CE Chapter 2

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 ­ Sorrow Upon Awakening

“PSHHHH” A glass case opened up releasing a large amount of white mist.

“Hmm” Amaysu’s eyes slowly flickered open and straight away he was assaulted by blinding rays light which temporarily caused him to lose his sight.

Amaysu slowly rose from the pod that he was in which had a white mattress like substance which was extremely comfortable.

“Crack…Crack…” Every single part of Amaysu’s stiff body cracked as if it hadn’t moved for so many years, each cracking sensation caused him to feel a lot more relaxed as he raised his arms up and stretched causing even more cracking noises to be heard.

“Where am I?” Amaysu muttered as he looked around the nearly empty white room. The entire room was completely white, white luminescent light lit up this room, the air inside was refreshing and the temperature inside the room was neither hot nor cold. There was a 3 meter tall, single gold rimmed black door standing in front of him.

Amaysu felt everything in his mind feel fuzzy as if there was a mist blocking his access to his memories.

On Amaysu’s left and right, there were two smaller pods, which were simple and had a white exterior and see through glass, which made it easy for him to see what was inside.

He looked in the right pod first and saw a baby inside that was probably no more than a year old.

“Raymond…” His heart wavered as he said his younger brothers name subconsciously and he quickly turned to check the other pod and there he saw another baby inside. “Arisa…” Seeing both his younger siblings he remembered something.

“Always protect your siblings,” as if an explosion occurred in his mind, realisation dawned upon him as memories flooded deep within him. He remembered everything, everything that happened before he opened his eyes, his masters death, his families sacrifice and the end of his empire.

“Uh…UHHH!” A desolated cry of despair echoed in this white room that seemed as if it grew darker, with every memory that passed through his mind. If anyone heard his desolated cry, they would feel their heartstrings being pulled, this was a type of sadness and pain that would shake the soul, it was something extremely difficult to get over. Drops of tears rolled down Amaysu’s cheeks as he felt each drop landing on his simple, white clothes that was comfortable, but were there only  to cover him.

“Mother…Father…Grandfather…Master… Why did you leave me?” Amaysu questioned as he felt his heart being stabbed at every point possible. He would’ve rather fought to the end by their side rather than be here in this empty room.


A bell like sound rang as Amaysu’s hand subconsciously touched the outer rim of the pod.

A bright light shown as a screen appeared that was merely a hologram. ” A… Hologram?” Amaysu was confused as he looked at the screen that appeared in midair, his face was still stricken with sadness.

Two faces suddenly appeared on the empty screen, causing Amaysu’s expression to flicker as he saw the two figures that appeared.

“Mother…Father,” Amaysu lifted his right hand upwards in a longing and yearning manner towards the hologram. His yearning hand simply passed through the screen, which immediately distorted. The appearance of his parents caused his heart to ache even more as he realised his hands had grasped onto nothing.

“Amaysu, be strong.” The man’s voice resonated, this man was Ranel. This strong voice seemed to have come at the moment, when he needed emotional support the most.

“Amaysu, be strong. If you are seeing this, you must have finally awoken from your deep slumber and probably going through a heartbreaking period. Your Grandfather is stalling them and giving us a small time frame for us to say our goodbyes.” Ranel said with a sorrow filled smile. “Amay, I can only dream of the burden that we have left you with, the road ahead will be very hard and will be filled with tests, but I know that you will pass through all those tribulations with ease, because… you three children are my pride and joy. Forgive your old man for not being able to protect you… Amay be strong.”

Every word filled Amaysu with a complex feeling, but his father’s loving words quenched some of the pain he was feeling, but also caused him to grieve, because he couldn’t utter the words that was kept in his heart.

“Amay. We will forever love you.” His mother’s gentle words struck Amaysu’s heart, he could also tell that his mother was on the verge of tears.  “Amay, when your brother and sister grow up, they will grow up without ever meeting us, their parents and would not know the joy of being a family…” At this moment Elisa, had tears dripping down her cheeks, compared to Ranel she was far more emotionally unstable. “But Amay, take care of them and teach them about us, our history and that they weren’t abandoned… That all three of you were loved.” Each group of words came in small gasps, Elisa couldn’t utter another word as she covered both of her face that was covered in tears.

Amaysu was now also crying and was trying his hardest to see through the tears.

Since Elisa couldn’t speak, Ranel spoke in her stead. “Amay, we don’t know when you’ll wake up, but when you do, our empire will be no more and you’ll probably want revenge on those that caused this calamity to befall on our family and caused it to split.”

Amaysu hearing this started to feel a bone deep hatred to appear that collapsed and erased his previous childish and kind attitude, leaving a coldness to appear that froze his heart and emotions.

“And I expect you will get revenge for us, but we won’t tell you who they are.” His father said with a bitter expression on his face.

Amaysu felt shock and was unwilling to hear what his father had to say, but still carried on listening: “Don’t misunderstand. The day you master our Inherited Legacy and completely master the Emperor arts of our family that will be the day I will tell you. When you master both of them return here and I will reveal the ones that did this. But until that day don’t do anything which will cause you to die in vain.” Ranel said with a regretful expression as he also started to have tears well up in his eyes.

At this moment from below a pedestal rose slowly next to him and on that pedestal was a book that had a clear title: ‘Emperor Arts’.

The Emperor arts is something that no one has mastered for over a million years Amaysu thought as he remembered his father saying this when he was young. He merely looked at it for a moment and then turned his gaze back at the hologram.

“When you train your Inherited Legacy, never allow yourself to be caught using it, or they’ll come to know of your existence, they’ll try to find you and hunt you down to take away the Inherited Legacy of our family.” Ranel said with utmost seriousness.

Amaysu nodded.

“Amaysu, you’re a man so don’t cry, you have to be strong for you brother and sister. Don’t let anyone hurt them or mistreat them. I know it sounds hypocritical coming from me, but stay strong.” Ranel said with tears flowing down his face which was plastered with an emotional smile, which provoked a grief filled expression to appear on Amaysu’s red, puffed face.

Amaysu did his hardest to stop the tears from forming and used the completely smooth, white sleeves to wipe away the tears, but no matter what; they kept forming and rolled down his cheeks again.

“Boom” An explosion echoed within the hologram, which Amaysu realised must have come from when they were recording, this caused Ranel and Elisa to quicken their final words.

“Amay, they are nearing us and your grandfather won’t be able to hold out any longer. Amay, when you see this you’ll want to get stronger and will one day roam this vast world. You’ll carry a heavy burden, but Amay, don’t close off your heart to others and keep the burden all to yourself, it will only make it worse… Never forget we will forever be in your hearts.” The words that left Elisa’s mouth had and affectionate tone, Amaysu could feel the love in his mother’s voice.


an explosive blast occurred as pieces of wood flashed between the hologram recorder and his parents, causing the recorder to fall onto the floor causing Amaysu to not be able to see what was happening.

“What’s happening? Who came in?” Amaysu exclaimed with a tone of panic as he started hearing noises of fighting. Amaysu frantically operated the hologram and a keyboard appeared.

“I have to change the angle, there must be more than one holographic camera in the room, there must.” He muttered frantically as he typed at an extremely fast pace trying to link with another holographic camera.

*Ping* Amaysu heard another bell like sound and the scene on the hologram changed as it blurred and then once again showed what was happening.

In the instance he saw the first scene, his heart stopped, his soul immediately froze and then crumbled like sand, under the scene he witnessed. Both his mother and father had two black cloaked figures in front of them and the arms of these two figures hands were going through them, it had penetrated through their chest to the other side, each hand was holding a heart, which was soaked in a large amount of blood. In that moment not a single thought flashed through Amaysu’s mind as he quivered uncontrollably.

“pang!” Both hearts were immediately crushed without any hesitation, what was actually a quiet crushing sound was actually similar to meat being pressed and hammered down upon. This sound felt like it could shatter his eardrums.

Just as quickly the two black figures pulled out there arms, the black sleeve of both figures were drenched in blood.

Ranel and Elisa both had a saddened and unwilling expression on their darkened faces, they had blood leaking from the fatal wound on their chest as it soaked the white and cyan robe red. Blood rolled down the sides of their lips and slowly dropped onto the floor, the brightness in their eyes turned hazy and lifeless, both of their faces were still. With a plop like sound they both fell down like logs that had been cut in half.

Amaysu stared in disbelief, he couldn’t cry anymore, his tear ducts had dried up. All of a suddenly red streaks flowed down his cheeks from his bloodshot eyes, his appearance caused anyone that saw him to feel heartbroken.

“….” He tried his hardest to utter desolated cries to ease this soul crushing pain, but no sound left him as the flow of blood increased.

“Where are the children?” Another black figure appeared inside the hologram which was still resuming.

“The children are no wear to be seen my lord” The two black figures said as they clasped one hand on their left shoulder and knelt down.

“Search for them.” The man said and left just as quickly as he appeared.

Both black figures stood up and sighed in relief. What happened next caused Amaysu to shake slightly as he witnessed the scene, this scene was something that he had not expected would take place.

Both figures took the hood of their cloaks off revealing their face, there was one man and the other was woman.

The man had a cold expression and had thin lips, brown eyes, bronze skin, black hair and had a scar below his eyes that stretched towards his lips. As for the woman she had black hair, brown eyes that exemplified the cold expression on her face which was just like the mans, her pale white skin portrayed her as a cold beauty. Both man and woman had a disdainful expression as they stared down at the corpses of his parents whose blood now soaked the entire floor producing a small puddle of blood.

“Senior Kronos and Senior Karia…”

Amaysu stared in bewilderment, these two were two people that Amaysu recognised, they were the couple that led the guards of the Palace, they were trusted by his father and were well respected. They would also spoil him when he was a child, but they were standing there with cold expressions and had killed his parents.

Memories of his childhood swept through his mind as he remembered how senior Kronos had taught him simple sword fighting techniques and how senior Karia, his wife would bring him sweets from the shops in the city. However these memories were now died red with a crazed destructive desire to kill.

In that Instant, the images disappeared and the hologram also disappeared at the same instance.

Amaysu stared blankly. Why did they do that? Why? Amaysu thought as he shivered hysterically.

“AAARRRGHHH!!” An enraged roar shook the entire room; he felt the grip of hatred that was deep that nearly drove him into insanity, as drops of blood carried on streaking down his cheeks. Amaysu crazily grabbed onto his hair, pulling it ferociously, the sadness in him had finally frozen his heart.

“I’LL KILL YOU, EVEN IF IT’S THE LAST THING I’LL DO… I’LL GET REVENGE!!” Amaysu roared hysterically with indescribable wrath hidden within. This crazed feeling lasted for a few minutes; the desire to get stronger, for the first time was unquenchable. Soon after he just stared blankly at the gold rimmed black doors of the room, lifelessly for what felt like an eternity.

Amaysu had a cold, chilled expression; devoid of all emotions appear on his immature face. A cold, deathly emotion dwelled within him who could only be produced when a person went through the most heartbreaking tribulations of life, he felt that he had lost the last pieces of his young innocence and was now a completely different person from his past self.

“Whoosh” A breeze like sound appeared as both pods next to him opened, releasing a pleasant mist outwards.

“Gu, Guah,” two pairs of fat lumpy hands appeared outside of the two pods as Amaysu heard two indecipherable words released from the two babies in the pods. This event caused Amaysu to be jolted out from his blank expression.

Amaysu felt a warm feeling appear in his cold heart, a complex expression of both melancholy and delight appeared, he immediately got out of the pod and stretched causing cracking noises to appear once again.

He picked up Raymond who was lying in the pod, staring at his elder brother with big intelligent eyes. Amaysu stared at him lovingly and picked him up, moving towards the other pod and placed him back down next to Arisa who had also woken up.

Amaysu stared at the both of them with an extremely affectionate and tender expression on his face as he picked them both up and hugged them tightly. He who was the elder brother and was all alone and only had these two babies left, his only blood relatives, that couldn’t even utter his name yet.

“I swear that no harm will come to you as long as I’m alive, I will take care of you with every ounce of my strength.” Amaysu silently swore an oath; he would never, ever let a calamity or anything as heartbreaking as what he felt to befall on these innocent children. He would never allow anyone to take the innocence away from these two toddlers.

After a while Amaysu picked both Arisa and Raymond up and was carrying the both of them with each hand, he looked down and then saw something. A silver diamond shaped crest like substance was embedded onto his palm, suddenly the crest entered his palm and vanished completely, but he could still feel the presence of the crest.

“The… Inherited Legacy?… That’s the sign of the complete Inherited Legacy.” Amaysu had been shown this crest once by his grandfather and immediately recognised it. The power that Amaysu felt from this silver crest was a power he had never felt before, he could sense the unlimited latent potential that he couldn’t describe with words from this Inherited Legacy.

After a few lingering moments he discarded his thoughts, he would have enough time to train and study it after he left the white room. He moved and picked up the ‘Emperor Arts’ book and tucked it into his white garments. He then carried both siblings with one hand each and walked towards the door.

Since he was holding both Raymond and Arisa he couldn’t open the door, but with merely a thought, which felt fluid and natural, grey specks appeared and formed a metallic grey hand which pulled the door open.

“Creeeaaaak” The door opened and Amaysu was instantly assaulted by a blinding ray of light.

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