CE Chapter 19

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“Nanotekro… Inherited Legacy:.. Soaring Dagger”

Amaysu said each word slowly, each word came out with a painful rasping sounds.

This Soaring Dagger technique was the most powerful attack Amaysu had in his possession, he had come across this technique by experimenting with the Inherited Legacy.

He had tested this attack once in the forest during his training, the power carried by this simple dagger could only be described with one word, tyrannical. It had blown apart everything that was in its path and fiercely struck down three Brownwood trees that were Twenty metres ahead of him. This clearly described the explosive power of this technique.

Amaysu knew that this was only but a drop in the vast array of power within the Inherited Legacy, even he couldn’t see the depths of its power.

The dagger sword bolted towards the Dire Wolf with an explosive power, that tore the air around it apart, the frightening power carried by the attack was frighteningly more powerful than the wind blades created by the Dire Wolf.


Arcing through the still air, it made a curved trajectory, the entire time it was being controlled by Amaysu. His forehead was covered in sweat, his brows were furrowed and on the side of his lips and nose blood beads trailed downwards.

The Dire Wolf snarled, however, its instincts were on high alert, it could tell that this attack was dangerous, even life threatening.

With a burst of power it sprung towards the racing dagger, its claws seemed to grow longer and even sharper.

In but an instant the two came into contact, creating a thunderous explosion that shook everything occurred. Savage beasts and humans, both ran in the opposite direction of the blast. A few people were pushed down by the sheer power of the attack. Amaysu was pushed back by the sheer force, crashing into the tree behind him, he slumped down on the floor and his sword fell to his side.

The swirling wind created by the collision of powers caused a dust smoke to arise, covering the dagger created by Amaysu’s legacy and the body of the Dire Wolf.

“Boom!” A body was flung out of the dust, streaking through the air it crashed into the ground, generating cracks that formed all around the figure.

As the dust cleared, the figure that crashed into the ground was the Dire Wolf. Its fur was dishevelled and covered with dirt. It’s left claw was mangled, blood covered its shaggy claw or what used to be its claw. Only the whites of its bone could be seen and blood kept pouring onto the ground like a waterfall.  The left claw was beyond repair, it was completely crippled by Amaysu’s attack.

The bewildered gazes locked onto the Dire Wolf and then turned towards Amaysu who was sat upright against the trunk of a broken tree. His forehead was matted with sweat, a triumphant and mocking smile was on his face, a line of blood appeared on the corner of his lips, his eyes were heavy and all feeling was lost.

Inside the central region of the collision, the dust slowly receded. A broken dagger floated in the air for only a few seconds before a breeze blew at it, and just like sand it was blown to smithereens.

“AHOOO!” All of a sudden the heavily wounded Dire Wolf erupted with a crazed bellow, shaking even the numb Amaysu.

Maybe out of anger or for some other reason, it wildly swung wind blades in all directions, it hatefully swung at Amaysu, however, Amaysu was extremely lucky, he was too far away for the wind blade to reach him.

The Dire Wolf wreaked havoc, destroying everything. Since the Dire Wolf couldn’t pass through the receding barrier it had to send waves of wind blades, however, it was quite odd because no matter how wildly it attacked not a single wind blade hit a human, rather it hit random spots of the land.

Amaysu who was sitting still felt unease surge through him, this time, he knew something was wrong, something bad was definitely going to happen. The feeling grew and grew until…


The explosive sound of a supersonic explosion shattered the air around them.

Amaysu’s pupils dilated as he realised what the Dire Wolf had just done, exactly at the same time the Dire Wolf had a sinister, rather human-like expression that caused a person to cower in fear.

With a howl that was commanding, it forced the other wolves that were confused to obey its command. In unison, they all charged towards the barrier and ran straight through it without any resistance pushing them back. They weren’t stopped by any force, it was like the barrier had disappeared.

Amaysu couldn’t believe that the Dire Wolf was smart enough to break the barrier, suddenly realisation dawned upon him.

The Dire Wolf had been sending constant waves of powerful wind to disrupt the magnetic ripples and different sound waves to create a pathway for the Savage beasts. By constantly disrupting the barrier it had forcefully increased the speed of its weakening, it was weakened to a degree that the barrier was now insignificant to it and the other Savage beasts.

The civilians of the town who were hiding behind the barrier stood still as they watched in shock. Now that Wolves had broken through the barrier they gave up hope.

Countless bloodcurdling screams filled the sky, the Wolves were ravaging the area, killing wantonly and devouring the humans. Nothing was safe even the weakened Fighter stage cultivators were helpless as they were surrounded and attacked by the remaining Wolves.

The eyes of every single Wolf was filled with craze, they were killing to their hearts content. The scenes of the heart wrenching miserable screams of despair and all the killing were seen by Amaysu.

“Waa… Waa” Through the countless screams, Amaysu heard the one sound he couldn’t handle… The cries of Arisa and Raymond.

Despite losing all feeling Amaysu was jolted up by the cries of his siblings. He looked into the distance and saw them crying as they were carried away by Aya who was carrying an expression of dismay.

The cries were also heard by the Wolves and it also caught the attention of the Dire Wolf itself. Having nothing to do it sprinted towards his siblings in a manner which was similar to it playing around with its food.

“No… NO!! STOP!! GET AWAY FROM THEM!” In a frenzied state, Amaysu bellowed hysterically with all his might. This caught the Dire Wolfs attention, seeing the wretched expression on the boy who had crippled its claw, its eyes glinted with savagery. This time, it chased with a much faster pace as if it wanted to tear Arisa and Raymond apart right in front of him.

Just using his willpower Amaysu stood up, but after taking a few steps he stumbled and then collapsed on the floor once again, using all his strength he raised his head to look at the Dire Wolf which was closing in on his siblings.

“No…” Amaysu’s cries were nothing more than lifeless murmurs, his tears rolled down onto his grief-stricken face.

I was too weak to fight with Father and Mother. Right now Arisa and Raymond are about to be killed and I still can’t protect them… DAMN THIS WORLD! DAMN IT ALL! Amaysu’s mind was being torn apart and was just a millimetre away from falling into despair.

At this moment the sinister and baleful emotion deep inside Amaysu bloomed, bursting with a surge of earthshaking killing intent that streamed to every part of his body and reached even to his bone marrows. This Ominous emotion brought with it another existence…

Amay~~~ Let me take over, I’ll finish this for you~~ A resonating, melodious voice surged through Amaysu’s conscious, causing him to lose conscious immediately due to his weak condition.


Second Personality Awakens, Amaysu’s Alter Ego

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