CE Chapter 23

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 ­ Inherited Legacy Bloodtekros

The two cries were like sharp blades that cut through Amaysu, his body turned rigid while his mind trembled. He turned to face the origin of the voice to meet Raza and Badar who were carrying two toddlers.

Held in unfamiliar arms, Arisa and Raymond were crying uncontrollably.

Panic quickly surfaced on Amaysu’s face, understanding why these two men had rushed out of the hall; It was to find his siblings.

Without putting any thought into it, Amaysu ran impulsively at the fastest speed he could muster. His feet were already heavy and he was lacking in stamina.

“You bastards!” He roared. In a matter of moments he reached them, but all of a sudden Joseph appeared like a flash. Because of his panic, Amaysu didn’t register his surroundings and allowed Joseph to close in.

Joseph swung down the sword like a battleaxe, cleaving through the air.


Without any hope of dodging Amaysu quickly raised the scythe and used both of his hands to hold the handle.

“Clank” The sound of two metals crashing into each other echoed out, with this Amaysu who was in a panicked state was sent flying backwards due to the battering force held by the sword.

Amaysu tumbled backwards and rolled like tumbleweed. When he stopped, he noticed that his hands were ringing to numbness.

Looking up his gaze was immediately met by Joseph’s who was standing right next to Raza and Badar.

“Father, that woman was rather unhelpful, but when we kept a sword near her throat she gave these two to us,” Raza said to his father while he indicated Arisa and Raymond.

Amaysu was helpless in this situation, his naivety had brought his downfall. He had trusted a stranger and this was what he got in return. Nevertheless, he couldn’t blame her for his stupidity, because if someone had the choice between living and dying they would immediately choose to live.

But Amaysu was only a thirteen-year-old boy, he was a lot more mature than those in his age group but he was still a thirteen-year-old boy and not an adult.

Joseph nodded and then turned to Amaysu, the greed in his eyes could not be hidden any longer. “Amaysu this was our backup plan in case I couldn’t match you even with the poison in effect. So Amaysu, I’ll give you one chance and one chance only, hand over the Inherited Legacy and everything else you found behind those doors.”

Amaysu was trying to find a solution because he needed the Inherited Legacy for revenge, but he couldn’t lose his last family members. What can I do? What can I do? I can’t give the Inherited Legacy away… but… Realisation dawned upon him. The Inherited Legacy could be shared between the main Inheritor and others.

While keeping the same panicked expression on his face, he slowly calmed himself down and thought through his plan. Even if you have heard about the Inherited Legacy what could you possibly know about it? As soon as you pass Arisa and Raymond over, I’ll personally cripple you. This was Amaysu’s thoughts.

Amaysu was right, Joseph’s knowledge regarding Inherited Legacies was limited, besides the legend and rumours about it, he did not have any other information regarding it.

“Okay Joseph, I’ll hand over the Inherited Legacy.”

Joseph stared back in disbelief, he expected some rebellion, but against his expectations, this powerful young boy was complying, which made him cautious.

“Okay then pass me the Inherited Legacy! If you try anything…” Frowning slightly, he still smiled viciously as he moved the sword closer to the two toddlers.

“STOP!… I said I’ll give you the Legacy.”

Amaysu took a deep breath in and raised his right arm and opened his palm. Three streams of silver specks started flowing from his palm and floated into the air above it, converging into a form. The sight was mesmerising, the light emitted by the Nanotekros dimmed the lights of the surrounding, drawing in the curiosity of the few in the room.

To pass a fragment of the Inherited Legacy was a hard and arduous task at Amaysu’s level. By completely focussing on the task at hand, it took him about one-sixth of an hour before he was able to completely form the ‘seed’.

As the last specks of silver converged, it formed a silver crystal-like seed that hovered above his palm, in size it was similar to a fingernail.

Amaysu was sweating profusely, but he grabbed onto the hovering seed and threw it towards Joseph who caught it right away: “Eat it.”

Joseph frowned, he was slightly suspicious towards this lustrous seed, but due to his lack of knowledge he had to accept it.

He turned to face Raza and Badar, giving them a nod he faced Amaysu: “If anything goes wrong, your siblings will lose a limb.”

Amaysu stayed silent and watched.

Swallowing the seed, Joseph felt no different. However, silver specks started permeating from his body, except it was a tiny fraction of the amount that Amaysu could summon.

Joseph tried to command the silver specks, but could only awkwardly move it around as a whole. This boy’s strength is far deeper than what I expected. I can only use a fraction of the power he can use and still not use it as long as he can. Joseph looked up at Amaysu and understood that this boy was far stronger than he appeared.

He realised Just controlling the Inherited Legacy was exhausting and would lead to severe exhaustion, he couldn’t help but be in awe of the boys abilities.

“Joseph hand my siblings over.”

All of a sudden a shout was heard from across the room pulling Joseph out of his thoughts. Joseph looked at the feeble figure of Amaysu and smiled. “Ah? Did you not hear me say ‘ hand over everything you found’?.”

Amaysu’s temper was rising, he couldn’t believe how shameless this man was: “There are no treasures Joseph. That is nothing more than a shelter.” through gritted teeth, Amaysu said helplessly.

“There are no Treasures? Shelter? Do you still not understand what position you’re in? Then let me help you understand.” Joseph drew the blade close to Raymond, without any hesitation the steel touched the soft, supple skin of Raymond’s hand, drawing blood.

As blood streamed down from Raymond’s hand a painful scream echoed across the room. Amaysu stared in horror, the cry seemed to poke at his heart.

The cry triggered the sleeping baleful emotion deep inside Amaysu’s heart to bloom once again with hatred and resentment. However, this time, it didn’t alter Amaysu’s personality but rather brought with it a surge of killing intent that was as strong as a raging storm.

A mountain like pressure exploded out of Amaysu, the atmosphere in the hall became dense immediately, suffocating the trio:

“Joseph… Death won’t relieve my rage… I will erase you from existence.” Amaysu voiced out, the killing intent in his ice cold voice was as clear as day. This caused Joseph to quiver with dread because he felt the pure hatred in his voice. Raza and Badar were quivering uncontrollably, the iciness of the pressure was not something they could handle.

Amaysu didn’t explode with rage, it was the opposite his demeanour was a foreboding calmness. His imperfect eyes were glowing with a red tint. Nevertheless, in Amaysu’s heart, he wanted to rip Joseph apart and completely erase him.

The Core of the Inherited Legacy was responding to Amaysu’s emotion, fluctuating back and forth between a blood red and pristine silver colour.

A shocking scene erupted, silver specks started fluctuating from silver to red in the same manner as the Core, transforming between a silver and blood red mist. The Nanotekro’s permeating from Joseph started floating towards Amaysu, ready to obey his every command.


Amaysu took a step forward, with each step the pressure released by him increased, the bursting Will to kill was something he himself had only experienced once before. Joseph was unable to judge the change in this boy’s personality and demeanour, it was too abnormal and unpredictable.

Joseph shrunk as he faced Amaysu’s sharp, numbing gaze: “Hey! Hey! Come any closer and they’ll die!” Joseph shouted quickly, as he drew the sword closer to Raymond, his sword hand clearly quivering, while Raza and Badar stared in fear cowering backwards.

“Shut up” Amaysu responded with a fierce growl. His aura grew even more ferocious, it didn’t cool down the surrounding temperature but rather caused the trio to subconsciously shiver.

“Joseph… Remember greed is your downfall…” Raising his right arm he uttered a single word: “ERASE.”

Obeying his commands and also seeming to understand his raw emotion, the Inherited Legacy roared into life and stormed towards the trio like a swarm of locusts.

It enveloped them completely, leaving the trio no room to even breathe. The fluctuating specks were buzzing as they crashed into each other, each one aiming to complete the command to their best degree.

As this was happening a fraction of the red specks transformed into two enormous floating hands. They picked up Arisa and Raymond, carrying them away from the swarm of Nanotekros, towards Amaysu who had his arms open ready for an embrace.

As his siblings came into his embrace, the blood red Nanotekro’s dispersed from the bodies of Joseph, Raza and Badar. It left absolutely nothing behind, everything was erased from existence, devoured by the Inherited Legacy. The trio wasn’t even given the privilege to scream, only silence was left in their place.

The entire process from him entering the hall to him killing the trio lasted for about half an hour.

While Amaysu was in his embrace, the Nanotekro’s returned to their original silver colour and landed on the surface of Amaysu’s body, coating him to support him.

The Core also transformed back to its original silver colour and the red tint in his eyes also disappeared without a trace.

Time slowly passed by, Amaysu’s emotions calmed down, reason and humanity returned to him. Thinking about the fact that he had just killed three men made his face pale: “I… Really… Killed them?”

Nevertheless, his face only paled, he felt heavily nauseated, but he didn’t vomit to relieve the turmoil in his body. Compared to the merciless and ruthless torture of the Dire Wolf this would have been considered merciful. Despite that, he still killed a human being, someone of his own kind.

Amaysu looked down to see Raymond whose arm was slightly bleeding, both siblings were still sobbing. Tearing a piece of cloth from his robe, he gently wrapped it around his wound.

“I’m sorry!” Amaysu murmured towards them.

Standing up, with Arisa and Raymond in his embrace, he looked at the empty space, his mind occupied by what had just happened, he only had one answer: “Nanotekro Inherited Legacy Second Stage: Bloodtekros .”

The Second stage was something his father had shown him when he was a child, this stage could only be used when someone reached the Body Transformation stage.

Father said that it could only be used at the Body Transformation stage… Mine was incomplete… But the burden is something I can’t handle at my level. Amaysu realised that he had subconsciously activated an incomplete version of the Second stage, despite this, it was still heavily taxing to his mind and body.

After resting for a brief moment and calming Arisa and Raymond down, he rushed through the door leaving the hall immediately.


In ten minutes Amaysu was standing at the edge of the town, carrying his siblings. He was wearing a new clean black cloak and black clothes underneath. He carried a sack with all the Savage beast cores inside over his shoulders, the Emperor Arts manual was tucked away underneath his clothes.

“It’s time to leave.”

Without turning back Amaysu rushed into the woods, leaving the place that he had stayed for most of his life. Where his family, the Royal family of the greatest empire on the continent once stood,the homeland of the Dasecris clan,

Amaysu took his first steps into the new era.

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