CE Chapter 20

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 ­ Overwhelming Power

“HA HA HA~~~” A resonating laugh echoed in all directions, it carried an uncontrollable and insane tone, it overshadowed all the cries of pain and misery.

The change in Amaysu’s body and tone only took an instant.

This sudden laugh caused all the Wolves to stop, some even fell backwards. Their instincts were on full alert, their minds were in complete disarray. The Dire Wolf stopped in its track to look back at the origin of the voice, the fur on its body were standing on end, each strand behaving like needles, the Dire Wolf had never felt such a terrifying voice in its entire life.

Joseph, Raza and Badar who were trying to fend off the Savage beasts and retreat as quickly as possible turned their heads to face the origin of the voice.

Soon all eyes fell upon Amaysu, who slowly stood up, his right hand holding the silver sword without any commitment. His body was covered in a mix of blood and dirt, he was looking down, but the maniacal aura surrounding him emanated in all directions, even the average person could sense it.

Amaysu raised his head, a crooked smile was on his face, his eyes had a sinister red glint in it, everything about him was maniacal.

” HAHA~~ I’m finally free~~” A resonant voice echoed from Amaysu as he stretched his dirt and blood covered body.

 “Amay, there are so many toys for me to break~~.” The reverberating, pleasant and elated tone rang in every direction, entering the ears of every living thing in the area. If this voice was heard at any other moment  with the content being different, they’d find the voice pleasant. However, as of right now that voice made their skins crawl and caused their hair to stand on end.

Many people didn’t realise that Amaysu kept referring to himself in third person and that his voice had completely changed from a cold and breaking voice to one that resonated like musical notes.

Amaysu looked around, his face still carried a crooked smile and his eyes squinted making him have a sinister expression. In only took a minute for his noble aura to turn into a sinister and evil force.

At the same time his gaze roamed around to see the current situation, only to see everything human and Savage beast staring at him, one in awe while the other was in fear.

Joseph being a 5th rank Fighter could tell that this boy’s power was nothing like before, it had eclipsed his and caused fear to be instilled in him, the other humans were looking at Amaysu in reverence, they felt that a new lifeline to survival had appeared once again.

The pack of Wolf Savage beasts were frozen on the spot, not daring to make even a whimper, the reason being that if they tried to retreat, they’d be retreating to death. When one of the weaker Savage beast from the Wolf pack involuntarily saw the dark malice in Amaysu’s imperfect, deep copper gold and brown eyes, it felt as if its heart stopped beating due to the intense fear.

Amaysu’s gaze finally stopped on the Dire Wolf that was only a dozen metres away from Arisa and Raymond who were crying due to the shock and chaos of the moment.

Amaysu’s expression darkened and the crooked smile disappeared, leaving behind a grim and ominous aura to float outwards. “Mutt… Get…Away… From them… Or ripping you to shred…Tearing each limb apart…And drowning you in flames will be a blessing for what I’ll do to you.” Amaysu slowly voiced out as he exhaled heavily. Even though it wasn’t loud, each word was perceived by the Dire Wolf.

The Dire Wolf’s pupils contracted to the size of a needle’s head, immediately retreating in horror and then once again turned to face Amaysu from a safe distance away. Despite this, the Dire Wolf lost its composure and watched in anxiety.

There was one thing that Amaysu’s new personality had in common with the old one: As long as I live, I will protect my family till I die. This principle linked these two opposite personalities together.

In an instant Amaysu appeared right in front of Aya, Arisa and Raymond who were on the floor, the two toddlers stared at his back with their big eyes. Even though their older brother had a sinister presence, they felt safe around him.

Amaysu turned to face the Dire Wolf and then looked back down at the silver sword with a disdain and contempt. Amaysu muttered to himself, “I can’t believe you used a sword Amay~~~ For slaughter the perfect weapon is this…”

While saying this the sword diffused into silver specks that flowed like a stream in the air, with a single thought the specks quickly merged to form a weapon.

A long silver handle appeared in Amaysu’s right palm, the handle itself was 180 centimetres in length, at the end of the handle a razor sharp curved blade that was approximately one metre in length and 20 centimetres in width. The width was only 20 centimetres at the beginning of the blade, as it went closer to the edge the width grew shorter and shorter until it reached the end of the blade.

The back of the curved blade had a short dagger-like weapon that protruded in the opposite direction of the curved blade, it was about Six inches in length with a small curve at the edge of it.

“…Scythe” A warped smile filled with killing intent appeared on his face.  The scythe was sinister and went perfectly with Amaysu’s appearance, however, the scythe itself was much taller than him but it gave him an even more uncontrollable presence.

“Amay, let me show you the true power of the Inherited Legacy.” Amaysu raised both of his hands up, simultaneously silver specks gushed out of him like a flood. These specks were all Nanotekros, they were small atom sized clumps that join together to form a speck, they were created by the Core and stayed dormant on Amaysu’s body.

At Amaysu’s current level the only thing he could do was experiment with the Inherited Legacy and create new attacks like the Soaring dagger technique, but he couldn’t investigate the specks themselves because his mental state was too weak.

The flood of firefly-like specks surged outwards and floated in the air, for but a moment the vast amount of specks started joining together and formed more than a hundred flying daggers, each one resembling the Soaring dagger. They all carried the same feeling of the Soaring dagger technique and most certainly carried more power than the Soaring dagger technique.

“Let me clear all of these broken toys.” When Amaysu said this, a malicious smile grew wider on his face.

What he meant by ‘broken toys’ were the weak Rank 1 Savage beasts. These Savage beasts lost all feeling as they witnessed the formation of all these Soaring daggers, even though their intelligence was low they had already witnessed the techniques power.

No one knew which Savage beast retreated first, but as one left, the other followed, retreating in a frantic manner, because their lives depended on it.


With a word, the more than hundred Soaring daggers streaked towards the remaining Savage beasts that were frantically retreating.

*Ka cha* *Ka cha* *Ka cha*

It was a horrifying sight, blood spurted out in every directing, more than 3 Soaring daggers would impale themselves into a Savage beast causing them to wretchedly howl in agony and pain. While this happened Amaysu watched with glee.

In less than 10 seconds the field of scattered, retreating Savage beasts had been massacred without being able to fight back, blood stains were everywhere and lumps of fresh corpses lay with daggers embedded within them.

All of a sudden the flying daggers pulled themselves out of the corpses of Wolves and floated slowly back towards Amaysu. Not a single dagger wasn’t covered in blood, each carrying a domineering presence when they crowded around Amaysu. The scythe in his right hand and the Soaring daggers gave him the appearance of a Reaper.

The Soaring daggers started receding into small silver specks that floated around him like a cloud of fireflies and then slowly descended onto the surface of his own body, causing his body to shine with a silver light.

The Dire Wolf didn’t budge an inch, its subordinates were all dead, the traumatic fear it felt could only be described by itself.

Amaysu turned to face the Dire Wolf, still carrying the maniacal aura. The Dire Wolf shuddered as it shrank backwards.

“Dire Wolf,” A mischievous glint appeared in Amaysu’s eyes, “I’ll give you a chance to flee, but… Only, if you’re able to escape from me.”

The Dire Wolf hearing this, a trace of hope appeared in its eyes, which then changed into an unprecedented resolve.

“What are you doing here… Go then!” Amaysu roared as a smirk gradually appeared.

Without hesitation the Dire Wolf withdrew, it bolted into the distance with its tail between its legs, it fled as if its life depended on it.

“You think I’ll let you escape,” Amaysu muttered silently, since this alter ego came out, it wanted some fun before it returned to its slumber.

Amaysu walked forward very slowly, and then in an instant he flashed into the distant, leaving a trail of dust behind. The scythe was held with no commitment, he seemed to enjoy the hope in the Dire Wolf, whom he already viewed as a corpse.

The Dire Wolf who was fleeing desperately suddenly felt an icy chill coming from behind, without a thought, it abruptly turned and dashed into a different direction.


At that exact moment, a blade-like wind sliced the air that the scythe had passed through. Amaysu was extremely fast, directly reaching the Dire Wolf in a matter of seconds. As soon as he reached the Dire Wolf he immediately chopped down at the Dire Wolf with the scythe.

Despite dodging Amaysu by a hair’s breadth, it felt that its body seemed to be lighter as if something was missing. As realisation dawned upon it, it didn’t dare look back and fled into the dense forest of the restricted lands.

“You think you can still escape! Don’t you see the difference even after losing your tail!”laughed Amaysu as he shouted, he had confirmed the Dire Wolfs suspicions causing it to run even faster under the pressure of trepidation.

Just like that, Amaysu disappeared once again. If Master Etros was here to watch his disciple acting in such a ruthless and merciless manner, he’d be stricken with worry and concern. At the same time, he would be overwhelmed because of Amaysu’s power, speed and control over the Inherited Legacy was only a step away from the body Transformation stage.

This time, Amaysu appeared right in front of the Dire Wolf, immediately waving the scythe with both hands, cleaving through the air, it passed right above the Dire Wolf’s head. Once again, it felt something was missing, this time, searing pain assaulted it as it dove into a different direction.

“HAHAHA!” Amaysu cackled into the empty air as he turned to face the Dire Wolf, his eyes carried an insane glint in it.

He was truly enjoying himself as he purposely cut off the ears of the Dire Wolf, watching it squirm in retreat, the despair in its eyes were overtaking its hope.

In another moment he cut off the Dire wolf’s right leg, causing it to bellow wildly and then cut off its hind legs, the Dire Wolf then let out a bloodcurdling cry, it made all those that were watching to crawl backwards and feel pity for the Dire Wolf.

Amaysu immediately cut off the Dire Wolf’s snout, the reason being that its miserable howls were annoying and that they were making Arisa and Raymond’s cries louder.

Now looking at the mangled body of the once proud Dire Wolf Amaysu gloated, not a single spot of the Dire Wolf’s fur wasn’t covered in blood. Three of its four limbs were gone, what used to be its tail was now a bloody stub and what replaced its ears and snout was blood.

Saying that it was despairing was a light description, all it wanted right now was to feel the sweet embrace of death and nothing more. It never knew that this boy was so merciless, if it knew it would have preferred the quick death that the other Wolves had faced.

“You lasted five minutes… I’ll let you die.” Amaysu smirked, he slowly raised his free hand, the small molecules of silver specks coalesced on top of his left hand. It slowly formed an orb that also emitted the same silver lustre as the Inherited Legacy.

“Nanotekro Inherited Legacy: Silver Burst.”

Amaysu dropped the silver orb right beside the Dire Wolf and immediately pushed backwards, retreating at an astonishing pace.



With only a trigger word, an earth shaking blast blew the entire space around the Dire Wolf into oblivion, smoke rose like a storm covering the crater of the heavy blast. As the smoke dissipated a crater that was 5 metres in diameter and a meter in depth was left behind, the Dire Wolf’s body had been erased from existence, leaving only a beautiful Red lustrous core behind.

“…” Silence filled the air, their ears still rattled due to the explosion and nobody could pull their eyes away from the empty space where the mangled body of the Dire Wolf had been.

“Cough…Cough” Amaysu coughed out mouthfuls of blood, as he looked up to see Arisa and Raymond, the maniacal behaviour disappeared and a gentle smile appeared on his face again. However, blood trickled down his eyes, nose and the corner of his lips.

Amaysu gently dabbed at the trail of blood that flowed from the corner of his eyes. Amay you’re still too weak for me to show you, your full potential, get stronger faster or this won’t be the last time you see me, he thought this in his heart.

Amaysu suddenly felt a buzzing in his head, his body felt frail and helpless, the scythe in his hand dissolved into floating specks of silver, his vision darkened everything around him, the colour and atmosphere of the surroundings turned bleak as he collapsed onto the floor.

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