CE Chapter 16

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 ­ Hope Returns

Hummels was walking through the devastated streets of the town where the sight of destruction was the norm, the earth had been overturned and the citizens of the town had all evacuated to the restricted grounds of the Averice clan.

“No..No…NOOOO!!” All of a sudden a heart wrenching raw echoed in all direction, Hummels shivered as even he realised the desolation that was carried within the voice.

Is that Young Lord Amaysu’s voice? Even though Hummels wasn’t sure who this voice originated from was, a part of him thought this was Amaysu’s voice.

Curiosity overwhelmed Hummels and he rushed towards the origin of where the voice had come from, passing through many of the broken stalls in the market street.

After rushing towards the voice for nearly ten minutes, he arrived at the location of where Amaysu had once lived. There he saw the collapsed state of Amaysu, who was on the floor with dishevelled hair, blood stains were on his black woollen trouser and on the floor.

As Hummels drew closer Amaysu violently turned his head to face him, his eyes bloodshot and filled with a coldness that could influence the surrounding temperature to decrease drastically. Hummels couldn’t help but step back in trepidation, the aura of the boy was manifolds fiercer than the most fiercest Savage beast he had ever seen.

“Mi Lord you’ve finally returned… Your siblings have waited a long time for you.” Hummels said very slowly, his voice had a tone of reverence while looking down at the floor.

“…” Like glass breaking, a surge of emotions that were more untamed than a bolt of lightning raged through him. Hope and happiness filled his entire being, yet his face only carried a dumbfounded expression.

“They’re alive… They’re alive!… THEY’RE ALIVE!!” Amaysu’s voice roared with a feeling of pure joy, which startled Hummels. A tear rolled down his cheek as he looked at Hummels with a smile, this was the first time he had ever shown a smile to anyone besides his siblings, a complex feeling of happiness emerged in heart.

Hummels didn’t understand why the boy in front of him was so happy, but when he saw the smile on Amaysu’s face that was directed towards him, he felt light and elated.

“Lead me to them, quickly lead me to them!” He said with urgency while walking towards Hummels, unexpectedly he tripped over a piece of rubble because of his impatience, but he quickly stabilised himself. As of this moment, his mind was in a flurry and disorderly state.

Responding with a respectful nod, Hummels led Amaysu to higher ground, the area he was lead him to was the place that they had first met… The restricted grounds.

Since Hummels was a normal human, Amaysu had to walk at his pace, but due to his impatience, he managed to urge him to walk faster.

“What happened here? I saw devastation all around the mountain are, who did this?” Amaysu finally asked Hummels. This was the first time that he even considered about what occurred when he was away.

Hummels responded, however, his expression was dark: “Mi Lord… It all started the day before yesterday. A Dire wolf appeared and with it an entire pack of wolves followed.” Saying it this far he shivered remembering the scenes of the proud wall that had stood for many decades collapsing, the people running in a frenzy, it was utter pandemonium.

“It took the Dire wolf only a few minutes to destroy the wall and by that time, many of the citizens had run to the direction of the restricted land to get protection from the Wolves. As soon as the wolves broke through, under the leadership of that Rank 2 Savage beast they destroyed everything… Some very unlucky individuals lost their lives to the Savage beasts.” After saying this far, Hummels remembered the tragic scene of a woman who had fallen down, twisting her legs, this unlucky disaster had sealed her fate.

All the people who lived in the town were part of the Averice clan, however after many generations they had drifted apart. However they were all aware of the existence of the restricted lands, but only the upper echelons knew of the hidden door and were allowed to enter the land alone.

He carried on speaking, “As soon as the pack of Savage beasts reached the restricted lands, for some reason they couldn’t move closer, but… every day they are drawing closer and closer, even Master Joseph is helpless against the Dire wolf.”

The barrier must be receding after 10000 years, it must be because its job of hiding us away has been completed. Amaysu frowned slightly while he was in thought, at first, he was confused as to how the Savage beast entered with the existence of the barrier, but when Hummels explained the situation he understood in an instant. The barrier is about to lose all its energy soon and then it will completely collapse.

Amaysu quickly turned and asked, “Who took my siblings to the restricted lands?”

“Mi Lord, Aya took them with her when she escaped,” replied Hummels.

Amaysu nodded, I should thank Aya for protecting my siblings, he felt grateful that Aya protected his siblings.

After 10 minutes they reached the entrance of the restricted area, the pathway was mostly destroyed and the surrounding trees were in a similar state of the trees in the outer perimeter of the town.

Walking deeper and deeper they finally entered a clearing.

Amaysu stood and indifferently looked around. Countless tents were set out in the clearing and many people were sat outside the tent, spending their time in a somewhat carefree manner. However, Amaysu could easily detect the tense atmosphere created by fear.

“It’s Hummels!” A boy shouted out, causing many people to turn around to face them. As soon as they saw Hummels, they also noticed Amaysu who was standing right by his side.

“It’s Lord Amaysu!” Amaysu’s appearance caused a bigger uproar than Hummels appearance, many people had not seen Amaysu for two whole weeks and he was not in the campsite in the restricted lands either.

Most of the girls in the campsite sighed in relief at nearly the exact same time, they had not heard the masterful skills of their prince in the Ocarina for the past several days, and Aya wouldn’t tell them where he had gone, this made many of them worry.

Slowly a large group gathered around him, Amaysu’s presence for some reason bought them a sense of assurance, even they themselves could not tell what was pulling them towards him. One possible reason they would say is that his demeanour is noble and powerful, if he was leading them, the only fate that the opposition had was to lose.

Amaysu looked around and there he saw Aya, pushing her way through the crowd, two toddlers in hand. When Amaysu saw them, his heart shivered as he slowly lifted his hand in a yearning manner. He had left them without leaving them any protection. If they had died because of this, he would have never forgiven himself.

When the two beady-eyed toddlers strolled around to look at the large group of people, as soon as their eyes stopped at Amaysu, they instantly knew who he was, this was their blood connection that only death could sever.

Aya dropped them onto the floor allowing them to walk awkwardly towards him. Amaysu couldn’t stop himself anymore, in front of the encircling crowd he walked towards them and lifted them up and with that a warm, heartfelt smile appeared.

“Young master Amaysu, you’ve finally returned!” A loud shout echoed through the cluster of people.

Recognising the voice, everyone moved aside to create a pathway. Walking through the pathway stood a proud man, although he was bandaged up he still had the warrior-like presence, this man was Joseph Averice.


“Young master Amaysu I hope you had a safe training excursion… I expect that you’ve already heard our ordeal from Hummels.”

Amaysu merely nodded at Joseph’s words, even he still had no confidence if he were facing the upper Rank 2 Dire wolf. If he were to face it, he would be lucky to keep his ground against the Savage beast.

Suddenly Joseph asked a question that put Amaysu into a difficult predicament, “Young master, please ask your master to save us, please ask him to save us, you’re our only hope.” Joseph repeated twice. “If you do we’ll do anything for you, we’ll even walk through a sea of flames if we have to, so please, please save us.” At this moment, the overbearing Joseph was begging Amaysu and the crowd of people around them looked at him with hope.

Amaysu lowered his head, his face darkened as an unsightly expression appeared, he was the one that falsely acted like he had a Body Transformation expert as his master. Well, this wasn’t completely false, he did have a Body Transformation expert as his master, however, he had died over Ten Millennia ago.

“AHOOOO!!” All of a sudden at a distance that was only a few dozen metres a terrifying apocalyptic howl echoed across the mountain.

The population in the restricted area trembled as they were struck by fear inspiring memories carried by the howl.

Amaysu, Joseph and everyone else had the exact same thought at that one moment.


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