CE Chapter 21

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 ­ Before The Banquet

What was left of the town were only broken buildings and rubble. Miraculously the Averice clans main mansion had survived the destruction with minor damages when compared to the other buildings in the context of the rest of the town.

Deep within the Averice clans mansion, in the main hall, Joseph was walking back and forth with both hands behind his back. Raza and Badar were standing patiently at his side, a deep frown was on Joseph’s face as he pondered, only he knew what he was thinking of.

Joseph suddenly stopped, his expression was blank and abruptly asked: “How is he?” Raza and Badar were prepared, they both knew who he was asking about, it was Amaysu.

It had only been a day since Amaysu’s battle with the Dire Wolf, and since he collapsed he has been in an unconscious state, carefully being treated.

Badar took a step forward and spoke respectfully: “Patriarch, Young master Amaysu is still unconscious. He has four fractured rib bones and , but his condition has stabilised. All he needs is some rest.”

Without giving much thought Raza immediately blurted some words out: “Father… What was that horrifying power up? He turned the entire situation around in one breath, it is too unbelievable.” No matter how many times Raza thought back to that moment, he could not comprehend the scene he had witnessed the day before.

Joseph was standing quietly: “Inherited Legacy… That is the legendary Inherited Legacy.”

“Inherited… Legacy?” Raza responded to his father’s muttering with some confusion.

“What else but an Inherited Legacy could allow a person that hasn’t even reached the Body Transformation, to wield strength that far surpassed themselves,” Joseph responded a greedy glint appeared in his eyes. His previous calm and indifferent expression turned sinister and evil.

Someone from such a backwater region to possess knowledge of the Inherited Legacy was very low. However, many years ago Joseph came across this term and its description gave him a profound Impression.

To have the ability to possess something similar to a Combat Artifact before reaching the Body Transformation stage was a dream come true. There were even some Inherited Legacies that were many times more powerful than Combat Artifacts.

When Joseph first saw the appearance of the Inherited Legacy he was dumbstruck, to the point where his mind went blank. With Amaysu’s confirmation, it birthed a deep desire of possessing the Legacy, even if it meant killing Amaysu.

“We will forcefully obtain that Inherited Legacy from that boy. He definitely obtained it from that treasure trove behind that ancient door.” The greed in his expression was clear to both Raza and Badar who were standing near him.

“Father, Amaysu is too powerful and there is even the possibility of facing that Body Transformation expert behind him. How are we going to take the Inherited Legacy from him?” Raza said this with an anxious expression on his face. From what Joseph explained, the attraction of an Inherited Legacy was really great. However, Raza couldn’t help but tremble when he remembered the way that the Dire Wolf was torn apart by the now unconscious boy.

“Body Transformation Expert? Haha.” Joseph laughed without control, he was amused by his sons lack of thinking.

He carried on with a self-mocking smile on his face: “Have you not noticed that the so called Body Transformation stage expert that boy called still hasn’t come yet.” Raza hearing this seemed to understand.

“He was most likely bluffing the entire time, I can’t believe we believed him. Also he is definitely powerful with the Inherited Legacy, even if he is injured, but don’t worry, all we need is the bone deteriorating poison.” As he said this a smirk appeared on his face.

All of a sudden, the door to the hall was pushed open, rushing in was one of the maids. Simultaneously the trio turned their heads to face the maid, each one of them carrying a frown on their face. The maids face automatically became pale because she became the focus of the trio.

Even though she was scared, she still spoke hurriedly: “Lord, he’s awake.”

Joseph turned to face Raza and Badar, his expression was full of greed and malice: “We will implement the plan tonight, the earlier we act the weaker he is to defend himself.”


“Where am I?”

Amaysu was standing in a field of grass, heavy mist floated in every direction, he could only see a distance of a few metres. The mist was like a wall preventing him from seeing anything, protecting him from his most painful memories and nightmares.

Suddenly the mist receded and he was inside a great library, standing in front of him was a man and woman he immediately recognised.

The man was extremely handsome, he carried a kind smile on his face and a noble aura exuded from him, one that was similar to Amaysu. He had smooth white skin, long sandy brown hair that descended onto his shoulders and deep brown eyes. The woman standing next to him was beautiful enough to make nations fights for her sake. She had long, straight black hair that flowed down to her waist like a waterfall and she had silky smooth white skin, golden copper eyes, with a gentle smile on her face.

Amaysu stared in a daze, his body quivered, his lips moved but nothing came out. After a few tries, 2 words slowly left him: “Mother… Father?” The rims of his eyes reddened, his eyes going moist, Amaysu stretched his arms towards his parents in a yearning motion.

Amaysu quickly stepped forward and then took another step forward and then another, yet he wasn’t getting any closer.

Suddenly two cloaked individuals appeared behind his parents. Amaysu’s eyes widened, his pupils contracted. He clearly noticed who these two individuals were, they were Kronos and Karia, the ones who murdered his parents. Under their cloaks a vicious smile was on their face, their fingers joined to form a spear-like shape. Without any hesitance they stabbed his parents from behind.

“No… Please stop, STOP!!” Amaysu roared violently, his eyes were bloodshot red, his heart was being torn into pieces, the pain of being so powerless felt unbearable.

In the next instant two hands pierced Ranel and Elisa’s chest, crimson blood spurted out wildly. Amaysu was numb all over, seeing this again was pure agony and torment.


With one soul-shattering roar, the library that Amaysu was in, shattered into glass like shards that faded into blackness.

“NO!!” Amaysu yelled out while he violently pushed himself up, he was immediately struck by a fiery, sharp pain in his chest.

Gasping heavily, he hugged himself tightly trying to bear the intense pain, after a moment the sharp pain faded away only leaving a lingering trace.

“Where am I?” Amaysu muttered, he felt a blank in his memory, his forehead was matted with sweat, his face was slightly rosy and his hair was completely dishevelled. Bandages were wrapped all around his torso while his arms felt numb.

Looking around he found himself in a dull room which was lit by candle light. He was lying in an unadorned bed, to his right was a table and behind that was the door. To his left, he found a chair, on it was the sack he had made with the Whiteback bears fur and there was a window that looked into the broken town. Unexpectedly the bag still contained the Savage beast Cores that he obtained during his training.

He slowly thought back to what the last thing he did: I was fighting against the Dire Wolf and then…

All of a sudden the memories rushed into his mind, from the endless killing to the merciless torture of the Dire Wolf.

Amaysu’s face paled, losing all the blood on his rosy face.

“Blergh” Amaysu was uncontrollably vomiting on the floor. He had killed Savage beasts before, but the way he killed the Dire Wolf felt unreal and beyond what he could handle.

The memories that rushed into the blank space in his mind felt different, it felt as if he was doing it himself, yet also watching himself torment the Dire Wolf.

Amaysu was in this coughing and vomiting state for nearly five minutes .

“Huh…Huh” Breathing heavily he calmed himself down, covering his face on his with his hands. His face was profusely sweating, he couldn’t help but be disgusted at himself.

“Creak…” The door to the room slowly opened and an elderly man who was wearing a brown robe came walking in, behind him were two nurses.

“Ah? Mi Lord, you’re awake!” The elderly man said with shock. He had expected that Amaysu would be asleep for a few more days and had only come to check on his state.

“…” Amaysu was still pale in the face, his forehead still covered in cold sweat and he looked quite feeble.

Amaysu looked at the elderly man and asked: “How long was I out for?”

“A full day Mi Lord.” While the elderly man said this he couldn’t help but remember the overbearing power that the boy possessed the day before and how he had saved them all from certain death. This made the elderly man respect the boy even more.

The elderly man noticed the reeking stench in the air, finally noticed the liquid on the floor.

“Clean the mess over here,” he said to the nurse to his left, who immediately went to clean the vomit on the floor.

“Mi Lord, may I check your condition?”

Amaysu nodded once and then lay back in the bed, allowing the elderly doctor to check him. The nurse to his right mixed certain herbs with warm water and passed it to the doctor, who passed it to Amaysu to drink.

“Do you know where Arisa and Raymond are?” Amaysu hurriedly asked. He had just realised that they weren’t here with him.

“Your siblings?”

Amaysu nodded in response.

“They are being taken care of by your personal maid.”


“Yes Milord,” The elderly doctor nodded.

Amaysu slowly calmed himself down and lay back on the bed, allowing the doctor to inspect him. Throughout the entire time, Amaysu pondered, replaying the scenes in his mind again and again. Even though he was sickened by the ruthless way he acted, he couldn’t help but be in awe of the way he handled the scythe so splendidly, as if it was one with his body. His movements seemed as if they were full of openings, yet his defence was impenetrable.

No matter how he tried to decipher the memory, it felt as if it was not his own, he had used the Inherited Legacy in ways that he could never think of and wasn’t burdened by the sheer mental pressure.


Three hours had quietly passed by, the doctor had long left with his two nurses. Amaysu was staring vacantly at the ceiling, he was in his own world.

“Knock… Knock”

“Enter,” Amaysu stated.

The door slowly opened and a young maid walked in: “Mi Lord, the Patriarch requests your presence for the banquet he has prepared for you.”

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