CE Chapter 17

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 ­ Battle Against the Wolves (1)

The sound of the Dire wolf caused everyone to respire heavily as they all twisted their heads to face the direction of the howl, even Amaysu stared into the distance. This heavy howl made the pupils of many dilate and their bodies to shake heavily.

“The Dire wolf…is back… The Dire Wolf is back!” a slow murmur turned into a bellow filled with terror, which in turn spawned an effect that passed through everyone in the campsite.

“Lord Amaysu please help us!” Joseph quickly said once again, his voice was more expectant and hurried.

Amaysu looked around, he saw the gazes of more than a thousand people looking at him with expectancy. Amaysu sighed helplessly.

“I’ll help,” he responded.

Many uncertain gazes were now filled with hope. Amaysu slowly dropped Arisa and Raymond who were held by him in his arms and passed them back to Aya once again. He pulled the necklace around his neck which was given to him by his master, Etros.

The appearance of the locket caused many people to be filled with awe, they realised that this must be a way to call upon his master.

Amaysu fidgeted with the locket, straight after he turned to look at Joseph, “My master will soon arrive, we have to hold them off until his arrival.” Which was immediately acknowledged by everyone in the restricted area.

Amaysu was merely putting an act up when he fidgeted with the locket, he only did this to ease the atmosphere. Even though Amaysu said this, his true thoughts were quite different: If I can’t defeat the Dire Wolf and have no hope of winning, I will escape with only my siblings.

“AHOO!” Suddenly a unison of many howls echoed, it was much closer than the first howl and Amaysu could tell the pack of Savage beasts were drawing closer.

“Joseph, bring all the men you have who have reached the Fighter stage.” Amaysu quickly formulated a plan. Amaysu was only 13 years old, but one of his curricular studies, when he was younger, was the military strategy during battles, this included battles against stronger enemies.

In less than a minute, he managed to gather exactly 50 Fighter stage cultivators if it included Joseph himself. There were Thirty-Five 1st rank Fighter stage experts, Twelve 2nd ranks and Two 3rd rank Fighters which included Raza and a middle-aged man whom Amaysu had met once, his name was Badar, he had long black hair with grey streaks within it.

Joseph was the only 5th rank expert, but if you included Amaysu, in terms of strength they had two people at that level.

“Rustle…Rustle” In that instant, a group of shadows jumped out of the bushes. Amaysu was distracted by this and he quickly turned backwards to face the shadows.

Nearly Sixty Wolf Savage beasts spawned out of the wild bushes and trees, in the centre of the pack a Dire Wolf walked out. The Dire Wolf was grey in colour, 2 metres long and had deep gold eyes that imprinted fear in the hearts of many.

Amaysu immediately recognised this Savage beast as the one he had hidden from on the first day of his training.

The pack of Savage beasts tried to draw closer, but they were held pack by an invisible force that jumbled up their mind causing them to fall lightly into a muddled state. However, these Savage beasts could still draw closer by a step every minute.

“Men!! If you want to live, you must listen to every one of my commands!” Roared Amaysu causing the shaken figures of the Fighter stage experts to stare at him.

“All the 1st and 2nd rankers, you will all go and cut down the Brownwood trees and shape them into wooden spears… All you civilians will help them!” Amaysu’s domineering and powerful voice forced them to not reject a single word of his.

The entire campsite started to move around, you could see the rank 1 experts breaking these trees down and the ordinary citizens were all shaping them into sharp tipped wooden spears.

“Raza and Badar your responsibility is to hold the line, if any Savage beast gets too close you must kill them immediately… You don’t have to worry, only for that Dire Wolf and four of the other wolves are Rank 2 Savage beast, while the rest are all Rank 1.

“Joseph, you will help me take care of the Dire Wolf and the other four Rank 2 Wolves… I’ll try my hardest to hold the Savage beasts off… I’ll be drawing their attention, once you find a weakness you must attack without any hesitancy.” At Amaysu’s command, all three men responded with a nod.

Glaring at the Dire Wolf, Amaysu had no choice but to activate his Inherited Legacy.

With a voice carrying tranquillity, a calm voice that wasn’t loud passed through the ears of many: “NANOTEKRO INHERITED LEGACY, ACTIVATE”

Right away, silver specks floated out of his body like silver fireflies, they swirled around his now raised right arm, that had a glinting diamond shaped core. Instantly with but a thought, the specks coalesced in front of his palm to form the silver sword that he had long familiarised himself with.

The appearance of the sword caused many people to stop and stare at him with a dumbfounded expression. The reflective radiance of the sword was beyond lustrous and silver specks were floating like fireflies around it. The boys figure was like a radiant knight that stood in front of a horde of beasts.

The words stated by Amaysu and the confirmation made by the appearance of the sword itself caused Joseph who was standing at the side to tremble. His eyes flashed with a hint of unfathomable greed which disappeared at the same instant it appeared.

Unlike Joseph, everyone else was confused by the words that the noble boy said, but the power he exuded was enough to quell their curiosity.

In a matter of a few minutes, 30 men were standing with a brown wood spear in hand, while the rest were cutting down more trees to be used as ammunition.

Amaysu stood in front, his gaze portrayed an expression of absolute seriousness and concentration, his blood flowing calmly, this type of calmness was a calm before the storm.

Lifting his sword, he also activated the Lunar Moon Dance movement technique and immediately rushed out of the barrier, this act signified that the battle for survival had begun.

The lotus like sinister emotion was blooming with even more ferocity deep within his heart, bursting with malicious intent. Who could possibly know what this emotion would birth inside Amaysu?

A cluster of nearly 3 dozen wooden spears flew across the sky, each spear aiming for its own target. The spear flew like arrows, it sustained the immense force of 1st and 2nd rank Fighter stage experts.

“Thump!” Most of the spears missed their targets, but a few unlucky Wolves were pierced by the sharp wooden spears that had enough force to penetrate steel walls as if they were tofu. These spears lodged themselves deep into the ground with blood staining their handle and colour.

While this happened Amaysu’s figure was a blur as he shot passed all the low levelled Savage beasts whom he didn’t even put in his eyes, his only targets were the Rank 2 Savage beasts. If he killed these beasts he would alleviate a significant amount of the burden and increase the morale of the people.

Whizzing past another Rank 1 Wolf, he swung the sword and cut right through it, as if he was cutting a sheet of paper. Blood spurted out of its wound as it gave a miserable cry, toppling onto the pathway.

Amaysu’s first target was a grey coloured Wolf that was staring back at him with bloodthirsty killing intent, this was one of the five Rank 2 Savage beasts. From what Amaysu could sense was that this Wolf was a Lower Rank 2 Savage beast.

With each step, his movement technique was storing more and more power within his calves, this reduced his speed slightly but it still allowed him to effortlessly weave past these weak Wolves.

Concentrating on his target, the fingers on his left hand formed into claws, his index finger was joined with the middle, his little finger joining with his ring finger and his thumb was left alone. Tensing his fingers, he stared deeply at the Savage beast.

He darted towards the Savage beast with clear killing intent, while his fingers formed into the claws of a dragon.

The Rank 2 wolf stared Amaysu with its golden eyes.

“AHOO” With a howl it rushed at Amaysu, its powerful jaws wide open, revealing its sharp fangs that were ready to crush Amaysu’s hand and rip it right off his shoulder.


As the distance decreased, Amaysu burst with a speed shooting at the Savage beast, using up all the stored up power in an instant. The Wolf was startled, this action made its attack to falter slightly. This opportunity was enough for Amaysu.

“DRAGONS WRATH!” Roared Amaysu. His fingers grabbed at its open mouth in a way that made it hard for the startled beast to close it again.

“Crack… Crack”

His fingers impaled themselves deeply into the Wolfs head, and then clenching his fingers, which crushed the beasts skull like it was crumbling rocks. Without backing down he pulled his fingers out and spun in an anticlockwise motion, allowing him to increase the power of the sword in his right hand to its maximum in the shortest amount of time.

Using the momentum the sword cut right through the Savage beast without being affected even in the slightest by the Wolfs body. Blood sprayed out, but not a drop touched Amaysu.

As soon as he split the body of the Wolf into two he rushed in a different direction without looking back, his expression still as cold as before.

Its skull had been completely shattered, and his fingers had left three finger marks that pierced through its brain. The severed body of the wolf collapsed onto the ground, its grey fur covered completely in blood.

The efficiency Amaysu showed, caused the hearts of many who watched to shiver in shock and Raza who had once dared to show his arrogance was now sweating profusely, he was glad that he had not offended this ruthless monster.

Amaysu looked around and went for the next Rank 2 Wolf Savage beast while the Rank 1 Fighters threw another wave of Brownwood Spears.

Deep within his heart he felt unease being birthed, it was faint but he felt something was wrong. He looked at the position of the Dire wolf, it was still standing at the same place, looking deeply into the land that was being protected by the receding barrier.

Amaysu heaved a sigh, despite this the unnerving feeling still lingered.

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