CE Chapter 18

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 ­ Battle Against the Wolves (2)


Another miserable howl was let out as another Rank 2 Wolf dropped onto the ground, its chest had been penetrated by a silver sword. Standing right next to this lifeless Wolf was Amaysu, standing with the ferocious aura of a valiant warrior.


Another wave of spears arced across the sky, plunging down, honing down onto the pack of Savage beasts that were evenly spread out. Even though most of the spears missed, once again an unlucky group of Wolves fell at the sharp end of the spear as it impaled their defence.

Amaysu ran across the land and jumped onto a boulder, he coolly observed the state of the battle and what he saw was a mass of Savage beast corpses covered in blood.

Amaysu’s gaze calmly analysed the battlefield, his figure was awe inspiring, his sword was dripping with blood that fell onto the grey surface of the boulder.

His expression, however, was different from his body language, he was deeply pondering something in the middle of the battlefield. His gaze crossing from the Dire Wolf who was still standing in the exact same spot to the people that lived in the town.

Something’s wrong, something’s wrong… The Dire Wolf still hasn’t taken action. The uneasiness in Amaysu’s heart grew, he didn’t know what was wrong but the eerie calmness of the Dire Wolf agitated him.

Stealthily another Rank 2 Wolf Savage beast jumped from behind, aiming to tear the boy apart because Amaysu’s mind was somewhere else, the Wolf took this opportunity to take care of the biggest threat.

But just as it was a hands width away from Amaysu a sharp Brown wood spear streaked through the air and directly pierced with an explosive penetrating force. The spear carried on floating and stabbed at a Rank 1 Savage beast before stopping.

The one who threw the spear was Joseph, who was standing on guard in case something unexpected happened. When he saw the Rank 2 Wolf closing down on Amaysu, he immediately threw the nearest spear with the strength of his cultivation.

Raza and Badar were currently fending off Rank 1 Savage beasts that were too close to the group of Rank 1 and 2 Fighters, the stronger physical strength of the Wolves caused the both of them to tire out.

From the beginning of the battle 13 Wolf type Savage beasts had died and Three Rank 2 Savage beasts had been killed, two of these rank 2 Savage beasts were killed by Amaysu himself. From Amaysu’s position on top of the boulder, he realised that if they continued to fight the way they were currently fighting before the outcome of the battle could even be decided, most of them would already have collapsed from exhaustion.

Amaysu took a deep breath: “MEN!.. Focus your attacks on the Rank 1 Savage beats!” Amaysu bellowed causing all gazes to fall upon him, he further carried on, ” Raza, Badar, Joseph, focus your attacks on the Rank 1 Savage beasts as well. If the fight goes on too long and they somehow breakthrough we’ll be trampled upon by their numbers.”

After saying this from atop the boulder he stared viciously at the remaining Rank 1 Savage beast. The killing intent in his heart growing at a tremendous rate.

“DIE!” Amaysu roared as he dashed towards the nearest Savage beast he could find.

Amaysu blurred as he drew close to the barrier, encountering an unsuspecting Savage beast. Without even giving it the chance to make a whimper, Amaysu mercilessly lopped its head off. Blood sprayed out staining his hand and clothes, a drop even splashed onto his face.

Without stopping he waved through the cluster of spears that had lodged themselves in the ground, he found his next victim. This time, Amaysu grabbed the Wolf by its throat and clenched tightly causing its throat to shatter, immediately afterwards he stabbed the silver sword right through its heart causing the Savage beast to cough out blood. However because Amaysu still had his hand around its throat it couldn’t cough out the blood, this made it produce gurgling sounds. Having no chance to make a cry of pain, Amaysu hand released its grasp on its neck, letting the Wolf helplessly crash onto the floor.

Amaysu was blurring through the countless Rank 1 Savage beasts. Wherever he appeared, death followed him while bringing forth a trail of blood. Nothing was safe from Amaysu, on the battlefield, he was the manifestation of the Reaper himself.

The vicious temperament of Amaysu caused the hearts of many to shudder, but it also brought their morale to a greater height, realising under this boy they might have a chance for survival.

The once woollen trouser and the long tunic was now coated in blood, leaving a few spots of the original black colour. Amaysu’s eyes were even colder than before, the two different coloured irises were deep and piercingly cold, the smooth white skin on his face was tainted by the crimson blood of the wolves which was rolling down his cheeks. Amaysu looked like the definition of a monster, but not just any monster, a monster that was more elegant than any human but more Savage than any Savage beast.

Amaysu’s blood was raging inside his body as he cut down another wolf, this feeling brought back reminiscing memories of his time training with his master.

Throughout this entire time, Amaysu by himself killed more than a dozen Wolves by himself, while the combined total of Joseph, Raza and Badar was just more than half of his kills…

“AHOOO!” All of a sudden a howl echoed from behind Amaysu, he violently turned his head to face the origin of the howl.

The Dire Wolf was staring at him with a burst of killing intent, it was about to make its move.

The sudden howl of the Dire Wolf caused a subconscious fear to arise, Joseph and the rest who were currently fighting against the weaker Savage beasts shivered. They immediately retreated into the barrier behind them.

Shit… Just a bit longer and we could’ve taken down more than half of the entire pack.


Suddenly the Dire Wolf appeared only a few metres away from him, it ferociously waved its claw at him. The claws birthed a wave of compressed air that was like sharp knives that flew across the air.


Amaysu quickly jumped to the side, the power carried by that attack was definitely not something he could take head on. An upper rank 2 Dire Wolf is expected to have the strength of a 6th rank Fighter, however, due to its powerful body, it could fight 7th rank Fighter stage experts.

The sharp knife-like wind flew past him, cutting up the wild grass that was in its way, the ferocity of the hurling wind caused the hair on the back of his neck to rise.


The Wind blades crashed into the group of people standing behind the barrier.

Countless painful shrieks and horrified roars echoed across the land, many Fighter rank experts who were preparing to release another batch of spears were blown away. Their wounds went from broken limbs to being half dead, blood flowed and the unlucky normal individuals were instantly killed. Their bodies mangled or severed by the sharp wind.

Amaysu looking back was horrified by the scene.

“Damn it!” Amaysu roared as he wildly rushed towards the Dire Wolf who was preparing for another attack.

In just a moment he arrived right next to the Dire Wolf. Amaysu’s expression was more resolved than before, holding onto the handle of the silver blade with both hands he attacked with an overhead arcing strike, which was aimed straight for the Dire Wolf’s head. If the throat was crushed or severed, there was nearly a hundred percent chance of death.

“Grr” A deep grumble was emitted from the Dire Wolf, twisting its body to face Amaysu, it countered with a powerful strike with its claws.

“BANG!” Amaysu was pushed back, but he barely held on. What’s with this ridiculous strength… I can’t… Hold…On.

After lasting only a few seconds Amaysu was blown away, his body streaking across the sky, shooting into a group of trees.

“Guh!” The air was blown out of him and he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood, both of his hands were numb, the web between his index finger and thumb was torn, bleeding profusely.


The Dire Wolf didn’t give him a chance to even breathe as he sent another wind blade, this time, the attack carried more than three times the power of the first attack.

“N…O” Amaysu’s eyes widened, his pupils constricted to the size of a needle’s head. The place that the wind blade was moving towards was exactly where Arisa and Raymond were located.

“NOOO!” Forgetting all the pain he felt, neglecting the numbness he felt, Amaysu burst with a speed that was even faster than the time he thought that they were dead.

The wind split apart, he was moving like a whirlwind, in just a second he appeared a dozen metres in front of Arisa and Raymond.

As soon as the wind blade came into contact with his silver sword, an earth-shaking boom erupted which blew Amaysu backwards as if he was a feather that was within a tornado.

“BANG!” Smashing into a group of trees that was more than thirty metres away from where he originally stood.


Amaysu coughed out two mouthfuls of blood, his entire body was numb, he couldn’t feel anything but he could hear the wretched screams of wounded warriors and normal people.

His bones felt heavy, his ribs were creaking as they let out a mind numbing pain that attacked his senses. I’ve broken my rib bones…

His long tunic and woollen trousers were covered in cuts with wounds behind the cloth, blood flowed out of these wounds mixing with dirt and the blood of the dead Savage beasts that he had slain.

Damn it. Damn it. I have to get up… I have to get up… Amaysu was helpless in this situation, but luckily he was behind the receding barrier.

Many heads turned to face the sorry figure that was blown away like a rag doll, as soon as they noticed that this sorry figure was Amaysu, their expressions all darkened. Their only hope was this boy and his master.

Gradually managing to reserve the strength to pull himself up, Amaysu glared venomously at the Dire Wolf. He already knew that the chances of him drawing were low and the chances of winning was close to nonexistent, but to live he had to fight.

Amaysu stood up, his figure now like a broken pillar, using the silver sword to support his figure, he slowly raised his left hand into the empty air.


The gushing sounds of countless Nanotekro’s appearing in the air was heard, these silver specks floated around. A vortex like force pulled all of them together, the silver specks formed a dagger that was only 1 foot in length, it had no handle and only the blade existed.

The dagger by itself wasn’t amazing, however, it was floating in the air, only a metre in front of his extended hands. Beads of sweat formed on Amaysu’s forehead, his eyebrows furrowed due to his concentration and his breathing was heavy.

The sudden appearance of the dagger caused many people to feel shocked even further. Though the sword didn’t appear special, it caused many people to shrink in dismay.

A weak smile appeared on Amaysu’s face, “To think… you’d force me… to use this.” Blood leaked from his nose and the corner of his lips.

“Nanotekro… Inherited Legacy:. Soaring Dagger!”

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