CE Chapter 25

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 ­ Two Years Pass

Two years passed by in the blink of an eye, the seasons swiftly changed, storms had brewed and died down, and floods had appeared and receded. In two years many things had occurred within the Savage Kings Forest.

The Savage Kings Forest is one of the biggest forests on the entire continent standing alongside two other forests that are similar in size.  Huge Savage beasts were constantly roaming across the forest, loud nonstop roars could be heard from all directions, and these roars were ferocious, full of bloodthirsty killing intent that could cause any human to shiver in trepidation.

The cold season had arrived and for more than a week, the sky had been blocked by dark and dull clouds that floated in the air, while soft white snow drifted down towards the vast, endless Savage Kings Forest, covering the vibrant green trees in a soft white cover.

Deep within the inner outskirts of the Savage Kings forest, there existed many streams and waterfalls. The rolling sounds of water drifting through paved pathways and hitting rocks was a common sound that was heard all the time.

In one area within the forest that contained a waterfall similar to many others, there was a melodious tune flowing together with the crashing water of the waterfall. In a matter of moments, the melody disappeared as fast as it had appeared, disappearing with the flow of the waterfall.


After a while, the sound of bones shattering was heard within this area.

When one entered this area they would see a large cliff that was at least 30 meters tall, water was flowing down from the cliff and hitting a natural formed, bowl shaped pool of water below it causing the water to form a white foam and bubbles. In the centre of the pool of water there was a large boulder and sitting on it was a figure leaning against a long scythe chewing on a bone, as soon as he finished he threw the bone into the distance, to the area surrounding the water.

The figure then picked another bone covered with meat and started devouring it.

The figure was sitting cross-legged on top of the large boulder; he was leaning against the handle of a long silver scythe. This figure was only wearing a trouser made from beautiful soft white fur while a coat made from the same material was set aside. The boy looked to be around 15 to 16 years old, his features were striking and impossible to ignore, his long sandy brown hair descended down to his waist, he had soft white skin that was full of life and even though he was slim; his taut muscles were visible and full of power.

The boy had a high nose that was chiselled to fit perfectly on his face; his eyebrows were full but fair. His eyes were abnormal yet intoxicating to anyone that locked eyes with him. They were of two different colours: A dark brown that was close to black while the other was a golden copper that resembled actual gold. These eyes were indifferent and were ice cold, revealing nothing while hiding his thoughts and emotions.  This boy was none other than Amaysu Dasecris.

Amaysu had spent two years training under a gruesome regiment, where he would start his training at the first sight of the sun until the moon was halfway through its journey across the sky. He would always collapse when he reached his cave which was hidden behind the curtain of water and wake up to sore muscles yet the deep hatred in his heart would carry him forward through another day of gruelling training.

Amaysu no longer possessed the previous childlike and slightly feminine features two years prior to his training. His features were sharp like a chiselled sculpture but contained a trace of his youth to show that he was still very young.

Amaysu swallowed the last piece of cooked meat and threw the bone into the distance to the exact same spot he threw the previous bone. The bone crashed into a pile of other bones that was covered by a layer of soft snow, but what was shocking about this was that the pile of bones was stacked about a meter high, which showed how shocking Amaysu’s appetite had become.

Another shocking sight was that even though the surroundings were covered with layers and layers of snow, the spot Amaysu was sitting on was clear without a speck of snow on it. Furthermore, the air around Amaysu was strained as fluctuations similar to heat waves could be seen.

“Three times the normal gravity is no longer effective anymore.” Amaysu murmured to himself, his voice was pleasant but void of any type of emotion. As of this moment, Amaysu was already under the increased gravity training method of the Emperor arts. Even while eating, training or sleeping he would always have the effect of the Emperor Arts active, so his body was constantly being refined and strengthened.

“As soon as I am able to withstand 5 times greater than the normal gravity I will finally reach the Body Transformation stage.” The First Chapter of the Emperor Arts only needed its cultivator to withstand 5 times greater than normal gravity meaning that the gravity would be double of the strength of the previous downward force.

Amaysu stood up to his full height which was around 1.75 meters tall and stretched allowing his joints to crack. He left the scythe on the boulder, he calmly respired, without any implications; he immediately jumped off the boulder, towards a bulky tree in the surrounding cluster of trees.

“Soft Palm” Amaysu voiced in his heart, in a few seconds he arrived in front of the tree’s trunk. His palm lightly tapped the surface of the trunk.

“…” For mere moments, nothing happened, but there was no change in Amaysu’s expression.

“BOOM” All of a sudden, the back of the trunk exploded, splinters and bark flew out rapidly, each piece stabbing into the ground and trees in the surroundings, leaving behind a ravaged hole.

From the front, it looked as if nothing had changed, but the devastation was clear when one looked at the back of the trunk. But this was nowhere near his full strength as it was held back by the intense gravity surrounding him, slowing down his movement.

Amaysu clenched his fist tightly and then released, “I’ve finally consolidated the 7th rank of the Fighter stage.”

A small smile appeared on his face, it took him 2 entire years to reach the 7th rank of the Fighter stage and firmly consolidate it, this cultivation speed was quite slow compared to his prior speed, but rather than spending his time increasing his strength he had been focussing on martial arts itself.

Amaysu was spending a lot of time practising movement, punches, kicks and all the basics under the intense gravity. This was the conclusion Amaysu came up with, the true method to reach the Black Tempered body.

If there was anyone else that noticed the rate at which Amaysu was getting stronger, they would tremble in shock.

Amaysu stood still, with an intention the scythe that was quite a distance away from him disintegrated into silver specks and started floating towards him. When it reached him it started transforming into countless weapons and different miscellaneous yet intricate forms. In two years he had spent half the time training the Dream Conscious Mind technique, which allowed his control over his Inherited Legacy to reach an entirely new level.

Amaysu took a step forward into the snowy surface, which was immediately crushed by the intense gravity surrounding him, and then without warning, he directly disappeared into the forest.


Two days later…


A wild roar scattered across the forest as a claw strike tore down a tree.

Amaysu’s body swiftly retreated around the falling tree with grace. A thick branch fell away from the tree and was heading towards him at a gradually increasing pace.

Amaysu used the two silver swords in his hand to slice the branch into three parts. A cold smile arose on his face, one that only came when he was in an exhilarating battle.

“It’s been three months and I’ve vastly surpassed you since our last bout… You’ve hunted me down since the moment I entered the Inner regions, you’ve made me stand before deaths door multiples of times, yet that has only made me stronger.” Amaysu smiled at the Savage beast in front of him.

This Savage beast had a long body that was two metres long, covered in sleek pitch black fur, its eyes were green and it had a thick black tail; it was a Panther type Savage beast. Amaysu didn’t know about the many species and variances of Savage beasts so he did not know what the name of this Savage beast was.

This Panther type Savage beast was a Mid Rank 3 Savage beast and it was an extremely powerful Savage beast within these areas.

Amaysu had clashed against this Savage beast many times over the half a year period of time he spent in this area of the forest. Yet no matter how many times he faced it he had always lost and had to run away with his life. Amaysu forced himself into three months of severe training to surpass this Savage beast, which was unusually strong for its level.

“ROAR” In response to Amaysu’s words it roared angrily, showing its sharp teeth, simultaneously leaping towards him, with its long milky white claws.

“Bang!” The claw and the two silver swords clashed against each other, the force pushed him deeper into the earth. Despite this, Amaysu didn’t take a single step back; he held his ground and smiled at the vicious appearance of the Panther in front of him.

“HAHA,” Amaysu laughed indifferently. “If this is all you’ve got, this is the end,” the veins in his taught muscles bulged outwards.

“HA-” With just his raw strength Amaysu pushed the Savage beast backwards causing it to tumble in the snow.

Amaysu threw the two swords aside while in the air. The swords disintegrated into silver specks, they started coalescing in front of him and started to form a long scythe. “Let me show you my full power,” Amaysu said to the Savage beast that looked at him in bewilderment, the boy’s raw strength was unreal.

He grabbed the scythe, Lunar Moon Dance; while he activated his father’s technique.

Amaysu’s body blurred right in front of the Savage beast and in the next instance he appeared right behind it.

“Savage beast, you’ve helped me get much stronger and made me understand what I was lacking, but… this is where it ends. I will give you a quick death.”

The Savage beast awoke from its bewilderment when Amaysu spoke: “ROAR!” it howled in disbelief.

Amaysu slashed downwards, cleanly severing the Panthers head from its body. The spluttering blood dyed the soft white snow around them red.

Amaysu looked down at the slumped up body, then looked into the distance. He realised that at his current level, he couldn’t delve deeper into the forest. He knew that it was the right time to leave the forest.

“It’s time to leave…”

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