CE Chapter 28

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 ­ Central Library

Amaysu walked through the crowded snow-filled streets of Savage King City, it had taken him a few days to reach this city because he spent most of his time training while spending a maximum of an hour travelling.

Savage King City was named after the Savage Kings forest, these two places were only a dozen Kilometres apart. Savage Kings City was a 1st class City, controlled by the Spring Leaf Sect.

This city was extremely close to the forest, so many mercenaries would pass by this city, causing it to have a large influx of people. This city also possessed many large factions that settled here, to control this city the governor was extremely powerful, he was at the Origin Transformation stage.

This city was only second to Spring Leaf city in strength , it acted as a stronghold because it bordered the Savage Kings Forest.

Amaysu looked around and saw the large influx of people, all dressed in different manners: Mercenaries of all sizes, businessmen and ordinary citizens all walking together.

When Amaysu first entered the city till now, he always had gazes following him, his exceptional appearance caused many people to stare at him. At one point he was even stopped by a crowd of women, but he quickly used Lunar Moon dance to disappear into an alleyway.

Amaysu found himself a shop to buy new clothes and then found an inn, at first the inn manager looked at him disdainfully as if he was looking at a bumpkin who came from a rural area. But even then he still acted respectfully because Amaysu had a strange noble aura that made him want to be respectful to him.

He then paid the inn manager with a Savage beast Core, which in turn caused the inn manager to treat him with increased respect giving him the most high-class room.

“Clack” Amaysu walked into the room and found himself in a lavished and furnish room. A bed was placed in the centre with its head placed against the wall, the windows were curtained, there were many vases with fresh flowers and a toilet attached to the room.

Amaysu placed his scythe down and walked into the toilet to clean himself.


After an hour Amaysu walked out of the inn, wearing new, white simple robes that gave brought back the noble aura that he possessed, it was like he was the prince once again.

It’s been over Ten Millennia and I still don’t know much about the modern era, I must find a library and find some books to find out what happened after my empire fell and what the continent is like now. Amaysu planned his thoughts carefully and went to find a library in Savage Kings city.

Walking through the endless streets Amaysu noticed that there were a lot of Fighter Stage experts all around him, this place was actually a hotspot for these experts.

Amaysu looked up at the dark sky and noticed many tiny figures flying through the sky, soaring through the clouds, not bound by the force of gravity.

Amaysu knew that flying was impossible no matter what stage a human was at, the only way to fly was with the help of technology.

He looked back at the streets and carried on walking. After getting lost a few times and asking many people for direction Amaysu finally found himself in front of a building that was nearly 60 feet tall and nearly 3 dozen metres in width. The building was built with great architectural skills, even Amaysu was impressed. In the centre of the building the words ‘Central Library’ was written, it was truly a building to house books.

Amaysu walked into the building and was hit by a refreshing yet familiar scent of books.

The interior of the building was a massive hall with balconies inside, it was built so that it wasn’t obtrusive, rather it was made to be welcoming to those that wished to learn. Countless bookshelves were arranged in a systematic order and there were stairs leading to many more shelves of books on a separate floor. The entire building was lit by lights that had a slight golden hue and there was an oval shaped glass ceiling that allowed them to see the skies in the centre of the ceiling.

After searching through the many shelves of books, Amaysu found the books he required and found himself a seat.

“I have to find out what happened after my empire fell and after mother and father died.”

Amaysu opened the book and started reading.

After a while Amaysu’s eyes turned bloodshot red, a burst of killing intent arose deep inside of him: “Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.” He whispered as he tried to calm his ragged breathing.

Amaysu then carried on reading:

The Dasecris Empire and the Dasecris clan are the vilest and evil clan in the history of the continent. The most shocking fact is that they ruled the continent for nearly 10 million years. This reign ended when the founding Emperor and Empress of the Azarlin Empire gained victory over the imperial Dasecris clan.

The founding emperor and empress are the same founders of the Imperial  clan, Emperor Kronos Azarlin and Empress Karia Azarlin.

These two great heroic figures charged their way into the heart of the Dasecris Empire and defeated the Dasecris clan. To prevent the evil seeds of this vile family clan to continue they killed nearly every single clan member of these evildoers, however, some still exist to this day.

Since that day, the Azarlin Empire has flourished and is now the most powerful Empire on the Azarlin continent. Many legendary heroes have appeared in this legendary family…

At this moment Amaysu was burning with rage, he wanted to tear the book apart because of all the lies recorded in it. He now realised that the victor decides what is written in the history books while the loser is displayed as the villains in history.

Amaysu finished the book and picked up another book. After a while, he realised that most of these books were similar. They all mentioned the greatness of the Azarlin Empire and insulted the Dasecris Empire without any information regarding what the Dasecris Empire actually did to deserve these insults.

Later on, Amaysu picked up some books on the modern era and started reading it, soon he realised how times had truly changed.

Firstly the old territory of the Dasecris Empire was split between Nine sects, while two hidden Clans occupied cities within the territories of these sects.

The Nine Overlord sects were: The Spring Leaf sect, The Blood Sword Sect, The Blue Moon Sect, Diamond Mountain Fortress,  Titans Hall, Thousand Beast Tamers, Fallen Flame hall, Ocean Trident Domain and Drifting Cloud Palace.

These Nine Overlord sects also had their own separate academies to recruit young geniuses. This era had become one where strength ruled over justice, only the strong had the right to speak and a lot of time was spent in honing one’s self. Furthermore, the advanced information that was once possessed during the time of the Dasecris empire had been lost, so a lot of changes had occurred.

Amaysu noticed that there wasn’t a lot of information regarding the two hidden Clans except for the fact that they were called,  the Wang Clan and the Reins Clan. These two clans were able to hold their own against the Nine Overlord Sects so were able to have their own territory.

Each city controlled by the Sects are split between the Central city, 1st Class city and 2nd Class city. The Central city is occupied by the Sect, 1st class cities are governed by Origin Transformation experts chosen by the sect and 2nd Class cities are governed by Body Transformation experts chosen by the sect.

Amaysu was shocked that the city that he was in was currently governed by an Origin Transformation expert, back in his time, those that were in the Origin Transformation stage were considered high ranked members of the Empire, his grandfather was also an Origin Transformation expert.

However, Amaysu knew that those times were when their Empire was the most advanced yet also the weakest moment in their entire history. During the glory days of the Dasecris Empire, they were an indomitable force.

Furthermore flying was restricted in the airspace of these cities except for high-ranking experts and nobles. In addition, Killing was forbidden within the streets of the city, it could only take place in the Coliseum in the centre of the city.

Amaysu slowly processed all the information and then carried on reading.

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