CE Chapter 24

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 ­ Goodbye Raymond, Arisa

Leirak City is one of the cities controlled by one of the great, Nine Overlord sects, the Blood Sword Sect.

The city had more than five times the area of the mountain town that was the humble abode of the Averice clan.

Leirak City stood tall and strong, fortified by walls that protected it against any possible attack. Even though they knew that attacking them was the same as offending the great sect behind them, they still had a wall to protect its citizens.

The centre of the city had a tall magnificent building and surrounding it were many buildings, but none as tall as the central building.

This particular day was slightly cold, with occasional Winter breezes, signs of the seasons changing were already being seen. The sun had just risen and was shining upon the city full of people. The city was alive, people bustling through the streets to get to their destinations, children playing around and merchants trading.

At this moment, walking through the barren grasslands outside the city, a slender figure dressed completely in black was vaguely seen walking towards the wall. A sack slung over his shoulders, two toddlers wearing fur coats in his hand he walked towards the crowded gates of the wall. This slender figure was Amaysu and in his arms were Raymond and Arisa.

It had taken Amaysu ten days to reach the city which would have taken him a day at most, he had carefully tread through the forest for the safety of his siblings and spent most of the journey experimenting with his Inherited Legacy.

The closer he got towards the crowded gates, more and more people noticed him. He exuded a different aura, one that caused the people to move aside to allow him to walk.

His face was covered by the hood of his black cloak, the cloak would occasionally whip around because of the wind. Even while walking casually he was emanating the natural aura of a noble that was ingrained into his very being. One that had been born from the greatest Empire raised and tempered by the noblest of nobles, the Dasecris royal family.

“Halt!” Two tall, muscular men called out to stop Amaysu in his tracks. They were armed completely in uniform armour. The two men looked at him and saw the two toddlers he was carrying, yet they didn’t say anything.

Amaysu looked up at the men, his face hidden by the cloak’s hood. These two men have reached the 3rd Rank of the Fighter stage… Impressive… I guess I’ll find more people like these two in this city.

Leirak city was a 2nd class city controlled by one of the Overlord sects. It was governed by a Body Transformation expert, so it was expected that this city was full of Fighter stage experts.

Amaysu had little information regarding the Nine Overlord sects and the two Mysterious clans. However, he knew that these forces occupied the land that  once belonged to the Dasecris Empire, his Empire.

“Hm?” Amaysu grumbled in confusion.

“To pass into the city, you must pay five gold coins per person.” The man on the right spoke.

Amaysu furrowed his eyebrows slightly, he lacked money, but he was prepared to pay with a different currency.

Laying his two siblings on the floor, he casually pulled out a Low Rank 1 Savage beast core out of his pocket. The two men were slightly surprised that this slender, skinny figure possessed a Rank 1 core. This either meant that he was strong enough to fight against Rank 1 Savage beasts or he had a significant background backing him. These two men naturally thought of the latter.

Amaysu nonchalantly tossed the Rank 1 core to the man on the right. He then picked up the toddlers and proceeded through the gates without a second glance, allowing the two men to follow him through their gazes as he disappeared into the crowd.


Two days later.

In a park that was located within the city, an elderly man and young woman were walking through the grass carrying bags.

“Grandpa Will! Wait for me!” A Young woman in her early twenties called out towards the Elderly man. She was average in appearance and figure, wore a long-sleeved blue dress.

“Emma walk faster, the children in the orphanage are waiting for us.” The elderly man she called ‘grandpa Will’ stopped to turn towards the young woman, to give her a stern gaze. This old man looked to be in his late sixties, he had relaxed features and gave out an amiable temperament.

“Yes grandpa,” Emma smiled thinking of seeing those cute smiling faces again.

“…” Walking further through the park the duo heard a faint harmonious sound that rippled through the air towards them.

“Where is it coming from?” Emma muttered as she relished the calming melody. She then slowly walked in the direction of where the soft sound was coming from.

Grandpa Will followed her, also curious, he wanted to know where this soothing melody was coming from.

Walking through the park, the sound grew louder and louder, filling the elder and young woman with a warm feeling that calmed their hearts.

They finally came to a stop, in an area where a lone tree stood next to a small pond. A boy wearing black clothes sat there leaning against the trees trunk while playing the Ocarina, two toddlers were playing in front of him.

The serene atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed. The boy’s sandy brown hair fluttered occasionally, his eyes were closed and his fingers were moving between air holes skillfully.  His temperament wouldn’t allow anyone to come near him, separating him from them as if he was from another world.

The scene caused Emma to stare with a dazed expression, this was the first time she had ever seen such a beautiful and handsome boy in her entire life.

After a while a small crowd gathered around Amaysu, not a single person dared to make a sound, listening with an appreciative yet dazed expression.

The group of people were mesmerised by the handsome appearance of the young boy in front of them and his talent in playing the Ocarina, this scene in front of them would only be seen in paintings.

After a couple more minutes passed Amaysu played the last notes of this piece. Opening his eyes his eyes swept around casually, his gaze swept through the crowd and for just a moment his eyes stopped on the elderly man. Eh? That old man is a 6th rank Fighter.

When Amaysu’s gaze swept past Emma, she noticed the hidden sadness and loneliness that was carried deep in this boys heart.

Amaysu walked towards Arisa and Raymond, without giving the people around him a second glance he picked the two up and walked away. He was being sent off by the admiring gazes of the handful of people.

“Let’s return.” Grandpa Will said to Emma, who looked at the back of the young man for some lingering moments before nodding.

A few dozen metres ahead, Amaysu stared into the distance, his heart was filled with mixed emotions.

He couldn’t help but sigh and accept the fact that he had to give up his siblings. “Today is your birthday and this is going to be the last time I play the Ocarina for you, Arisa…Raymond.”

He made a resolute decision, quelling the mixed emotion in his heart, resolving his sadness.


Inside a manor house that was in Leirak city, an elderly man and young woman smiled as they were crowded by nearly three dozen youngsters from all direction. They all had the untainted innocence of childhood, their smiles pure and their actions filled with sincerity.

This manor was an orphanage that was funded by Grandpa Will and his employees. Why would someone pursue to take care of orphans? The answer was that Grandpa Will did this bring smiles to these orphans and fill the empty hole in his heart. He had lived a long and unfulfilling life, but these children brought him happiness.

Grandpa Will, in his younger days, was an orphan just like these kids, but he still had dreams, through hard work he became a captain of the city guards, respected by many of his colleagues for his trustworthiness and loyalty. But there was only one thing in life he never had, that was family and now he considered these orphans as his family.

“Grandpa! What did you bring us today?” They all asked him.

“Don’t annoy grandpa,” Emma said from one side, with a stern expression with no resolve behind it.

Will smile at these kids and started handing out the gifts that he bought for them, his heart was being filled with the smiles of these children.

Like this hour’s passed by, while they played with the orphans that lived in the manor while the workers also joined in. These workers were also orphans that were raised by this old man and they were grateful towards him.

Later that night inside a room deep within the manor that was lit by a few candle light, isolated from the other rooms, Emma stood quietly looking at Grandpa Will.

The window was open allowing cold air into the room. Grandpa Will was sitting in a chair pondering about certain matters with a smile on his face. Emma stood at one side allowing the elderly man to think, she was grateful to this man, he had picked her from the streets from the mere age of 8 and raised her since then.

“WHOOSH,” A sudden burst of freezing cold air stirred the room, causing the two to shiver slightly.

“WHO?!” Grandpa Will shouted out as he looked around, sensing that something had entered the room.

“Tap…Tap,” exactly at the same time he called out, a figure walked out from a part of the room where the candle light did not reach, his face was revealed by the candle light, his eyes seemed to glow in the presence of the darkness.

“You?!” Grandpa Will and Emma shouted simultaneously, they were both shocked to see the appearance of the handsome boy from earlier today. He still had a sack over his shoulder and two toddlers who were leaning on his chest, their intelligent eyes looking straight at the duo.

Amaysu walked around the room in a relaxed manner, one eyebrow raised, “Isn’t this an orphanage?” Amaysu asked, ignoring their shock.

The duo stood still and then they both nodded, not offended by his negligence.

Amaysu casually glanced at them and then looked down at his siblings in his arms.

Emma and Grandpa Will both sensed the melancholy and immense loneliness that this boy was feeling in his heart through his eyes once again. This feeling caused even them to feel sorrowful for this unknown boy in front of them.

Amaysu let out a sigh of reluctance and lay Arisa and Raymond onto the floor. He raised his right arm and two tiny silver orb like pills that were about the same size as a thumb appeared in his hand.

These silver orb like pills were smaller versions of the more powerful Silver Burst. Amaysu had spent many days experimenting with the Silver Burst and after many days, he finally created this miniature Silver Burst.

As long as he input some instructions into these small silver orbs, they would follow it. This time, he had made it with certain instructions for his siblings safety.

He had also spent an extra two days in the city, spending his time gaining information and that’s how he came across this orphanage.

Amaysu tossed it towards them. When they caught it he said: “Eat it.”

“What?” Emma asked in confusion, which gradually started to contain traces of anger. “You want us to eat something you gave us, it could be poison for all we know.”

Amaysu frowned, but Grandpa Will suddenly spoke out: “Emma eat it, he has no evil intentions.” With this, he tossed the silver pill into his mouth and swallowed it with no hesitation. He could sense that this boy had no qualms with them and he understood that this was some type of precaution.

Emma was hesitant, she wasn’t convinced, however, she still followed Will’s actions.

Amaysu looked at them, astonished for a moment; he expected a little more resistance. “Thank you.” he said calmly with some traces of gratitude.

“What was that pill?” Emma asked she wasn’t going to feel comfortable until she knew what it was.

“A precaution, this is for the safety of my siblings… I will leave them here from this day onwards and that pill will prevent you from ever harming them. If there ever comes a time where you have the intention to harm them, this would happen…”

Amaysu revealed a small silver orb that was about half the size of the thumb-sized one he had given them. Placing it on the thick table beside them, a silent explosion occurred. That tiny explosion left a small perfect crater on the thick table.

Emma and Grandpa Will’s eyes widened as they stared at him in disbelief.

“As long as you have no intentions to harm them in any way, you’ll be fine.” Amaysu said with indifference.

Amaysu then once again opened his hand, ignoring the disbelieving gaze of the duo. Two pristine silver seeds appeared on his palm, they lit the entire room with its shine.

This was a seed similar to the one he had created for Joseph, except these two pristine silver seeds could never be compared to the ones he created for Joseph; it was like comparing the light of fireflies to that of the moon. Amaysu had spent two weeks, spending most of his time creating these seeds.

The difference was that they were much more powerful, only a level below the Core of the Inherited Legacy. He would be able to sense these seeds even if he was half way across the world. The most important aspect of these seeds was that if Arisa and Raymond ever faced imminent danger, the Inherited Legacy would take over and protect them.

Awe was clearly written on Emma’s and the old man’s face when the Inherited Legacy seeds appeared.

Amaysu bent down, allowing the seeds to float towards Arisa and Raymond. The seeds entered their mouth and they swallowed it down.

Amaysu looked at Raymond and said with a smile: “Raymond don’t forget to protect your sister while I’m gone.”

Picking them both up for one last time Amaysu carried them to the old man and the young woman. “Remember, no matter what you do that pill will never leave your body. If you try taking it out, it will explode, killing you instantly. Only I can take it out. On the day I come back I will take the pills out of your body, but until then don’t even dare to think of harming my siblings.”

When Amaysu said this, they were staring at him in disbelief. From what he said, they didn’t dare take the risk of taking that silver pill out of their body after seeing how powerful it was.

This entire exchange lasted only a few minutes. This boy had sent them through a whirl of emotions and disbelief, this boy proceeded at his own pace not allowing them to comprehend what was going on.

After this, Amaysu handed his siblings over to Grandpa Will and Emma. He felt an incredible surge of loneliness and sadness creep into his heart; he was going to leave his last family members behind. He spent two weeks creating as many precautions and safety measures into the Inherited Legacy and the silver orbs to make sure nothing bad happens to them.

He understood that what he was doing was stupid and overwhelmingly naive, this could all turn against him and he would lose his loved ones, but this was a risk he had to take. With all the precautions in place, he was confident that they would be safe until the day he came back for them.

Amaysu took the sack off of his shoulder and threw it towards Grandpa Will. “Sell these and keep the money.”

Grandpa Will took the sack and opened it, his pupils dilated he was stunned by the contents of the sack. The bag was full of Savage beast cores, most of these cores were High Rank 1 cores and there were even a few Low Rank 2 cores.

He then looked up to face Amaysu, the astonishment on his face could not be hidden.Could this boy have killed all these Savage beasts and obtained their cores? Wouldn’t that mean he is, at least, a 4th rank Fighter… Impossible! He looks so young.

“Did you obtain all this by yourself?” he asked, his hands clearly trembling slightly.

Amaysu nodded, causing a dumbfounded expression to appear on the old man’s face. A genius was all that he could use to describe this boy.

Amaysu looked at them one last time and turned around to walk to the window. Each step he took was heavy and lonely, he didn’t turn back afraid that he wouldn’t be able to leave.

All of a sudden two squeaky sounds shook him, “B..ra.dah” Arisa and Raymond as if knowing what he was about to do, started calling out to him.

Amaysu smiled bitterly, his heart full of melancholy. I’ll return Raymond… Arisa. When that day comes, I’ll be strong enough to protect you from all dangers of this world.

Without turning back, Amaysu uttered his last words to them: “Goodbye Raymond, Arisa.”

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