CE Chapter 26

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 ­ Brawl In An Inn

“Haha! Brother we’ve finally obtained a High Rank 2 Core.” An extremely muscular mans roar echoed out to every corner of the inn.

“Brother Let’s celebrate with a feast!” A man That was similar in physique but slightly shorter shouted from the other end of the table while lifting his drink up in the air. When he did this six similar mugs full of ale was raised into the air.

The surrounding individuals were shocked when they heard  ‘High Rank 2 Core’, some even had flashes of greed pass through their eyes which was quickly quelled. The people inside the inn all knew who these people belonged to from the crest on their clothes.

This inn was in a small town that was a few kilometres away from the Savage kings forest. This village was visited regularly by mercenaries and hunters who went there to test their luck in obtaining treasures and hunt Savage beasts to obtain their cores.

“Hey, bring us your best dishes,” One of these men shouted at a male attendant, who quickly rushed into the back with worry all over his face.

The group of men were loud and rowdy, yet the people on the other tables were quietly looking down trying their hardest not to catch their attention. The group of men were quiet infamous in these parts.

“Hey you, why don’t you come over here and sit with me.” One of the men from the six called out to a young woman. This man had the youngest features, he had short black hair and he was also the slimmest when compared to the rest of his group.

The young woman turned to face him and she noticed the lecherous expression on the man’s face, she couldn’t help but shiver slightly in fear..

“Girl our youngest brother has called you, do you dare to reject him?” The extremely muscular man shouted as he played around with a knife in an intimidating manner.

The girl gulped nervously and walked slowly towards the youngest man. She looked around for help but everyone else looked down at their own table, they were powerless against this group of mercenaries. They could clearly tell that this woman was petrified because she was shaking ever so slightly.


In this dead silence the door to the inn opened, allowing a breath of cold air to stream into the inn.

Because of the suddenness everyone turned to face the individual that broke this tense air. The woman also turned to stare and she was suddenly infatuated by the sight.


A young man walked into the inn, he was wearing a fur coat and fur made trousers. Snow was on his shoulders and he carried a long silver scythe on his back, this young man was Amaysu.

Amaysu walked into the inn, he casually glanced at the entire hall. The entire hall was lit by a few stones that were embedded into the ceiling, these stones were artificially created and they were sold in large quantities because of the high demand and need for it.

Everyone in the inn’s hall was looking at him, but Amaysu did not seemed to be bothered by it because he was used to it. He slightly tapped his shoulders to allow the snow that rested on him to fall off, he then found himself a free table and set down the scythe on his back against the wall. Everything, from the moment he entered the inn to the moment he sat down was observed by the eyes of many.

Many of the young women in the inn  were stunned by Amaysu’s appearance, they would stare at him quietly from the corner of their eyes.

“Bring me food.” After saying this Amaysu casually tossed an Orange core into air, the young attendant that stood near him was caught off guard so he stumbled as he caught the Orange Core. The young man looked down at his hand and his eyes widened, he then looked back at Amaysu.

“Y…Yes Mi Lord.” After saying this he quickly ran into the back.

Amaysu sat quietly, lost in his own thoughts, also aware of the gazes on his back.

“Big brother, that kid casually took out a Low Rank 2 Core.”  The man sitting next to the extremely muscular man whispered.

“Yes, I saw it too second brother.” A glint of greed appeared in the extremely muscular mans eyes. “He definitely have more riches on him, he’s probably a young master going out to experience the world,” he whispered back.

“Little brother go and give him our greetings.”

The slim black haired man understood what his oldest brother said and immediately a vicious smile appeared on his face. When Amaysu first entered the inn he saw the way the young woman looked at him and found it disgusting, he envied Amaysu’s appearance.


Amaysu was quietly sitting and eating his meal that was bought to him quicker than he expected, he was running empty and needed something in his stomach.


Amaysu’s ears twitched, his eyebrows furrowed as an annoyed expression appeared on his face, he had expected trouble, but not so quickly: At least let me finish eating.

The youngest man walked towards Amaysu and looked at him in disdain, he had a strong desire to punch this kid in the face, but the weapon that Amaysu possessed intimidated him so he carefully tested the waters.

“Hello young man, let me introduce myself, my name is Jin. I’m embarrassed to say this but we have no money to pay for our meal, could you please grant us some money to pay for it.”

The people surrounding the two were disgusted by this, these men would come in all the time and would leave without paying a penny, his intentions were all too clear to them.

They saw the Rank 2 Core. Amaysu knew the reason that this man came to him but he couldn’t care less.  He would have avoided giving a Rank 2 Core but sadly he only possessed Rank 2 and Rank 3 Cores. The reason for this was that he only fought against Rank 2 and Rank 3 Savage beasts within the Savage Kings forest, Rank 1 Savage beasts were far too weak and gave him no challenge.

Amaysu casually looked up at him, in the instant that the two made eye contact, Jin felt a deep coldness that caused him to shiver and step back.

What’s with this tremendous pressure…

Amaysu rummaged through his fur coat and tossed a small sack: “Here take it,” after that he turned back to eat.

Amaysu wasn’t interested in fighting right now especially against a weakling like Jin. The moment that he entered he already noticed that the most powerful of the group was only a 7th rank Fighter while the one in front of him was only a 5th rank Fighter.

“Huh?” Jin awoke from his slight daze and quickly caught the sack in midair. He noticed that his palms and forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He slowly opened the sack that was as big as his fist, his eyes widened and was twinkling with a strange light. So many Rank 2 Cores, there even are some Mid and High grade Cores, but there isn’t a single Rank 1 Core.

When he looked back up he noticed the necklace hung around Amaysu’s neck, the silver locket was something he had never seen before. For an unknown reason he felt that it was extremely valuable and important for the boy to keep it so close.

Without any reserve Jin opened his mouth under the gaze of the entire inn: “can I inspect that necklace of yours.”

Amaysu’s ears twitched, he spoke in a cold and emotionless voice: “Know when to back down or you’ll regret it.”

Amaysu’s voice was cold, but it contained a trace of anger.

Jin seemed to have realised that the worth of the necklace around this youths neck was worth more than all the Rank 2 Cores in the sack. This was because Amaysu casually tossed a bag full of Rank 2 cores callously but when it came to necklace he immediately burst with killing intent.

“Haha, I was being nice to you because I didn’t want to damage that pretty face of yours but if you don’t realise this… Hmph,” Jin disdainfully laughed and kicked the table.

“BANG!” The table slammed into the wall and shattered into splintering pieces.

“Now give me that necklace or that will be you.” At the same time that Jin said this, his brothers stood up from their table, preparing to support him if anything unexpected happen.

“This is my last warning, leave or you’ll regret this,” Amaysu warned once again.

“Who are you to threaten me? Your Father, give me the necklace!” Jin laughed as he sent a punch at Amaysu.

“Father? You dare say that?!” A painful memory returned to Amaysu , he was reminded of the feeling of being absolutely helpless. The insult to his father caused his eyes to turn bloodshot red.

Before Jin’s fist even reached Amaysu, he grabbed it taking on the brute force of a 4th rank Fighter.

“You dare talk about my father?!” Amaysu slowly voiced out each word. Jin’s expression immediately darkened, he realised no matter what he did he couldn’t release himself from this youths iron like hold. “No one on this entire continent has the right to insult him, especially an ant like existent like yourself.”

In the next instance a tremendous pressure exploded in the area between him and Jin which couldn’t be detected by anybody else.

Jin’s face became ghastly white, the veins on his forehead started bulging and his insides were churning uncontrollably.

“You didn’t take my warnings and you even insulted my Father.”

“Hey, hey. Don’t you dare lay a hand on our brother.” The extremely muscular man who seemed to be their leader shouted as the rest of his group stood behind him.

“Hmph.” Amaysu sent punched with less than half his power and struck Jin’s chest.

“Crack… Crack..” The sounds of bones shattering was heard across the inn and Jin’s body was sent soaring across the inns hall.

“BANG!” Jin’s body crashed into the walls, causing a crack to appear on the wall.

“Urgh!” Jin vomited blood uncontrollably out of his system.

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