CE Chapter 27

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 ­ Iron Grip Erikson

“JIN!” The extremely muscular man shouted as he ran towards the broken figure of Jin, while his four men followed behind him.

“Quickly treat him!” After checking Jin’s condition he gave some commands and stood to face Amaysu, rage was clearly written all over his face.

To his surprise Amaysu had disappeared from his previous spot and sat back down on a new table, acting as if nothing had happened right now.

“Waiter get me another plate!” Amaysu shouted out once again.

This caused the leader of the group to fume with anger as all the blood flowed to his head.

“You Bastard! You hit our brother in front of me and act as if nothing has happened?” The leader roared in fury.

The people surrounding him were whispering in hushed tones: “That kid angered Iron Grip Erikson from the Iron Fist Mercenaries. That man is a 7th rank fighter, his grip can easily crush a human’s skull as if it was made from plastic.”

Both Amaysu and Erikson heard these words. Erikson puffed his chest, his name was known even this far from the 1st class city, but Amaysu just turned to look at him with absolute contempt.

Hmph, so what if you’re a 7th rank Fighter, in front of me you have no right to act prideful.

Amaysu stood up from his chair and looked at Erikson and the other four whom after treating Jin stood beside him: “I’ll give you a chance, Leave!” Amaysu voiced out as he waved his arm to point at the door.

“HAHA! You think you have the right to order me, someone from the Iron Fist Mercenaries.” As he said this he looked at his brothers: ” Castro, Han, Simon, Elliot, go take care of him.”

All four behind him walked forward without hesitation. “Kid you better beg for forgiveness or draw your weapon so I can kill you without thinking that I took advantage of you.” The man called Elliot smiled viciously as he licked the knife that he drew from his scabbard.

Right now the people in the inn were all standing in the corner, standing as far away as possible from the conflict.

Amaysu sighed, he didn’t want to hurt anyone unnecessarily, but if he had no choice he wouldn’t hesitate.  

“You aren’t worthy of my scythe.” Amaysu then raised his arm and waved it in a taunting manner, “Come.”

These men all frowned unhappily and immediately rushed at him. “Don’t regret this!” Elliot roared as he took the lead, he reached Amaysu much faster than the other three and aimed straight at his neck.

To everyone seeing Elliot’s movement it seemed undoubtedly quick, but to Amaysu, it was as if everything had slowed down and a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

He calmly watched the knife draw closer to him: “Too slow.”

“Huh?” Elliot frowned in confusion, but still continued forward.

When Elliot was just about to reach him, Amaysu’s hand movements changed into an obscure yet routine act. He grabbed Elliot’s wrist and pulled him even closer, clenching his fist Amaysu slammed it into Elliot’s stomach without any mercy.

“Guh!” Elliot coughed violently as he was sent tumbling across the room like a ragdoll, crashing into a pile of wooden tables. The coughing changed to vomiting of blood, that punch just now had disturbed his inner organs causing them to go into turmoil. Due to the pain, he directly lost consciousness.

Amaysu didn’t stop and rushed towards the second man, third and fourth man. The trio realised that they had underestimated this kid, they quickly halted their steps and looked at him vigilantly.  

“Surround him,” Castro instructed.

The three men surrounded Amaysu, then pulled out a knife from the scabbard hung on their hip.

“Attack Now!”

The three rushed Amaysu at the exact same moment, leaving him no room to escape.

The three men reached him at exactly the same time, but beyond their expectations, Amaysu jumped into the air and used Castro’s shoulders as a foothold.

Using this opportunity Amaysu lashed out, his feet coming in contact with Simon’s face causing an explosive rattling sound to shake the room.

Simon fell tumbling backwards onto the floor, blood rolling down his cheeks, mouth, nose and ears, his face covered in a mixture of blood and foam. Some people noticed that he was convulsing even after being knocked out.

Amaysu jumped off Castro and appeared behind Han. Han was petrified by the sight of Simon so he turned around and stabbed at Amaysu. Taking this chance Amaysu locked arms with Han’s knife hand and disarmed him, with a jab to his chest Han lost consciousness.

Without retreating for a breath, Amaysu appeared right next to Castro and chopped his nape with enough force to knock him out and to allow foam to form in his mouth.

“Too weak,” Amaysu mumbled.

Amaysu stood surrounded by three crumpled bodies, in front of the shocked gazes of more than four dozen people. “Too weak,” they couldn’t believe that this youth had actually said that to describe these men. They knew that all these men were powerful especially if they are able to take on Rank 2 Savage beasts.

Without a doubt, the person that got off the easiest was definitely Castro while Simon was the one that had the worst ending.

Amaysu turned to face Erikson with a calm expression, “Are you next?”

All the blood in Erikson’s body surged to his face, he was fuming and veins started bulging on his face.

“You bastard!” He immediately rushed towards Amaysu without a care, his first action was to grab Amaysu to crush him.

Even though he was shocked by Amaysu’s close combat skills, he still had confidence in his own strength, he was a 7th rank Fighter after all.

Amaysu looked at him without much interest, he already knew what this big, muscular man was trying to do and he allowed himself to be taken by the flow.

Without hesitation, Amaysu rushed towards Erikson, in but a moment they clashed against each other and both their hands locked against each other.

Hmph, you’ve sealed your fate by locking hands with mine. As he thought this a sinister smile appeared on Erikson’s face.

The size difference between him and Amaysu was huge. Erikson stood at more than two metres and Amaysu was at least a foot shorter.

He immediately clutched Amaysu’s tiny hands and applied tremendous force.

In but a few moments his smile turned to horror, Amaysu was calmly staring back at him as if nothing was happening. What the hell?!

“Let me show you what a true iron grip is like,” before Erikson had the chance to respond, Amaysu clutched his hands crushing Erikson’s hands.

“Crack Crack.” Erikson’s bones shattering broke the silence of the inn hall.

“ARGH!” A painful roar was emitted from the depths of Erikson’s being, dropping down to the floor he stared at his mangled fingers.

Amaysu turned his back towards him, in front of many concentrated pairs of eyes he walked back to pick up his scythe. Erikson was still bent down on the floor bellowing in pain trying to grasp what had just happened.

“I’ll give you one last chance to leave,” Amaysu’s voice pierced Erikson’s ears. “Don’t think that my actions are influenced by the ignorance of inexperience. I just don’t think that dying my hands red for such petty reasons is justifiable.” Amaysu spoke in a matter of fact tone, looking down on Erikson completely.

“If you still cause me trouble I’ll cripple every single bone in your body,” as Amaysu ended the sentence his tone became ice cold.

After saying this he picked his scythe and walked to the door.

“YOU DAMN BASTARD! Do you know who I am, I’m an elder figure of the Iron Grip Mercenaries. How Dare you look down on me?!” Erikson roared savagely after his hands were mangled by that iron grip of Amaysu’s, he lost all rationality.

“Whoosh!” A gust of wind erupted in the room and Amaysu stood right in front of Erikson, the scythe was hooked around Erikson’s neck. Leaning in towards Erikson, Amaysu spoke in a frighteningly cold yet hushed tone: “I don’t care if you’re the prince of a great Empire, I don’t even care if you’re the Emperor himself. If you stand in my way, I’ll kill you.”

After saying this Amaysu pulled the scythe back and swung a roundhouse kick right into Erikson’s large abdomen.

“Bang!” Erikson was sent tumbling and he wasn’t so lucky as Jin, he was sent crashing through the wall into the snow-filled world and lost consciousness straight away.

Amaysu turned and left the inn, leaving a deep impression behind.

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