CE Chapter 22

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 ­ Amaysu Faces Joseph

“Young master Amaysu, the Patriarch is requesting your presence for the banquet he prepared.” The maid said respectfully while taking secret glances at him.

Amaysu’s condition wasn’t great but he was strong enough to take care of himself in case anything unexpected happened. He was still cautious when he was in Joseph’s presence and now that he had personally revealed the Inherited Legacy he felt even more cautious.

Amaysu nodded, acknowledging the Joseph’s request. With this, the maid left the room respectfully.

Amaysu lay back down in his bed, staring blankly at the dull grey ceiling, after staying in this isolated mountain town for nearly three months he realised that he had to leave now.

The dangers in this mountain village were great; he had to leave this place for the sake of Raymond and Arisa. From the few months, he had stayed in the town he came to know that the nearest city was 100 Kilometres to the south. It was the nearest big city and was where the mountain residence travelled to trade.

Amaysu felt lonely, melancholy filled his heart while he thought, Must I really leave them behind. His only living family members, he had to leave them behind in a safe place. Because from the moment, he recovers completely he was prepared to wholeheartedly train and cultivate.


Inside the main hall, there was a long wooden table that stretched five metres in length and two metres in width. This table was covered with a beautiful white cover, upon this beautiful cloth was countless plates with many delicacies on it.

Even though the mansion was damaged, the food store had survived and they did not lack in meat, herbs, spices or wine for a feast to celebrate their saviour.

Joseph, Raza and Badar were seated quietly waiting for the appearance of the main guest, Amaysu. They were dressed in black, brown and brown robes respectfully.

“Creak…” Two maids opened the double door that led into the main hall of the mansion.

“Lord Amaysu is here.” With this introduction a young boy walked in, dressed completely in a plain white robe that was exemplified by his appearance. His sandy yet slightly wavy brown hair was swept backwards, his ice cold mismatched eyes casually looked around the hall.

The bandages could still be seen as it stretched all across his torso and the lower half of his neck, showing that he was a long way from healing completely.

“Young master Amaysu, thank you for gracing us with your presence,” Joseph said with respect, which was how everyone behaved when he was present.

Amaysu nodded, he looked at all the food with gluttony, it had been quite long since his last meal but his outer appearance was still cold, hiding the childish glint in his eyes. Because of the fight against the Dire Wolf and also that moment when he vomited heavily, his stomach was now completely empty and he wanted to replenish himself with the delicacies in front of him.

Amaysu sat down quietly and looked at the food, gulping without being able to help himself but he still kept his guard up.

Joseph seeing this smiled, “Maids pour the Young master some wine.”

Amaysu looked up and then glanced at the bottle of wine being brought up towards him, he merely put his hand up in a motion telling the maid to stop, “I don’t drink so there’s no need to pour it for me.”

Joseph still kept the smile on his face and responded: “Then forget about it, let us begin the meal.”

Amaysu watched the maids bringing the plates of meat towards him, Amaysu didn’t refrain himself and took a large chunk, his appetite had already reached its peak.

Amaysu ate very quickly, yet his table manners were such that it didn’t diminish his noble stature. While he was eating the maids had all left the hall leaving only the three men and himself.

While Amaysu was drinking a cup of water, Joseph abruptly spoke: “Young master Amaysu, thank you for saving our humble mountain town, would you tell us your plans for the future?”

Amaysu carried on eating and then stopped, with a sigh he replied: “I intend on leaving this mountain town and visit the biggest city in the area.” After saying this he looked at Joseph who was smiling at him, he still hadn’t touched the food on his plate, his gaze switched towards Raza and Badar, they hadn’t touched their foods either.

When he noticed this Amaysu frowned, he felt something was wrong and put down the cup to look at Joseph.

Joseph’s smile slowly turned cold, he nodded in agreement and carried on: “Young master, we still haven’t had the honour of meeting your master, can you please call him for us?”

Amaysu frowned; he knew his ruse had been uncovered. He had already expected it. Since it was already uncovered there was no point of him acting on it anymore. “Let’s end this ruse,” Amaysu replied coldly, his right hand was glowing with faint silver light that was too insignificant for the naked eye to process.

“I agree,” Joseph said, his body was exuding killing intent, immediately jumping away from the table and landing five metres away from the table. At the same time, Raza and Badar escaped through the doors, why you ask? Amaysu did not know.

Amaysu gradually got up after wiping the end of his lips with a piece of cloth, he looked up at the well built and muscular man with his imperfect eyes. “Joseph. What do you want?” Amaysu already knew what he wanted and was expecting it as soon as he activated his Inherited Legacy the other day.

“Young master Amaysu; you already know I want the Inherited Legacy you possess and all the treasures you obtained from that treasure trove behind those doors.” Joseph self-mockingly still called Amaysu ‘Young master’.

Amaysu smirked coldly, looking at Joseph with disdain: “If you want my Inherited Legacy you’re going to have to kill me… Joseph you know you’re no match for me.”

“I know with your current strength and Inherited Legacy, I’m no match, but… Don’t you feel any different.”

When Amaysu heard this, his smirk disappeared and he stared at Joseph. All of a sudden his body started trembling and his body felt feeble, it was like his bones had turned to mush and felt breakable. A splitting headache crashed into him making him feel nauseated and clouded, Amaysu understood immediately: “You Poisoned me?!”

Amaysu was clever, a genius even, but being a genius cannot hide his naivety and inexperience. He had spent most of his life pent-up in the palace, only conversing with nobility and his teachers. The only moment he had gone out to experience the real world was with his master. He lacked something important in life, experience.

Joseph without replying, abruptly rushed at Amaysu with the intent to kill, smashing the table to one side, clenching his fist, he slammed it into Amaysu’s chest.

“Guh!” Amaysu coughed out a mouthful of saliva as he was sent tumbling backwards.

“ARGH!” Amaysu roared as the broken rib bones poked at his lungs, a piercing pain caused his breathing to be affected, blood coursed through him violently and started swelling in his throat caused him to feel uncomfortable while his innards were experiencing fiery pain that caused him to heat up.

When Amaysu woke up, he still had about half of his original strength, but because of the poison, he could only muster about a third of his original strength.

With his breathing being affected Amaysu coughed blood while his heart was in pain. He Staggered up. He noticed Joseph rushing towards him once again leaving him no time to prepare. “Shit!” Amaysu muttered as he tried activating Lunar Moon dance to dodge Joseph’s right swing.

But against his expectations, his body wasn’t listening to his brain and was falling behind. Joseph punched Amaysu into the side of his ribs once again and without backing down he grabbed Amaysu’s shoulders and slammed his knee into his stomach. Joseph didn’t stop and spun, sending a roundhouse kick towards the boys ribs once again.

Joseph already knew, Amaysu’s condition so he attacked his weak points.

“Bang!” Amaysu was helpless in his nauseated and feeble state, but he managed to raise his arms to block the kick but was sent soaring through the air once again, coughing blood which splattered onto the tiled floor of the hall. In a moment, his body crashed against the halls wall.

“Yes, I did poison you with the Bone Deteriorating poison. This poison will slowly numb your nerves and cause your bones to go feeble for a long time.” After brutally attacking Amaysu’s weak points, Joseph arrogantly explained.

Amaysu was lying against the wall of the hall, agonising pain coursed through his upper body as they struck his pain receptors again and again. He had been winded by the constant attacks to his chest and stomach, making it so that when he breathed it would make grating sounds.

The reason Amaysu couldn’t fight back against Joseph was because the poison affected his mental condition, so it prevented him from activating his Inherited Legacy which requires strong mental capabilities. So in his weakened state he had a hard time fighting back without the legacies help.

“Damn it!” Amaysu growled, he glared needles at Joseph. This was the first time that Amaysu had been so brutally stomped on, and he found it embarrassing. “You caused this upon yourself!”

Amaysu directly jabbed at different pressure points around his body, then he punched his stomach heavily causing him to pale slightly.

Straight after he started vomiting all the food he ate back out again, but this time, it came out with blood which contained traces of black in it.

Amaysu used his sleeve to wipe his lips, his body felt numb and weak. He could only apply quick treatment to himself for now. Despite coughing the poison out of his body, there were still some lingering elements in his blood.

There was a flaw in the technique that Amaysu used to prevent the Body Deteriorating poison to seep any further, it caused his internals to fall into disorder. However, he had reduced the effect of the poison and it would only linger for a little while longer.

Amaysu swayed as he tried to stand still, extending his arms out, silver molecules started floating off him and coalesced in the in front of his hands. It formed the scythe from his memories. Furthermore, Amaysu started producing a faint silver light.

Amaysu grabbed the centre of the handle, a deadly killing intent was being exuded from him. Amaysu’s piercing eyes caused Joseph who had been holding the advantage the entire time to shiver.

Amaysu rushed at Joseph, holding the scythe without any commitment. The connection he felt with the scythe was very close as if it was meant to be used by him since the day he was born. He also had a connection to the sword, but it wasn’t as deep as the connection he had with the scythe.

Slashing down diagonally, he caused a violent swirl of wind to slash at the stunned Joseph. Knowing that he couldn’t take this attack head on, Joseph leapt to the opposite direction of the swing of the scythe.

“Humph,” Amaysu snorted in disdain.

Clenching his left fist tightly, he heavily smashed it into Joseph’s chest.

“Crack” The sound of ribs breaking was as clear as birds chirping in the morning, Joseph was sent tumbling backwards. The reason Joseph’s ribs broke and Amaysu’s didn’t during their exchanges, was because Amaysu trained his body with the Emperor Arts which tempered his body making it stronger than ordinary people.

Joseph coughed blood, which splattered all over the floor. “How come you got stronger so quickly?” Joseph asked in a stunned voice, with lingering fear.

What Joseph didn’t know was that one of the reasons Amaysu gained the advantage so quickly was because his mind was clear from the nauseating effects of the poison which was expelled and also his Inherited Legacy was supporting him.

But even with the nauseating effect being expelled he shouldn’t have such an advantage. The main reason for this is that in the life and death fight against the Dire Wolf he was constantly being battered. This forced his body to repair itself with more effort which made him a lot stronger, allowing him to rapidly reach the 4th rank of the Fighter stage.

Amaysu snorted coldly, ignored his question and without giving him the room to breathe he closed in towards the crawling figure of Joseph. Lifting his leg, he slammed his foot into Josephs rib cage, forcing his figure to be blown away like a powerless ragdoll.

“Boom!” Joseph slammed onto the seat on the higher platform, shattering it into countless pieces. Amaysu looked at his sorry figure with disdain, he also hated the fact that he let Joseph hold the advantage for only a few moments.

The once proud patriarch of the Averice clan was now in a sorry state, the whole situation was flipped around. He slowly stood up, bleeding from his head, blood stains were all over his black robes and if you could see under his robes, you could see that his chest had dark purple to near black patches.

Within the pile of broken wood from the chair, Joseph pulled a sword which was sheathed in leather which he prepared earlier. Unsheathing the sword, Joseph took a stance preparing for a life and death battle.


All of a sudden two cries that made Amaysu’s mind tremble pierced through the hall.

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