CE Chapter 29

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 ­ Mysterious Masked Elder

Amaysu stretched as he walked through the streets, after spending the past few days in the library he finally decided to leave, he now needed to find an auction to sell the Savage cores that he possessed.

This was the twelfth and last month of the year and coincidentally enough this was Amaysu’s 16th birthday. If this was during the old days, the entire kingdom would be celebrating right now.

On this particular day, Amaysu was wearing a blue robe. Walking through the streets Amaysu noticed that his appearance was too eye-catching, so he found a store that sold many different types of masks and bought one for himself. This mask had two widened slits to see through, which was outlined by a thin line of red.

Amaysu wore the mask and walked through the streets, the amount of attention he got decreased by a lot. It wasn’t unusual to see someone wearing a mask, this was because it was common to see mercenaries wearing masks in the streets to hide their identity.

After walking around for a while and asking people for directions, Amaysu finally found an enormous building with the massive words, ‘Royalgold Auction Hall’ and above it was an insignia. The insignia was a Crest with what appeared to be a rearing stallion wearing a crown, the outside of the crest was a leaf crown going around the crest from the bottom. The entire crest was made from black and gold colours.

The insignia was domineering in the eyes of many, but this was the right that an extremely powerful force such as the Royalgold Auction hall possessed.

Amaysu walked into the enormous building, he noticed that there were many guards stationed here, they differed in strength, most were at the peak of the Fighter stage while there were even some at a level which Amaysu couldn’t detect, they were most likely Body Transformation experts.

This is to be expected of the biggest Auction house on the continent. The Royalgold Auction hall was the biggest Auction Hall on the entire continent. They had an enormous, earth-shattering wealth and had countless experts under them to protect their wealth. They also had extremely powerful figures backing them in the dark.

“Hello sir, are you here to sell or for the auction, later on, today.”

Amaysu looked at the woman, she was well dressed from head to toe, wearing a fiery red dress with the Royalgold insignia and adorned with long flowing black hair. She was a staggering beauty but this didn’t influence Amaysu in any way, he only felt appreciative of it like looking at a beautiful painting. There was also many women dressed just like her throughout the building.

“I’m here to sell,” Amaysu spoke calmly.

The woman noticed that this man wasn’t influenced by her beauty, she could tell this from his voice, these women were meant to be very sensitive to people’s tone.

“Then come this way, we’ll discuss the matters in one of our rooms,” she spoke amiably while directing him.

She led him through a hallway with many doors and they both entered one, inside was an elderly man, she let Amaysu walk in and then she turned to close the door.

This elderly man was wearing black clothes, it was something that all appraising elders of the Royalgold Auction hall wore. The man also had the Royalgold Auction Hall’s insignia on his clothes.

“What are you here to sell?” The man arrogantly spoke.

Amaysu looked at him, but then laid down a small sack that was similar in size to the one he gave Jin on the table.


The man opened the sack without any prior notice or permission. When he saw the content inside the sack he looked up at Amaysu: “Did you get this all yourself.” His words held a bit more respect now that he spoke, but that was it because he was a part of the Royalgold Auction hall.

Amaysu nodded.

The man looked at Amaysu and then took the sack: “We’ll put this up for the afternoon auction. We have an approximation of how much these Cores will be worth so I as a representative of the Royalgold Auction Hall will give you an allowance as pleasantries.”

While saying this he passed a card to Amaysu: ” This card has around 2000 gold coins in it for you to spend, after the auction we will give you the total amount while deducting the pleasantry amount we gave you plus a 5% service charge.”

Amaysu nodded to the elderly man and then took the card. The card was completely white with the words Royalgold written in the left corner, it had a silver chip on the back with the total amount written down.

Amaysu nodded and walked out of the room.

Outside in the hallways Amaysu walked aimlessly, this Royalgold Auction hall was far more impressive than he first expected. The building itself was circular, with the centre of it being the auction hall itself while the different departments were kept in different areas of the building. The building was made with high-quality materials and was lavishly furnished, with countless vases containing exotic plants, different sculptures, etc.

Amaysu walked into one of the departments within the building. As soon as Amaysu entered he noticed that the room was filled with vast arrays of many different kinds of sculptures, paintings and calligraphy all around the room.

There was a lot of people in this enormous room, they were all dressed in very expensive clothes followed by men who had the aura of experts. These people were all enjoying their time looking at all these artistic pieces.

Strolling through the room there were many eye-catching objects, but it wasn’t peculiar enough to catch Amaysu’s attention, however, all of a sudden Amaysu stopped in front of a painting.

“Gulp” swallowed saliva subconsciously, he was completely dazed by this painting in front of him. The painting wasn’t popular compared to the other pieces of art, but to Amaysu it felt different, it was a palace on fire.

“Kid, I see you’ve noticed the peculiarity of this painting.”

Amaysu’s ears twitched as he heard the voice of an elderly man, but the voice didn’t seem too old either, he slowly turned to face the man and nodded.

This man was wearing a simple mask that only covered his eyes, the robes he was wearing was loose and he had messy grey hair but a well-kept beard.

When he noticed Amaysu nod, he was slightly taken back. “Kid, what do you see in the picture?”

Amaysu eyes widened, How does he know that I’m a youngster? He instantly put his guard up. But what Amaysu didn’t know was that this man was very old, so there weren’t many people that were the same age as him, so he was used to calling people ‘kid’.

Amaysu spoke cautiously: “I see the ending of an era and the birth of a new age.”

The middle-aged man gave Amaysu an inspecting look and then gave an approving nod.

“This painting was painted by a very famous artist, he captured the scenes of the downfall of the Dasecris Empire. Not many people dare to have any relations with that name, but he fearlessly painted this artistic masterpiece. I am also one of the few people that are intrigued by this Family clan, are you also one?” The man said as he combed his hair backwards looking at the painting.

All of a sudden a man rushed in, he was extremely handsome, well groomed and maintained, he wore a spotless white suit with the Royalgold insignia on his left chest.

As soon as the man rushed in many people looked at him, in an instant, they all stood respectfully. “That’s the branch manager of this Royalgold Auction hall.” A woman quietly murmured to a man next to her.

When Amaysu heard this he was also shocked, Why was such a man here?

The branch manager looked around and then suddenly rushed in the direction that Amaysu was in.

As soon as he reached Amaysu and the elderly man, he immediately bowed to the elderly man, “Mi Lord, accept my humblest apologies that I couldn’t welcome you personally.”

Looking at the Elderly man, Amaysu was shocked, who was this figure to make the branch manager act like this. Amaysu looking at this man couldn’t detect any sort of power from him, he looked like an ordinary old man.

“Kid, I guess I have to go right now. If fate decrees we’ll meet once again.” The Elderly man looked at Amaysu and spoke with an amiable smile, he then walked past the branch manager.

The branch manager looked at Amaysu in an inspecting manner and then followed the elderly man leaving a respective distance between them.

Amaysu watched the man leave through the door, there was quite a commotion when the elderly man left, but Amaysu put the thoughts regarding the elderly man away. What Amaysu didn’t know was that this elderly man would play a key role in his life.


The auction was about to begin, many people were streaming through the many entrances, there were many balcony seats and rooms for very important figures.

The seating arrangements were organised so that the richest and the most powerful figures would sit at the front while those with less wealth would sit behind. Only extremely important figures could sit on the balcony, it was very hard to procure seats there.

Amaysu was sitting in the last row, his wealth compared to the giant figures in the front row was minuscule, so his seat was justified.

The main stage for the auction was right at the front built from high-quality wood, the red curtains that were embroidered with gold were wide open.

A man walked on the stage he was wearing a dark blue suit and along with him, a beautiful woman walked with him wearing a blue dress.

“The auction will now begin!”

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