open the door, but today someone seemed to be walking out of the door.

Slowly the figure walked out of the door. It was a young boy who looked no older than Thirteen, dressed in white linen cloth that covered his upper body. He was also wearing soft white, smooth trousers that covered him all the way to his ankles and he was wearing nothing to cover and protect his feet.

Hummels, seeing the boys appearance was dumbfounded. This boy had sandy brown hair that was combed to the side with stray strands falling onto his forehead and his sides were trimmed; This was not a style that Hummels knew of. He had smooth, white spotless skin, thin lips, sharp full eyebrows and a high nose.

What was eye catching about the boy was his eyes, he had a deep brown eye colour on one eye and the other eye was a golden copper colour, which was absolutely mesmerising. The boy was around 1.6 metres tall, even though this boy was wearing simple clothing he emanated a natural noble, domineering aura that demanded those before him to kneel and feel inferior to him. This aura made Hummel to subconsciously want to kneel before this boy, these attributes and qualities are only embodied by royalty.

Even though the boys beauty was nothing like the males in the clan, but just looking at the boy caused Hummels to shiver in fear. The boy had blood streaks on his cheeks starting from the eyes, the whites in the eyes were bloodshot red. There was a deadly cold aura coming from the boy that caused Hummels to cower in fear. The moment his eyes came in contact with the boys, his blood froze in fear. Hummels felt a deep killing intent that caused him to freeze on the spot, but the boy merely moved his gaze seeming as if he had not noticed Hummels.

What powerful killing intent, Hummels thought.

The boy was carrying two babies, one on each hand, the two children looked around with intelligent eyes. The two toddlers had their hands in their mouth as they drooled. When the boy looked at the toddlers, his expression turned soft for a mere moment and a sadness that could cause a person’s heart to ache could be seen, this boy was in fact Amaysu who had just left the room he was in.

When Amaysu left the room the Sun’s glare struck him causing him to be blinded, he looked around and then his gaze stopped at the weak, middle aged man who was sitting on the floor, looking at Amaysu with a fearful expression. Amaysu then looked at his younger siblings and then looked around once again.

Amaysu was standing on top of a platform that had been carved out of the mountain and it seemed this man was cleaning the pathway in front of him. The vast land before was completely covered in greenery and further down were buildings made with simple architectural designs. Within the forest he was able to hear the chirping of birds and roars of wild animals.

What happened to the Empire? Where are the skyscrapers? Amaysu thought with a sad expression on his face. For the empire to disappear and even greenery had grown to take its place meant that a long time had passed.

“Creeeaaak,” slowly the door behind Amaysu closed, not leaving a trace behind to show that it had once been opened.

Amaysu once again looked at the man on the floor who was still cowering. “What year is it?”Amaysu indifferently asked, this was the first thing he thought to ask this cowering middle aged man.

The man looked up and quickly answered, “Mi Lord, it is the year 12496 of the Golden calendar.” Even though it felt odd for Hummels to be asked this, he didn’t dare question this boy who had the suffocating aura of a noble and Hummels couldn’t help but subconsciously call him ‘Lord’.

“Golden calendar?…” Amaysu muttered in confusion.

“Why is it called the Golden calendar?”

“Mi Lord It is because this is the golden age, even though it may not seem like it, but before the golden age it was a time of fear and oppression.” Hummels answered respectfully.

Fear and oppression? Amaysu thought. “Then what happened before?” Amaysu further asked, with a slight confused tone in his voice.

Sensing this confusion, Hummels didn’t hesitate when he answered: “Mi Lord, I do not know, but this continent was ruled by a family that controlled the continent with power and dictatorship. The people of that time lived in fear not knowing if they’ll even live the next day, it was a horrifying and dreadful time to live in.”

Amaysu frowned, but he didn’t know of such a time period, but he merely discarded the thought because he thought it had no connections to him.

“Then do you know anything about the Dasecris family and the Dasecris emp…” just before Amaysu finished what he was saying, he noticed the middle aged man back away subconsciously, his face was stricken with fear.

“Mi Lord, the Dasecris family and their empire is a taboo subject. They are the most evil family in the history of the continent. They were the ones that caused the Dark age which ended nearly 12500 years ago.” said Hummels with fear lingering in his voice, the rumours of the infamous Dasecris family is known all across the continent. The name Dasecris instilled fear in the hearts of many, it could cause crying children to become obedient by just uttering the name.

Amaysu frowned, What is with this lie? The Dasecris family are the ones that created the Golden age, so why do they call it the dark age?

Slowly realisation dawned upon him, “Are you saying Ten thousand years have passed since the fall of the Dasecris empire?” Amaysu asked in shock, he couldn’t believe that over Ten thousand years had passed since his families empire had been destroyed and the death of his parents. He felt a sadness sweep through him as he realised that he had lost everything and everyone he loved and now no one knew of his existence. His only blood relatives were Raymond and Arisa.

“Yes Mi Lord,” Hummels replied.

10000 years have passed since everyone’s death and now everyone believes that my family is a sinister and evil family. Amaysu felt sorrow, his family name and reputation was being destroyed and history was falsifying and hiding the truth from the world. Amaysu stared into the sky as he felt sadness in his heart once again, but he quickly masked it with a cold, frozen, emotionless expression.

There was a calm silence that flowed between them as Amaysu stared into the distance, to an unknown location or even time.

“Mi Lord are you a blessed child?” Hummels couldn’t help but ask.

“Blessed child?…” Amaysu looked at him with cold eyes, he was slightly confused but spoke in an indifferent tone.

“Mi Lord, your eyes they are two different colours and only the most talented and blessed individuals have those eyes.” Answered Hummels respectfully.

“No, I have Heterochromia,” said Amaysu.

“Heteroc…” Hummels found it difficult to say the word and Amaysu quickly realised the ignorance and the lack of knowledge that was clearly shown on this man’s face.

“Forget about it…” Amaysu said, he didn’t have the time to explain it to the man in front of him.

“Waaah…” Raymond started crying, Amaysu looked down and felt the rumbling of his stomach. Raymond’s cry caused Arisa to cry as well.

It’s been 10000 years so they’re probably hungry, Amaysu thought as he held onto both Raymond and Arisa. “Don’t cry, I’ll get you food.” Amaysu said affectionately to calm the both of them down.

He then looked at the man who was still on the floor, “What is your name?” Amaysu asked.

“This lowly one is called Hummels, Mi Lord.” Hummels said respectfully, as the boy still carried the cold and proud demeanour of a noble.

“Hm… Hummels can you get some food for me and my siblings?” Amaysu asked indifferently.

Hummels, hesitated slightly because of the young boys imposing aura, but he still answered, “It will be my pleasure Mi Lord, I will bring you a meal as quickly as possible.” After saying this Hummels turned around and ran down the steps that were carved out of the mountain which led to the dominion of the Averice clan.

Throughout the whole conversation Hummels called this man ‘Mi Lord’, however he couldn’t think of anything else to call this young man who had the domineering aura of a ruler.

Amaysu seeing this man had already disappeared into the greenery by following the path, he thought back to the moment he heard that the Dasecris family was now an infamous family. It brought him the urge to correct history, that had labelled his family as evil and return the name ‘Dasecris’ back to its former glory.

Amaysu gazed into the distance. Memories of his parents, his family, his master, they all flooded into him. He had strengthened his frozen heart, but he still felt the sadness and pain that these memories brought upon him. Raymond and Arisa as if sensing their elder brother’s sadness, they quietened down and looked at him curiously with their big innocent eyes.

Amaysu looked at the both of them and his cold gaze melted and once again became affectionate and a rare smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t worry I’ll always be here for the both of you…”

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